Saturday March 30, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 31 St. Mary's Stadium

Countdown: -383 Days

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  1. Told you so Chelsea x x x x x x

    From SEXYSAINT, on Wed 3 Apr 8:07
  2. Marin ! Be Fixed !!!!!!

    From Ali, on Sun 31 Mar 9:34
  3. why is the coach still using torres, cant believe this

    From wat ever, on Sun 31 Mar 2:33
  4. It is better to play with only 10 players then to play­ with this SCRUB torres in the team; in alternative,­ headless chicken will do as much as torres

    From Ronaldinho, on Sun 31 Mar 2:27
  5. well sone scummers, just seen this game on tv and­ though it pains me to say it you were a class act and­ thoroughly deserved your win, well done, good luck ­ & im off to wonder again where it all went soooo­ wrong... PFC

    From steve, on Sat 30 Mar 23:02
  6. What has happened to Chelsea? they used to be a side­ that would challenge for the title now look at them­ fighting for fourth place!!!!!

    From , on Sat 30 Mar 20:07
  7. The plain fact is Southampton were by far the best team­ and thoroughly deserved to win. Chelsea have a­ relatively easy run in but lose to Spurs and Liverpool­ and it could be Europa League next season.

    From Diogenes, on Sat 30 Mar 19:49
  8. I think we, Saints, caught Chelsea at the right time,­ ahead of MU but we played some good stuff and looked­ like a team playing wihout relagation fears.

    From Billy, on Sat 30 Mar 18:51
  9. At what point are YAHOO going to realise that they are­ using the wrong picture for Nathaniel Clyne at this­ time. Very poor guys.

    From FAROUK, on Sat 30 Mar 18:26
  10. what a shame, chelsea is nothing...benitez,cech,torres­ are out as soon as possible,they are worms...why they­ bought ba still nobody knows

    From Angelika l, on Sat 30 Mar 18:08
  11. Mata is not in the team, Chelsea deserved to lose!

    From Thom, on Sat 30 Mar 17:53
  12. LMAO-WRAOTF !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sat 30 Mar 17:38
  13. Fergie has fkd wiv his head and he is intent on beating­ utd at all costs... Wot a #$%$.

    From Rob*, on Sat 30 Mar 17:35
  14. gooodnesss, chelseaaa!!!! wazzup??? why didnt djemba ba­ or eden hazard play?? what do you want with Torres???­ sell him back to Ath.Madr. that's where he­ belongs... (so they can sell Aguero to Real ;)...­ anyways... Torres is not chelsea level...never was,­ never willl

    From Dávid, on Sat 30 Mar 17:18
  15. Oh when the Saints . . Oh when the Saints . . Oh when­ the Saints go marching i-i-n-n :)

    From Billy the Kid, on Sat 30 Mar 17:16
  16. oh dear Chelsea 500 million against 30bob another scalp­ for the saints hope theres some new excuses from these­ big boy clubs

    From Tina, on Sat 30 Mar 17:15
  17. That line up still cost more than most clubs are­ worth!!!!

    From G, on Sat 30 Mar 17:15
  18. Team selection was awful...!Holding midfield role was­ very disappointing..!Lampard will never be a defensive­ midfielder Never never never ever...!!He should have­ played Ramirez and Mikel...Marin??!!! nightmare..!!­ Definitely Benite he got plan for Chelsea..And its to­ make sure Chelsea will follow Liverpool foot steps..!!

    From Drex, on Sat 30 Mar 17:11
  19. He (Benitez) talks about winning one match after the­ other, how can he put out this #$%$ team thinking to­ win without the highest goal scorer and a holding­ midfielder (distributer of passes) on the pitch. ­ Benitez plans has started working out since he knows he­ wouldnt be the next manager for chelsea in next season.­ He wants to pay back to the fans in their own coins by­ losing out of champion season spot. I hope the owner do­ something fast before the nutter destroy Chelsea.

    From victor, on Sat 30 Mar 17:09
  20. the truth is chelsea does not deserve to play in the­ champions league next season, they deserve to finish­ 5th this season because of the player­ attitudes..players like ivanovic, marin, lampard,­ benayoun, turnbull, torres, bertrand should be kicked­ out of the chelsea team and replaced with quality­ players if not what happened this season will repeat­ itself next season.i dont see them beating united on­ monday FA cup match.tottenham and arsenal deserves to­ finish above chelsea.

    From Ahmed, on Sat 30 Mar 17:06
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