Saturday April 20, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 34 Loftus Road

Countdown: -363 Days

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  1. Well they had a second division team, a second division­ ground and now they're in the second division.­ Teams always manage to find their level in the end.

    From Scousegloryhunter, on Tue 23 Apr 22:19
  2. Huth is Good !

    From Ali, on Sun 21 Apr 12:58
  3. Don't understand it,you got rid of sulky boy to­ turkey,good move to start with,but have a wide boy­ from murky to run the show,never trust a man who's­ eyes are too close together.Whatever they do,they must­ not employ sulky's brother rubber face now he's­ on his way down,he's already run out on England,so­ be warned.Why do the queens keep shooting themselves in­ the foot at every turn and take a one way ticket to­ oblivion.

    From Oosthat, on Sun 21 Apr 6:27
  4. We must be lucky. The Manager of QPR was chosen or­ picked to manage our national team. By the way he­ selects players and position them on the field, the­ national team would have been in bad trouble. The­ players do the same thing days-0ut days-in with the­ same result/ Long balls will never win you any thing. ­ You have to mix long, short. diagonal, back, air,­ ground etc. to give your opponents new styles to­ defend. Considering money the team spent, they should­ not be in the relegation zone/ Money does not buy­ victory unless you are ManU/ VPC.

    From Jack C, on Sun 21 Apr 0:40
  5. 'Ard lines 'Arry :-(

    From Billy the Kid, on Sat 20 Apr 21:56
  6. Goodbye 'Arry & QPR, you won't be missed!!!­ :-)

    From Moose, on Sat 20 Apr 20:40
  7. At least we won this must win game. Hope we continue on­ this tract so that we might end this disastrous season­ with some dignity.

    From Paul, on Sat 20 Apr 20:40
  8. Lucky Stoke

    From Andrey, on Sat 20 Apr 20:00
  9. cardiff to epl, qpr to championhip

    From Shariful Hashim, on Sat 20 Apr 19:36
  10. Potters!!!!

    From Chris, on Sat 20 Apr 17:19
  11. two fingers up for harry...

    From loustic56, on Sat 20 Apr 17:05
  12. Remy You Idiot. Welcome to the championship. He He He

    From Goran, on Sat 20 Apr 16:58
  13. Bye, bye QPR. I wish I could say it was nice having you­ in the prem, but I'm afraid I cant.

    From Andy, on Sat 20 Apr 16:48
  14. come on stoke do it for fans do it for the­ prem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Karen, on Sat 20 Apr 16:44
  15. Dont realy like stoke much but hope they win

    From Monkeyboy, on Sat 20 Apr 16:30
  16. If you look at the general qpr are being outplayed and­ dont care lol

    From Monkeyboy, on Sat 20 Apr 16:28
  17. you need to win this one stoke. keep going

    From Hilary, on Sat 20 Apr 16:24
  18. Come on QPR lets make sure that stoke are one of the­ three teams relegated at the end of the season

    From , on Sat 20 Apr 16:14
  19. Come On QPRRRR!!!!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!

    From Muhammad, on Sat 20 Apr 16:07
  20. ALL I can say good luck stoke city

    From john, on Sat 20 Apr 15:59
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