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  1. my assumptions were true.... moses was best­ chelsea's player I always love him.

    From Workineh, on Mon 11 Feb 19:06
  2. what chance did chelsea have 2 pens turned down has­ howard webb got shares in the skunks remember the­ cheating talor against sunderland he got the pen then­ ftm

    From david, on Tue 5 Feb 21:56
  3. Hey Kieth. Remember before Abramovic turned up with his­ cash and polluted English football? And you were a­ "United" fan? #$%$ head

    From SHAUN, on Mon 4 Feb 12:23
  4. Keith, what's your point? We are 19 points behind­ you and we still beat you. Says more about your lot­ really doesn't it?

    From Cards Fan, on Mon 4 Feb 9:26
  5. Love to see the crying from the plastic Chelsea fans.­ Notice they don't comment on Rameries two footed­ lunge that he should have been sent off for. It's­ about time they got behind their manager and backed him­ rather than boo him every week.

    From Cards Fan, on Sun 3 Feb 7:35
  6. Good job Newcastle

    From Shariful Hashim, on Sun 3 Feb 3:59
  7. Every teams that changed their manager because losing­ the game. They need to go and learn from Alan Pardew­ how he manage his players. He bought them cheap and­ sold them high price to the other stupid richer, bigger­ and greedy clubs !! They played well with Newcastle but­ suck with those team hahahaha !!! Newcastle will be­ rich because of him... Well done !!

    From Srawut, on Sun 3 Feb 0:34
  8. Chelsea are playing with no spirit under rafa, spirit­ which Di Matteo installed into players making us­ Champions of Europe.

    From jeffrey, on Sun 3 Feb 0:26
  9. Grabbing someone round the throat is a bit on nonsense­ is it? Howard Webb played a blinder for Newcastle­ today!

    From Moose, on Sat 2 Feb 22:29
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Terrible refereeing again. A man gets his head almost­ kicked in...nothing. Cisse has his hand on Ashley Coles­ throat and he is still on the pitch. I do agree­ with Happychappies comments about the Chelsea bench.­ There are far too many players out on loan.

    From LYNN, on Sat 2 Feb 21:10
  11. errr

    From ..............................., on Sat 2 Feb 19:51
  12. I think after that performance we can safely say there­ will be a place in Europe coming up.

    From Harald, on Sat 2 Feb 19:06
  13. LMAO-WRAOTF !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sat 2 Feb 18:53
  14. Rafa you fat fart, Why don't you play 2 strikers up­ front? Give you double chance to win a game. #$%$ your­ method, doesn't work. Can't you see? Pack your bags.­ You closer to the door, by the minute.

    From G, on Sat 2 Feb 18:48
  15. rafa is so getting sacked soon

    From Andrew, on Sat 2 Feb 18:36
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Referees are reluctent to award Chelsea penalties since­ the Clattenburg incident,also the Swansea ball boy ­ should have been dismissed from the touchline for­ holding on to the ball for five minutes, Hazard should­ not have been suspended, Fergusson meanwhile­ continually complains and gets away without a­ repremand, football was a far better spectacle­ forty/fifty years back and refereeing was of a higher­ standard than today. Once again Benetez has cost­ Chelsea a further three points with his continual team­ changes, even allowing for the absence of Luiz,­ Hazard, Moses and Mikel, the Directors haqve made a­ huge error in employing this useless coach even on­ a temporary contract hopefully he will leave before­ causing more damage.KMS

    From Kenneth, on Sat 2 Feb 18:14
  17. The comments about Howard Webb are just the usual­ 'Chelski fantasy', referees are too honest to­ purposly cheat - mores the pity it would be fair­ justice for the lying & cheating by the Chelsea­ management & players- if I was a ref. Mark­ Clattenburg would be avenged-big time!

    From JOHN, on Sat 2 Feb 18:07
  18. Woo-hooooo, woo-hooooo, party time in the TOON tonight­ - and the unwashed lost to reading, perfect ending to a­ perfect day. Time for a taxi to the TOON. Great game,­ chances at both ends, excitement was electric..... ­ TOON­ ARMY...............................................

    From Gallowgate, on Sat 2 Feb 17:46
  19. What has happened to Chelsea in the last 10 minutes?­ How many points they thrown away after having a­ comfortable lead.

    From John B, on Sat 2 Feb 17:45
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    if Howard Webb is classed as one of our top refs i­ dispair,this has to be the worst performane by a ref i­ have ever seen the man is a disgrace.I wonder if it was­ payback time for Chelsea over the Clattenburg incident.

    From ROY, on Sat 2 Feb 17:33
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