Saturday April 13, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 33 Sports Direct Arena

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  1. 3-0 to the Mackems, followed by the rags smashing up­ their toon again, and one of them punching a horse, all­ predicted from Hoss at the high chaparral.

    From Hoss, on Sun 21 Apr 21:33
  2. Mark, I'm not a whinger I'm just stating facts.­ Sad that you can't see that. The only reason there­ was so many gaps in the Newcastle defence in this game­ was due to them having to push forward so often due to­ the inability of the officials to do the job they were­ paid to do. The stats show that Sunderland weren't­ that much better than Newcastle, in fact the only stat­ where they were better is shots on target, yet­ according to other web sites NUFC had more shots on­ target. Never mind we will move on. This was just a­ blip and we will get over it. p.s Still hope Sunderland­ and Newcastle stay in the prem which I'm sure they­ will.

    From Cards Fan, on Wed 17 Apr 17:33
  3. Hello JO/TO hello JO/TO are you there over ??????

    From KELVIN, on Tue 16 Apr 12:20
  4. Haway the lads

    From fred l, on Mon 15 Apr 16:21
  5. If the teams below start to win a few the pressure­ will really come on both North east teams .nobody is­ safe this season

    From Rissoles, on Mon 15 Apr 13:45
  6. Cards I didn't peg you for a whinger but that is­ really all you have done in your comments for this­ game. The utter nonsense you spewed about how none of­ Sunderland's team would get into the Newcastle­ squad is sheer bull. Did you steal this from the hugely­ overated Steven Taylor? Didn't he make a similar­ comment a few weeks ago? Well I bet he feels like a­ complete mug now after your team were taken apart and­ hammered 3-0 at home. Taylor (and you Cards) need to­ remember just how shyte your defense is. Your goal­ difference is laughable and Taylor should remember that­ he is part of that shyte defense and reel his tongue in­ the next time he wants to say something stupid. In some­ aspects this result is more of a humiliation that the­ 5-1 drubbing you gave us a few seasons back. I mean­ it's one thing to lose away from home in a derby,­ but to get absolutely thrashed in front of your own­ fans in such a manner is way worse. Not to mention all­ of the pre-match predictions from the Geordies on here­ were WAY off the mark. Didn't see this one coming­ did you boys?

    From Mark, on Mon 15 Apr 12:25
  7. Paul and all whinging carToonysfor goodness sake take­ the defeat and move on. You clearly had a good goal­ ruled out, however it was a very debateable freekick­ that led to it were also lucky not to have­ two men sent off and a penalty given against you. The­ and white ones played with pride and­ passion and I have to say did finish the game looking­ the fitter team.....first time this season? Mad Paulo­ crazy game .....well done magnanamous toonys you do­ credit to your team...unlike the idiots who rioted­ afterwards.

    From KELVIN, on Mon 15 Apr 7:36
  8. Well played sunderland you definatly deserved this one,­ and to my fellow Geordie mates I promise you we will­ bounce back next time around the game was there for­ either side to claim it, and our defense could not cope­ with sunderland's counter attacks, though this has­ been a bad day this is not the end for Newcastle.­ Always believe u Geordies.

    From Phil, on Sun 14 Apr 22:35
  9. Wheres all these toon fans now..0-3 says it all /­ mignolet is god.. / this was a team performance­ /sunderland could beat anyone today they was invincible­ awwesome and di canio is god /you toon #$%$ eat your­ words ...

    From Micheal Lenson, on Sun 14 Apr 20:33
  10. to message 361,do all a favour and take your head for a­ #$%$

    From Russ Williams, on Sun 14 Apr 18:56
  11. Jonny #$%$ head Tonky K Bark Fu kcing Royal Camparoon­ suck it 0 3

    From Ian, on Sun 14 Apr 17:57
  12. Well done lads, you all played like heroes ! As the­ manager said - No energy left on the pitch !

    From DAVID 2, on Sun 14 Apr 17:48
  13. FTM 0 3 YOUR SHYTE

    From Sunderland, on Sun 14 Apr 17:33

    From Sunderland, on Sun 14 Apr 17:21
  15. yes we had all the banter and delusion from before the­ b game about what theywere going to do to us,­ especially after the win against benfica on Thursday­ eve. But, now of course , we are getting the excuses of­ being tired and playing too many games to close to one­ another. Just admit you aint out of the relegation­ scrap just yet andalso we played you off the park Cisse­ was offside and we should have had two penaltys as well­ but hey whether we beat you 1-0 or 3 -0 we get the­ points and the local bragging rights so lets see wht­ other excuses appear on theses boards over the next few­ days.

    From MALCOLM D, on Sun 14 Apr 16:40
  16. A few more wins like that and the whole of Sunderland­ will be performing Mussolini salutes before their­ manager!!

    From Mark, on Sun 14 Apr 16:10
  17. T0-3N ARMY !!!! FTM

    From anon, on Sun 14 Apr 16:08
  18. Delighted.....I'm one of the people who said­ Sundeland should not have changed Managers and I still­ believe O.Neill was treated harshly.....I didn't­ see this win coming and certainly not by three clear­ goals.....Three goals and perhaps more importantly­ three different goalscorers.....The Di Canio effect­ seems to be working and I think Sunderland were unlucky­ to lose at Chelsea last week.....As always when a team­ (basically the same) improve under a new manager it­ makes you think.....Why didn't Sunderland play like­ this before?.....That way Martin O'Neill might­ still have his job KEEP IT UP BOYS

    From Raymond, on Sun 14 Apr 15:29
  19. who won?

    From Lang, on Sun 14 Apr 14:53
  20. Well done Sunderland

    From Sunflowers, on Sun 14 Apr 14:53
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