Saturday February 2, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 25 Madejski Stadium

Countdown: -442 Days

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  1. just got to take the chances

    From david, on Tue 5 Feb 22:00
  2. So phoney, if I read your reply to Arrogant right,­ 'it takes a big man to hold his hands up and admit­ he's thick', that means you are a 'wee'­ man and too stupid to either know or admit it, because­ you are the most stupid and ignorant s.o.b. on here­ LOL.

    From Phoney Tony, on Mon 4 Feb 16:42
  3. How do people give a rating to Adam Johnson - I did not­ know he was actually playing - for us - he kept away­ from the ball as much as possible and James McClean -­ just cross the ball - don't try taking people on­ just cross the ball.

    From Ray, on Sun 3 Feb 12:12
  4. Ha ha the wee reside club lost such vile supporters­ defiantly got little man syndrome

    From Mick, on Sat 2 Feb 18:55
  5. Once again that fool MON`s tactics were awful. He`s got­ to be sacked and several players are needed. Reading­ deserved the win, better team by far.

    From mackemloser, on Sat 2 Feb 17:38
  6. Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, heee LOSERS

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 2 Feb 17:00
  7. Defence asleep again!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Feb 16:46
  8. What's up with the comments---disappeared­ again---thought that problem was fixed!!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Feb 16:26
  9. 60 mins gone,same old same old,safc continue to­ frustrate their fans

    From Ivan, on Sat 2 Feb 16:25
  10. Howay Lads!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Feb 16:25
  11. Hopefully we can now go on and win it. Feel Reading­ can get another though--they're playing well­ enough.

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Feb 15:33
  12. Nothing changes, does it? Again we go behind to an­ early goal while the defece? snoozes! Never mind--we­ can come back and take the points! 2-3!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Feb 15:16
  13. Well, not much intelligence in the first 16 comments!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Feb 15:14
  14. Jonny, (number 6) you make a fair comment yes Reading­ had won their previous 4 games..but look who they were­ playing, it wasnt if they were playing anyone big and­ the West Brom result was a bit of a fluke. Crawley­ Town, Newcastle Utd Sheffield Uts, not really­ premeirship teams are they !!

    From Sir Gary Rowell, on Fri 1 Feb 13:48
  15. That picture of jonny in the middle of your badge toni­ looks good ftm

    From Blackcat, on Thu 31 Jan 19:25
  16. This is for all the tools on this sunderland site­ scumcashole 0 chelsea 2 ftm

    From Blackcat, on Thu 31 Jan 19:23
  17. Thanks Arrogant fair play to you - it takes a big man­ to hold his hands up and admit he's thick.

    From Tony Vulture, on Wed 30 Jan 20:57
  18. Arrogant. I'm not sure what a 'though'­ game is? Unless you mean afterwards everyone will say­ Reading won even 'though' they're shyte?

    From Tony Vulture, on Wed 30 Jan 20:00
  19. Another upset in the making here. I fear the tactics­ from that useless MON will cost us the­ game..............................................sack­ him!

    From mackemloser, on Wed 30 Jan 18:15
  20. Arrogant, Reading are simply DIRE mate. We­ should've had the game out of sight by half time­ last week. I predict a comfortable win for the­ mackems. Bearing in mind i was spot on again with the­ Swansea prediction, i am going for 0-3 and another big­ favour to your favourite neighbours. Love it!!!!!

    From cameron, on Wed 30 Jan 16:52
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