Wednesday December 26, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 19 Old Trafford

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  1. Who cares Man Utd Won the game.

    From keith j, on Fri 4 Jan 18:00
  2. Joseph, I agree with you. We did get decisions that we­ shouldn't. The officials need to improve and the­ use of TV replays should be introduced. If they can use­ them in Ice Hockey they can use them in football.

    From Gordon, on Fri 28 Dec 7:19
  3. Cards,ok then, what about the ridiculous decisions that­ helped your team get a draw v Everton? It happens! ­ Last season you had umpteen go your way,which allowed­ you over acheivement. As you know I always said your­ team were average but got lucky its ran out this season­ !

    From Joseph, on Thu 27 Dec 16:20
  4. Joseph, I'm not crying, I'm stating facts.­ You're trying to tell me if those decisions had­ happened to Sunderland you would have been happy with­ them? I don't think so. At the end of the day, the­ ref made 2 mistakes in the game and Man Utd benefited­ from them.

    From Cards Fan, on Thu 27 Dec 15:32
  5. Hey Gearoid, i hope your bumhole heals over and your­ next #$%$ a hedgehog ,yuratwat

    From , on Thu 27 Dec 12:35
  6. Ha ha ha oh oh oh the mighty mags looking doon at the­ championship ha ha ha ha haha ha ftm

    From Mackem, on Thu 27 Dec 11:40
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hey cards, By being in the penalty area Cisse was­ interfering with play. Footballers are told to play the­ ball, not the whistle. Evans could not be sure offside­ would be given and had to clear his lines. If Cisse had­ not been there Evans could have let the ball go through­ to De Gea but as a defender he had to try to clear,­ therefore Cisse influenced his decision and interfered­ with play. Toon for the drop! Actually I hope­ Sunderland go with you to the championship.

    From Vidic wasn't offside, on Thu 27 Dec 11:28
  8. Just goes to show how disjointed ManU supporters are.­ Thats something else we can pin on SAF(whatever was the­ Queen thinking of making him a KNIGHT???) Not a mention­ of the bad foul at the end againt Anita.Of course the­ best team won, but just why do they have to include all­ of those professional fowls every match. You will never­ be in the class of Barcelona because to win you have to­ use the "foul & the mouth of SAF"

    From brian j , on Thu 27 Dec 11:14
  9. Cards,stop crying man and think of all the times the­ Toon have been lucky,e.g v Everton,Cisse scoring with­ his back v West Brom !! You gave it a go against Man­ Utd and werent good enough.

    From Joseph, on Thu 27 Dec 10:43
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Clement L, you need to learn the rules of football.­ Cisse was not interferring with play as the ball came­ off the Man Utd player who was in front of Cisse. As­ the ball came off a Man Utd player Cisse would not be­ classed as being off side as he was not involved in the­ play. As for the hand ball, replays showed that­ Colo's hands were already up when the ball struck­ him, therefore that is classed as ball to hand. Now­ you want to talk about incorrect decisions. I have two­ for you. Firstly the freekick that Man Utd scored­ from should not have been given. The Man Utd player­ grabbed the NUFC player first and nothing was given. ­ Secondly, van Persie pushed Colo in the face in the­ centre circle which should have been a free kick to­ Newcastle. van Persie then scored from this play. Man­ Utd benefited from both of these decision. Man Utd got­ lucky.

    From Cards Fan, on Thu 27 Dec 8:33
  11. chicarito love u

    From Mahlet, on Thu 27 Dec 5:36
  12. Maybe it is fair to have Newcastle the own goal, just­ to shut the mouth of united haters, and for united not­ to get a penalty hand ball also should make all the­ united haters shut up as well! Because clearly both are­ the wrong decision. How can that not be an offside­ goal! He was interfering with play. The goal was given­ because Evans scored an own goal?? If cisse was not­ there to influence Evans would he score an own goal?­ Cisse was clearly offside and interfering the clearance­ and vision of Evans and de gea! Furthermore, the hand­ ball for coloccini was mighty clear that the ball was­ on target, and he has gain an advantage with the hand­ ball

    From Clement L, on Thu 27 Dec 4:18
  13. Where are tony, jonny and cameron??? those wind up­ merchants only show their faces when we lose. Pathetic!

    From Mark, on Thu 27 Dec 1:46
  14. cut the Beef up your defence SAF if­ you want 20th title. You may exchange yours with­ Stoke's.

    From abdrasid, on Thu 27 Dec 1:02
  15. Sunderland above the Wongas dare they......not­ many NUFC fans on tonight

    From Rissoles, on Wed 26 Dec 23:29
  16. You're either offside or you're not.... How the­ hell did cisse play himself back onside without the­ ball touching the ground?? Bonkers !! but not quite as­ bad as coloqueenies professional handball. United­ should have won by 3 goals just with a half decent ref.

    From Michael, on Wed 26 Dec 23:17
  17. Thank RVP for make my day

    From Moses, on Wed 26 Dec 23:07
  18. well well well fergie rants again why doesnt he #$%$­ off out of football and do us all a favour

    From Nigel, on Wed 26 Dec 22:37
  19. De Gea 5, Krul 7. Why?????

    From Mile, on Wed 26 Dec 21:59
  20. win and win GGMU

    From Danial Danish, on Wed 26 Dec 19:21
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