Saturday April 27, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 35 St. Mary's Stadium

Countdown: -353 Days

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  1. Saints are now dangling on a mere 39 points,two main­ players now missing from our small squad . Can we­ expect any more points from remaining games ???­ doubtful.

    From Roy, on Sun 28 Apr 12:57
  2. i only hope that he gets rid of fox this summer then he­ wont be tempted to play , has cost us dearly this­ season more than any other player.

    From leslie, on Sun 28 Apr 12:01
  3. Terrible referee, terrible defenders, terrible game

    From JackSaints, on Sat 27 Apr 17:32
  4. where was Puncheon? One of those gmes beaten by a­ poor west brom team Very poor performance by both­ teams. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    From Lord, on Sat 27 Apr 17:06
  5. It`s ok having 69% of the ball in the 2nd half but it­ helps if your side finishes with all 11 men on the­ pitch at the end of the game

    From glenn, on Sat 27 Apr 17:06
  6. What a great afternoon of sport The Baggies win again­ 3-0 at Southampton & the Wolves seem to have lost­ the will to play championship football next season­ losing 2-1 to Burnley Boing Boing COYB

    From glenn, on Sat 27 Apr 16:59
  7. Southhampton, You were priced 8/11 on for this­ game. Your #$%$ You belong in the next div.

    From jack, on Sat 27 Apr 16:57
  8. I don't understand how Saint's can be soooooooo­ BAD........ Maybe the Manager is mouthing too much­ about getting rid of players and getting into the­ Champions League - he should concentrate on the here­ and NOW..........

    From Ellis, on Sat 27 Apr 16:42
  9. COME ON SAINTS - we need this one..........

    From Ellis, on Sat 27 Apr 15:38
  10. yes your right roy lol

    From MARK, on Sat 27 Apr 15:21
  11. cmon u reds nice win to carry on a great season

    From rose, on Sat 27 Apr 13:21
  12. Yes mark, but then what do you expect to see on a skate­ pig-bin sight.

    From Roy, on Sat 27 Apr 12:34
  13. Read what the skate crappers are writing about the­ saints on their page against shrewsbury . they really­ are in #$%$ world 18000 think they meant 1800. and more­ atmosphere yeahhhh in their dreams bumboy, ,,,,,, they­ must just be in denial. COYRs

    From MARK, on Thu 25 Apr 18:50

    From Dex, on Wed 24 Apr 20:55
  15. Home match, saints should have all three points, I SAID­ could !!!!! that's up to the players, saints need­ these points if they have a real chance of staying up,­ Yes they are in a good spot to climb the league. So­ good luck to the saints.

    From Roy, on Wed 24 Apr 14:45
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