Saturday November 24, 2012 Day 13 Finished Britannia Stadium

Stoke City 1 - 0 Fulham

  • Adam 26’

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  1. Premier League - Matchpack: Stoke City v Fulham

    Premier League - Matchpack: Stoke City v Fulham

    Team news, match facts and manager quotes ahead of the Premier League match between Stoke City and Fulham at the Britannia Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Stoke City
    • Fulham
    • - Don't forget you can watch highlights of this match, along with every Premier League game, from 00:01 on Monday morning (UK only).
    • 90+4 Kightly takes it into the corner for Stoke now... Fulham counter as Riether crosses, a bit too deep but Rodallega could keep it in - only for the whistle to go. Stoke hold on, 1-0.
    • 90+3 Fulham launching it forward now. Hearing Pulis and Jol having a barney, didn't see it though.
    • 90+2 Rodallega on the left, cutting inside but Shawcross blocks his shot.
    • 90+2 Dejagah to take but it's awful, a low effort to tee-up a shot a nice idea but straight to a Stoke player.
    • 90+1 Four minutes added time as Cameron handballs just outside the box. Free-kick Fulham...
    • 90' GOAL STOKE! No, offside as Jones rolled it past the keeper after a counter-attack saw Kightly slide him in.
    • 89' Still Fulham though as they work it inside from the left, now Berbatov drifts it wide to Duff, he takes on Cameron and puts in a low cross that Berbatov backheels but not powerful enough to beat Begovic.
    • 88' Free-kick to Fulham after a Whelan foul. Taken short but Baird's second ball in is poor.
    • 87' Duff with a fine reverse pass to free Berbatov, whose driven low ball flashes across the face of goal and away! Any touch, that was in!
    • 85' Fulham have now moved to around 56% possession. They're not using it that well though.
    • 84' Riether heads clear as a Kightly cross is almost met by Walters.
    • 83' STOKE SUB: Goalscorer Adam is replaced by Whitehead returning from suspension.
    • 82' Fine cross from Dejagah but Petric at the far post can only head it up in the air.
    • 81' FULHAM SUB: Rodallega on for Sidwell.
    • 80' Good defending by Senderos this time to hold off Jones but Schwarzer drops it AGAIN, Senderos saving the day to clear from Walters.
    • 79' A dangerous low ball from Riise fizzes behind the diving Sidwell and in front of Riether and away! Berbs is furious as he wanted a cut-back.
    • 78' Duff on the right wins a corner off Cameron. Can Fulham do the unthinkable and score from a set piece at Stoke? Not this time as the hosts clear.
    • 77' STOKE SUB: Crouch is replaced by Jones.
    • 76' Petric with a shot from range and Begovic spills it but no-one is close enough to him for a rebound and the Bosnia keeper gathers easily.
    • 75' Sidwell with a low cross that misses everyone. Riether keeps it in and Fulham try to work it in from the right AND BERBATOV WITH A VICIOUS DRIVE tipped away by Begovic!! Stoke counter and they have men over, Senderos shows Kightly inside - lunacy as he's right-footed - but he curls it wide!!
    • 74' FULHAM SUB: Duff on for Karagounis. Proper width for Fulham now.
    • 73' A Stoke free-kick causes real problems as Senderos misses his header, a desperate Schwarzer fluffs his punch but Adam drills a shot wide.
    • 72' STOKE SUB: Etherington comes off for Kightly.
    • 71' Crouch wins a free-kick after Sidwell rattles into him.
    • 70' Riether and then Dejagah put in crosses from the right but Shawcross is able to clear both. Now Karagounis is taken out by Adam. No booking.
    • 69' Not sure why Fulham would consider the high ball against Stoke, but I suppose it is windy enough for even them to make mistakes.
    • 68' Adam fouls Dejagah and Fulham have a free-kick. Swung in but cleared by the hosts.
    • 67' Another corner to Stoke that Etherington will take... GREAT SAVE SCHWARZER! Huth with a free header, free-ish given his marker Baird is a foot shorter, but the Aussie tips it over. The second corner is headed wide by Shawcross.
    • 66' Stoke are now piling it on again - they deserve to be in front it has to be said. Fulham look a touch frightened.
    • 65' Etherington has popped up on the right now and puts in a dangerous cross, Senderos heads clear but the follow-up shot is well wide.
    • 64' Decent cross from Cameron but Fulham scramble clear.
    • 63' A Stoke attack breaks down as Oliver decides Crouch was being a touch too physical.
    • 62' Huge sliding tackle from Shawcross as Sidwell almost raced clean through.
    • 61' A second corner for Stoke but a delay as Schwarzer picked up a knock. Etherington swings it in, Schwarzer flies out to punch but is taken out by Shawcross. Free-kick.
    • 60' Crouch holds it up well on the edge of the box, laying it off for Adam whose shot is deflected over for a corner!
    • 59' After a promising spell for Fulham it has all degenerated a bit again thanks to the wind.
    • 58' Rotten free-kick from Dejagah I think, way too high and into Begovic's arms BUT HE DROPS IT and like Schwarzer is lucky to gather!
    • 57' Booking for Cameron on Dejagah 10 yards from the home side's box. Silly foul and he's on the tightrope now. The Iranian was nowhere near the overhit ball.
    • 56' Cameron on the ball, now Etherington but this time Schwarzer claims the cross well enough.
    • 55' High ball in from Shawcross AND SCHWARZER DROPS IT but luckily it lands between his feet and he falls on it.
    • 54' Throw to Stoke on the right but Shotton's ball is headed away by Riise.
    • 53' Yeah Petric is fine, he's up holding his shoulder. Nothing in that.
    • 52' Petric I think is down but Walters plays on as he's not seriously injured and it's not a head injury.
    • 51' Cries for a penalty as Sidwell and Adam rise for a header but they came from the fans, not Stoke who play on. No chance.
    • 50' Great cross from Dejagah but a diving Sidwell misses the header, the ball coming off the side of his head and away! It drops to Karagounis but he's closed down.
    • 49' Petric misses the target but Fulham are seeing more of the ball now.
    • 48' Karagounis blasts a poor effort from range well over the bar. At least they're getting forward.
    • 47' Stoke immediately on the offensive as Whelan fires over after a terrible punch from Schwarzer! That came after some poor defending from Fulham, failing to clear their lines.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • - STATS: Possession is around 50-50, Fulham with a touch more but not so effective with it. Stoke winning the aerial and ground duels, 54% on both, and have had nine efforts on goal to Fulham's three.
    • - What did you make of that half? Can Fulham get back into it? Or are Stoke just too suited to rubbish weather? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 45+3 Half-time and Stoke lead 1-0 through Charlie Adam's goal - they look good value for it, although Fulham are dangerous when they actually get it forward to Berbatov and co.
    • 45+2 Another Shotton long throw, which Fulham clear but the right-back has it back and puts in a very similar cross to that from which Stoke scored - Senderos clears though.
    • 45+1 Cameron bundles through a couple of challenges but his cross is blocked. Stoke are not the easiest on the eye but they've had around half the possession and are good value for the lead.
    • 45' Three minutes added time being played.
    • 44' Nice move from Fulham as they swarm forward with some cool one-touch passing, now Karagounis feeds Riise wide left but his low cross is blocked before reaching Petric.
    • 43' Dejagah releases Berbatov down the right, he drills in a dangerous low ball for Petric that Begovic blocks with his feet!
    • 42' Stoke break down the left through Etherington but Riether covers well to clear.
    • 40' The replay shows Huth clearly went in on Berbatov with a high boot, no idea why Shawcross needed to get involved, and now Senderos needs treatment to a face injury. Stray arm from Adam.
    • 39' A bit of naughtiness as Berbatov and Shawcross jostle following a tangle between the Bulgarian and Huth, Senderos has gone down too...
    • 38' Crouch, who also has a tache, has gone down holding his face after Berbatov's arm stroked the Stoke striker's mush.
    • 37' Fulham counter attack as Dejagah flies down the right, good cross and Petric attacks near post but blocked by Huth for a corner! Yet the ref awards a goal kick.
    • 36' Etherington with the corner AND SHAWCROSS RATTLES THE HEADER OFF THE BAR! The underside too, should have been 2-0!
    • 36' Etherington's cross lands behind Crouch, who turns to take it on his chest and feed Shotton wide right. His cross is blocked for a corner.
    • 35' Whelan with a shot from range but about a yard wide with Schwarzer covering well.
    • 34' Sidwell decides he will try to run it off. Risky if you ask me. Rodallega - who did not start, as we initially thought - is warming up. That means he would move on the left, with Karagounis operating as a more defensive midfielder.
    • 33' Sidwell is on his feet but his knee has been strained somewhat and he will be replaced. Diarra probably coming on.
    • 32' Berbatov has a chat with the ref - who is four years younger than the Bulgarian - as Sidwell receives treatment.
    • 31' Shawcross hoofs to touch because Sidwell is down hurt. His knee it seems.
    • 30' Berbatov, Sidwell and Petric combine nicely and Shotton tries to run it back to Begovic but almost makes a mess of it, just clearing from the Croat in the end!
    • 29' Shotton smacks a shot well off target, high and wide.
    • - CORRECTION - It was Adam not Etherington with the finish. Similar builds (not).
    • 28' Fulham have a good run at the Stoke box now, some space centre-right but Petric cuts inside to shoot only to see it blocked.
    • 27' Idiotic defending from Fulham, who had two men on Crouch for a hanging cross - as if two men would find it any easier to win a high ball off the 6'7" striker. That meant the second man - Adam in this case - was unmarked for the knock-down. There was also a man behind the line for some reason.
    • 26' GOAL STOKE! Fantastic cross from Shotton on the right, even better knock-down by Crouch far post and Adam is unmarked with time to turn and finish low past Schwarzer.
    • 25' Tiny bit scrappy as the rain chucks down, as it is all over Britain right now. Lovely climate we have here.
    • 24' Free-kick now as Petric commits a foul in the Stoke half. Long from Begovic.
    • 23' Lovely one-touch passing by Fulham as they finally get it forward. Berbatov is free on the right and finds Dejagah in the box, but the Iranian's touch lets him down.
    • 22' Crouch with a towering header down for Etherington but his volley is blocked. Still in the danger zone but Adam fires well over after some juggling skills. Flag was up anyway.
    • 21' Stoke were under pressure early on but they've got a stranglehold on Fulham now as they dominate possession.
    • 20' Whelan's free-kick causes all kinds of problems as Fulham fail to clear, Shawcross lofts it in and Huth attacks but Schwarzer finally gets hold of it.
    • 19' Senderos is booked for a foul on Etherington. A bit Stoke that. Treatment for the winger...
    • 18' Shawcross tires to dink a lofted ball in for Crouch but the big defender doesn't really do delicate and he overhits it out.
    • 17' Sidwell catches Whelan in midfield. Free-kick, not card, just a bit late.
    • 16' JUST WIDE BY HUTH! I blame the tache, he should have scored as he met the Adam corner with a towering header over Baird.
    • 15' Etherington wins a corner off Baird as the Irishman covers Riether the right-back. Stoke's best spell now.
    • 14' Havoc from that corner as Shawcross meets it unmarked but the angle is all wrong and he diverts it away from goal, Fulham scrambling clear. Berbatov got a vital touch in there.
    • 13' Stoke have a corner after Baird is forced to hoof behind after a decent little spell of pressure.
    • 12' N'Zonzi catches Berbatov, who is playing the target man role but with the lower ball. Quick free-kick, Berbatov releases Petric, who slips it wide to Riise, whose cross is cleared.
    • 11' Shotton has been trained to throw it long but he lacks the driven technique of Delap and that's easy to clear. Shawcross goes through Petric and Fulham have a free-kick in their half.
    • 10' Berbatov traps the ball, the crowd falls silent, but he overhits his pass to Dejagah.
    • 9' A long ball from Begovic almost puts Crouch in as Hughes stumbles but Senderos covers and Schwarzer kicks clear.
    • 8' Shotton fouls Karagounis. Some incredibly bad moustaches on show today, thanks to Movember. I like a good, solid tache - but it needs to be solid, otherwise you look like a ferret's backside.
    • 7' Shawcross with a long ball that Crouch flicks on but there's no-one there and Schwarzer claims.
    • 6' Stoke finally get it in the Fulham half but Etherington is challenged by Hughes and Fulham clear.
    • 5' Poor back-pass from Shotton and Berbatov could be in but Huth gets in his way - however, Begovic completely misses the ball, distracted by that coming together, with Shawcross hacking it clear!
    • 4' Dejagah overhits his pass aimed for Petric. Fulham making all the running early on.
    • 3' Fantastic long-range effort from Karagounis but it flies just wide! Keeper probably had it covered, but a great strike!
    • 2' Fulham have a corner as Dejagah plays it off Huth and behind. Nice tache.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 14:55 Today's ref is Michael Oliver (Northumberland). He has reffed four Prem matches so far this season, showing one red card in Everton's 3-1 win at Aston Villa over the August Bank Holiday. He's reffed seven other matches - League Cup, Championship, Europa League and international - and showed on average 3 yellows per match, no other reds. Relatively lenient then.
    • 14:50 William Hill has today's odds at Stoke 5/4, Fulham 12/5, Draw 21/10. I know Fulham don't have the best away record, but those odds are long if you ask me. What do you reckon? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 14:45 Martin Jol on the absence of Brede Hangeland due to suspension: "We have to cope with it. We have to come up with different solutions. We don't have another Hangeland. We have Philippe Senderos and hopefully, if he is still fit, he will come in and replace him. Hopefully Aaron Hughes and the players we have got are strong enough because I saw them against West Ham. It is quite a challenge."
    • 14:40 Tony Pulis: "I think Berbatov has been the outstanding buy for me and is playing at the top of his game. In the games I've watched, he's been absolutely outstanding. He looks like he's really enjoying himself and has found a home where he's the main player. Looking at him, he's showing the class he possesses. It will be worth the admission just to see him play. You have to say he's one of the best players in the Premier League on form. He can win games on his own and has been a great signing."
    • 14:35 Any predictions or comments on the game and the line-ups, feel free to Tweet me @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 14:30 Fulham are without a number of players but still have a tasty-looking first XI out today. Brede Hangeland is suspended after his red-card nightmare against Sunderland, with Philippe Senderos replacing him. Bryan Ruiz, Alexander Kacaniklic, Mickael Tavares and Kieran Richardson all have hamstring injuries, while Simon Davies (hip) and Kerim Frei (ineligible) aren't available. Still, Dimitar Berbatov (captain for the day) has Mladen Petric alongside him.
    • 14:25 For Stoke, defender Andy Wilkinson (back) is replaced by Ryan Shotton. That's the only change from the 1-1 draw with West Ham. Midfielder Dean Whitehead is back on the bench after suspension, but striker Michael Owen is not expected to be ready to make his return from a hamstring complaint, while midfielder Rory Delap (hernia) and defender Marc Wilson (broken leg) remain sidelined.
    • 14:20 TEAMS - STOKE: Begovic, Shotton, Shawcross, Huth, Cameron, Walters, Whelan, Nzonzi, Adam, Etherington, Crouch; Subs: Sorensen, Palacios, Jones, Whitehead, Upson, Kightly, Jerome/// Fulham: Schwarzer, Riether, Senderos, Hughes, Riise, Dejagah, Karagounis, Baird, Sidwell, Petric, Berbatov; Subs: Etheridge, Kelly, Kasami, Diarra, Duff, Rodallega, Banya
    • 14:15 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Premier League clash between Stoke City and Fulham at the Britannia, kicking off at 3pm.
  • Summary

    • 90' GOAL STOKE! No, offside as Jones rolled it past the keeper after a counter-attack saw Kightly slide him in.

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