Sunday December 30, 2012 Kick off: 16:00 Day 20 Loftus Road

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  1. Yes #283 (David) I'm sick of hearing Brendan­ Rodgers' excuses and about his "Bad days at­ the office". I'm sorry he's been ill, but­ that doesn't mean I don't think he's out of­ his depth at Liverpool. Like David says, we need a­ really good manager. And yes, I was sorry and surprised­ to see Kenny get sacked.

    From Dave59, on Wed 2 Jan 13:31
  2. 279 very well said and as a supporter of LFC this club­ is in a shambles from where they once were. When you­ see the top flight teams from Manchester etc, we were­ once one of those teams. It should never have been let­ slide like this and its only getting worse. Kenny­ Daglish was rebuilding the team and was one of the­ leading supporters and lights at Anfield and Fenway­ fire him midway through the rebuild. What experience­ has Brendan Rogers to lead a team like LFC to former­ greatness again? None and it shows. We are a mid table­ team now and pose no threat to the top flight and until­ a very experienced manager is found and some serious­ investment is put into a better strike force LFC are­ doomed to remain a mid table team. Manchester United­ are the top team now in Britain and it loathes me to­ admit that and Alex Ferguson is the reason for their­ success and until LFC find a manager as good as him or­ Mourinho expect very little to happen in the Trophy­ cabinet.

    From David, on Tue 1 Jan 12:01
  3. Totally unrelated WHY DO the numbers of posts keep­ changing - so that if you make reference to a post, you­ can end up referencing the wrong post by the time you­ submit. Not really footie related, but it's a­ b****y nuisance.

    From Dave59, on Mon 31 Dec 21:24
  4. The numbers seem to have changed - I mean #279 now! :-)

    From Dave59, on Mon 31 Dec 21:17
  5. Fair enough #280. We're not going to do much this­ year. I think any Liverpool supporter knows that. Our­ strike force is weak - if Luis Suarez gets injured or­ suspended, we COULD go into freefall. I still think we­ were wrong to get rid of Andy Carroll and Dirk Kuyt and­ not replace them. OK - I don't really rate Andy C­ all that much, but we need to strengthen our strike­ force.

    From Dave59, on Mon 31 Dec 21:16
  6. I'm not leaving post on here to upset anyone just­ speaking my mind and thoughts about a club I've­ loved for over 50 years now. It's no use us holding­ our breaths and when we get a win we all of a sudden­ jump up and down and shout our mouths off and look­ smug. I'm a realist and the reality of it is we are­ not consistent enough to mount any sort of challenge­ which I'm hopeful that we will be given time.­ I've supported this club and travelled thousands of­ mile watching games over the last 50 years. I made some­ heart felt and truthful comments on here and no­ surprise some of the token supporters we seem to have­ these days so call supporting Liverpool called me all­ sorts of names for expressing my honesty about how­ we're preforming of late. No where have I said that­ we shouldn't give time to our rebuilding process or­ development of our side. But of course a few smug­ idiots who come on here and only can look as far as the­ end of their nose want to accuse me of either being a­ manc leaving derogatory comments. I love LFC and have­ done so from the age of 4 way back as far as 1963 so I­ think I have every right to be able to access the­ changes that have taken place with our club. What #$%$­ me off is that it doesn't see that anyone can be­ honest and look at the state we are in and mistakes­ we're making. I have always been a positive forward­ thinking person so I'm not all of a sudden starting­ to look to becoming all doom and gloom. We need more­ than just the odd good win against a sides who are­ struggling down at the foot of the table like QPR­ before I personally can be convinced that we're­ moving in the right direction, if only life was so­ simple as that. Everyone seems to forget that we­ can't put a run of wins going. Two week ago we­ preformed hopelessly at home playing against Vila which­ for those of you with blinkers on we lost, and we lost­ to a side who themselves got beat at the weekend 8 nil­ to one of the top 4 teams we u

    From merlin, on Mon 31 Dec 20:25
  7. Sorry to hear Brendan Rodgers is / has been ill.­ Fantastic result. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly­ fill me with confidence yet. We could still just as­ easily fall flat in our next game. WE NEED TO FIND SOME­ CONSISTENCY asap.

    From Dave59, on Mon 31 Dec 18:00
  8. plz take care,Mr.Rodgers.

    From sister noo, on Mon 31 Dec 8:11
  9. Top tip:Put a bet on the queens winning the conference­ in five years time at 1000-1.Yes I know you will lose­ the money but it's better than putting a bet on­ them winning anything in between and the money you save­ will pay for the bet you will lose then.The freeloaders­ there now will still be there then, nobody else will­ want them the way they have shown their true colours as­ malingerers.They won't have any fans,they will all­ be over at Chelsea for some trophy hunting,or the­ cottage where they should feel more at home.

    From Oosthat, on Mon 31 Dec 7:13
  10. We need only more eighteen wins thi season to take the­ long waited for trophy. Greet thanx to Liverpool team.

    From CHRIS, on Mon 31 Dec 4:04
  11. Well done Liverpool!

    From Matti, on Mon 31 Dec 0:13
  12. well done liverpool fc i still stick to what i say

    From , on Sun 30 Dec 22:42
  13. Joke of the day, sneijder linked with liverpool move!!!­ if you listen really closely you can hear wesley in­ an histerical fit of laugher screaming that he would­ rather retire that play for a bottom half team!

    From craig, on Sun 30 Dec 21:38
  14. Skumarez scoring with teeth again.

    From Dino, on Sun 30 Dec 21:20
  15. Get a few quid on Sturridge being one of the top 3­ scroers in the prem when he ends the season at Anfield

    From MICHAEL, on Sun 30 Dec 21:07
  16. If qpr continue to play like today i cant see them­ winning another game this season, Even harry is­ believing its a lost cause. Mark hughes really left his­ mark with this herd of sheep.

    From a, on Sun 30 Dec 20:39
  17. Excellent first half - lost our way in the second as­ the game was done and dusted. the games won't­ always be this easy. Looked very Vulnerble through­ midfield second half, Joe Allen cannot offer us much­ resilience when the going gets tough, cannot tackle,­ head the ball and really struggles to stand his ground.­ He really is too lightweight for the physicality of the­ premier league and he knows it. Where over years gone­ by our midfield has been the main cog of our side -­ Mascherano, alonso, Gerrard, Riise, Benayoun. Gerrard­ is one of greatest midfielders of all time - without­ doubt. But he will not go on forever and still without­ him we have no fight or skill in midfield.

    From chicolew, on Sun 30 Dec 19:36
  18. #$%$ Park Rangers a big team? LMFAO bye bye and good­ riddance, small club in West London dreaming of being­ like Chelsea....BE LUCKY!!!

    From delazzuro, on Sun 30 Dec 19:21
  19. Liverpool will be happy with the result..but..there is­ a down side ..that being that the big clubs of Europe­ and England will cast envious eyes on a player who can­ score consistantly like Mr.Suarez can when surrounded­ by mediocrity knowing that he will do even better when­ in a team of class players..Real Madrid looks the more­ likely destination...and then Liverpool can look­ forward to more results of the Villa variety in the­ near future..

    From shel, on Sun 30 Dec 19:12
  20. Trevor Correction. Liverpool are not the most­ successful team in England anymore

    From Stocko, on Sun 30 Dec 19:10
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