Saturday April 27, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 35 Madejski Stadium

Countdown: -354 Days

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  1. am i missing something or what if a big if qpr win­ there last 3 games it gives them 34 if and an even­ bigger if aston villa lose there last 4 then qpr can­ still stay up on goal diff they are both on -27 that­ is presumeing wigan go down too

    From KENNETH, on Sun 28 Apr 22:54
  2. Bob, if QPR and Reading both win all remaining matches­ and each have 34 points --- Aston Villa can't lose­ all their remaining matches unless Wigan win one as­ they play each other on the last day. In that case­ Aston Villa have 34 points and Wigan will have at least­ 35 points and will be safe. So yes, they are both­ relegated. It makes me smile to see QPR back where they­ belong!

    From Janet, on Sun 28 Apr 22:13
  3. Both relegated??? What IF either win all remaining 3­ matches (9points) & Aston Villa LOSE all their­ remaining matches and Wigan get no more than 34 points?­ Very unlikely but one would stay up on goal difference.

    From Bob, on Sun 28 Apr 18:20
  4. Chris Samba....inspired signing !

    From RICHARD, on Sun 28 Apr 18:17

    From SUDHAKAR, on Sun 28 Apr 17:59

    From SUDHAKAR, on Sun 28 Apr 17:59
  7. Dont forget to bring back Ferdinande so that he can­ enjoy the drop with you goodbye QPR you are back where­ you belong

    From Sadoldgit, on Sun 28 Apr 17:44
  8. Harry blames everyone else but himself, again. Good­ luck to Reading

    From clan, on Sun 28 Apr 16:59
  9. Harry bankrupts and takes down another club. Do you see­ the pattern here? Surely no other simpleton chairman­ will take him on? Harry of course is Teflon coated,­ Sparky will have wasted all the money and caused the­ team problems, it won't be anything to do with­ Harry. As it happens Harry's been found out..­ Rosie the bulldog was obviously the brains of the­ outfit, but she's been keeping a low profile since­ getting away with her tax affairs.

    From Hoss, on Sun 28 Apr 16:55
  10. QPR may be down but I can't see Harry going with­ them can you?

    From Roy Goutte, on Sun 28 Apr 16:21
  11. I still can't beleave that QPR with all those­ players are still going down,they will never get the­ big earners off there wage bill

    From SIMON70, on Sun 28 Apr 16:17
  12. laters madejski lol, nice to see one of furgies­ "yes men" bite the dust

    From RICH UNCLE MALCOLM, on Sun 28 Apr 16:13
  13. QPR promotion celebrations was a happy day. What­ happened? Decent managers had a go, what is wrong at­ the club? Harry and Mark reputation good managers so­ surprised getting relegated. Never mind another season­ but I fearful the club going into bankruptcy caused­ both managers profligacy.

    From MALCOLM, on Sun 28 Apr 16:08
  14. Serves both sets of owners right for changing managers,­ particularly QPR. Do not believe Warnick or Hughes­ would have done a worse job than Redknapp if given­ time.

    From Michael, on Sun 28 Apr 16:06
  15. Good bye 'Arry, you won't be missed nor your­ bent team either !!!

    From Ballymena'S Favorite Mong, on Sun 28 Apr 15:48
  16. Can't even beat QPR, embarrassing!

    From tom b, on Sun 28 Apr 15:47
  17. Haha QPR for giving up against city last yr when you­ realised you was safe.and them scoring twice in­ stoppage time.rot in the championship

    From Scrounging Royal, on Sun 28 Apr 15:47
  18. Both Doomed.

    From denise, on Sun 28 Apr 15:41
  19. hahahahahahaha both #$%$

    From dirk pitt, on Sun 28 Apr 15:33
  20. hahahahahahaha

    From dirk pitt, on Sun 28 Apr 15:33
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