Saturday May 4, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 36 Carrow Road

Countdown: -351 Days

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  1. Hughton out..... the most negative manager in history. ­ 2 shots on target in the last 2 games a complete joke (­ and 1 of those shots was the penalty we scored today)

    From norfolk'n'chance, on Mon 6 May 20:12
  2. Norwich better side today but can not expect to win­ matches without a striker.Grant Holt has had a terrible­ season and watching him today he was very lazy and did­ not seemed to bother.Hang up your boots because I can­ not imagine any league club wanting him

    From L-F-G, on Sat 4 May 22:45
  3. Agbonhlahor scored a hat trick! in there 2-1 away win­ at norwich, where do you get that from, a hat trick is­ 3 goals you plonkers!

    From , on Sat 4 May 19:05
  4. I hate Vikka, really.

    From nick, on Sat 4 May 17:59
  5. wait he scored a hat trick yet its 2-1?

    From The Joshster, on Sat 4 May 17:55
  6. not a good result 4 Norwich 2day they have a mountain­ and a half 2 climb

    From Jonathan, on Sat 4 May 17:06
  7. saved by agbonlahor - almost given away single handedly­ by bennett - why is lambert playing him - lichaj is­ tons better. wigan win again so we are far from­ safe.

    From bornagainvillaman, on Sat 4 May 17:06
  8. come on Villa make it 3-1

    From JEAN, on Sat 4 May 16:52
  9. wahoo 2-1 up looking good

    From alan, on Sat 4 May 16:49
  10. 1-1, we've been our own worst enemy this season,­ again. But seriously every Villa fan was just waiting­ for that goal, it always happens. Now we know what­ happens, they bomb forward.....

    From DSM, on Sat 4 May 16:33
  11. I broke wind.

    From Rog, on Sat 4 May 16:32
  12. The return of an East Anglian derby next season is­ looking likely. Come on Villa.

    From ???, on Sat 4 May 16:23
  13. Whatever happened to that player Becchio that left­ Leeds to go to Norwich, must be sick because of­ splinters in his backside sitting on the bench so much.­ Just goes to show the grass is not always greener even­ if the money is better. Have you played 20 minutes of­ soccer since January Becks ???

    From B4ts, on Sat 4 May 16:20
  14. not a great game so far, norwich very poor considering­ there the home side.

    From crazy fool, on Sat 4 May 16:07
  15. not much going on here but come on bagies help keep the­ villa up

    From peter, on Sat 4 May 15:50
  16. grant holt lol who ever said he should av played for­ england wat a joke, rugby maybe.

    From crazy fool, on Sat 4 May 15:50
  17. Not good enough letting the 6-1 win go to there heads­ wake up Villa because we could be back in a relegation­ fight if we lose this one.

    From craig, on Sat 4 May 15:42
  18. Despite being only 3 points and an impressive display­ was against Sunderland, but only one game the stats say­ everything. Since this run started early March against­ West Ham we have beaten or drawn (Fulham) against all­ the teams around us (that's ever game) and we only­ lost to teams in the top 8. Can see us getting­ something (if not 3 points against Norwich) with one of­ the hottest strikers in Europe at the moment. If they­ can stop him and stop Gabby/Weinman's runs they­ will have a chance, but 13 goals in 15 games for the­ big man says everything. 3-1 Villa (still sloppy at the­ back, but nobody pays attention these days).

    From DSM, on Fri 3 May 13:34
  19. Craig, that is the most positive thing I have ever read­ from you..... and its still full of negativity. Your­ glass really is half empty isnt it

    From Emma Roids, on Fri 3 May 4:23
  20. Great win against Sunderland, but Norwich are going to­ be right up for this, with Lambert going back Hughton­ knows beating Villa would be huge for him been an ex­ blues manager, its always good to beat Villa, so Villa­ have to right up for this, forget about Sunderland one­ win is what we require or 3 points, lets get it done at­ Carrow Road and not make it interesting at Wigan on the­ last day, I want to be 4 points clear of Wigan going­ into that last game.

    From craig, on Thu 2 May 15:01
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