Wednesday December 26, 2012 Kick off: 19:45 Day 19 Britannia Stadium

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  1. you know win againest liverpool is great for the­ potters

    From , on Tue 15 Jan 16:55
  2. Apart from one off games.When did Stoke last win­ anything shyteforbrains?

    From , on Fri 28 Dec 13:52
  3. First Stoke goal.Long ball hoofed forward,defender­ slips. Second Stoke goal.Header from a corner. Third­ Stoke goal.Long throw,flick on,chest and volley. ­ Like Wimbledon of old.Not pretty and not the way to win­ anything.

    From , on Thu 27 Dec 19:30
  4. No point sacking Rodgers no half decent manager would­ even consider manging Liverpool... Rodgers and­ Liverpool need at least 2 or 3 full seasons together­ to even begin regaining some of the clubs shot­ credibility...

    From wild woodpecker®, on Thu 27 Dec 14:43
  5. .... And Dirk Kuyt.

    From Dave59, on Thu 27 Dec 12:51
  6. I've (sadly) got to agree with certain posts that­ Reina is not the goalie he once was. We've also­ made the mistake of getting rid of (OK useless) Andy­ Carroll and not replacing him with anyone. I've­ heard rumours that we may recall Carroll from loan -­ are these true? I've got this dreadful feeling­ that under Rodgers, we're just going to slip­ further and further down the table - at best stay about­ where we are.

    From Dave59, on Thu 27 Dec 12:48
  7. 360 comment. You been supporting them for sixty years.­ Where were you tonight then? Watching it on Sky? Idiot­ b*llsh**ter!

    From , on Thu 27 Dec 12:20
  8. 241. We got bu'ggered by muscle and brawn(and a­ nice bit­ of skill), unless Rodgers gets 100 million in­ the­ summer it's another 5 or 6 years of this­ I'm­ afraid!! From Anfieldstar, on Wed 26 Dec­ 21:30 YOUJUST MISSED ONE THING SHAMFIELDSTAR , YOUR­ CLUB WILL BE CALLED CHAMPIONSHIPOOL BY THEN , AND THAT­ IS OLNY IF THEY HANG ON IN THAT LEAGUE

    From windswept, on Thu 27 Dec 11:37
  9. LMFAO

    From vlf126, on Thu 27 Dec 11:04
  10. @khalid. matey i have supported liverpool since i was­ 5 and i am 66 now, through thick and thin, season­ ticket 42 years. I love liverpool football club and­ will support them untill i die but changes have to­ happen, rodgers will not get it right believe me ,the­ players do not understand what he wants and have no­ faith in it or him. i love and applaud your attitude­ mate---------up the reds.

    From Wilf, on Thu 27 Dec 9:58
  11. Shows you how biased Yahoo sport is-every other website­ is saying how well Suarez played despite a lack of­ support. Yahoo ofcourse says he did not play one of his­ best. LFC need massive changes, how can City, Leeds,­ QPR etc all attract top owners but LFC not? BR is a one­ trick pony who is in it well above his head.

    From Tim, on Thu 27 Dec 9:43
  12. only Yesil !

    From Doctor, on Thu 27 Dec 9:34
  13. Liverpool made awful transfers in the past 3-4 years.­ They bought a lot of expensive players that are worse­ than the ones they had at that moment. Come on, they­ payed almost 100 mil Euros for­ Carroll+Downing+Henderson. All of them pretty rubbish.­ Especially Henderson. They bought Charlie Adam, decent­ player, for teams like Stoke, or Reading, not for them.­ It's such a shame that a team like Liverpool is so­ rubbish now. Managment was really poor. They only have­ one decent player now, Suarez. That's it. And even­ he is misfiring.

    From Andrei, on Thu 27 Dec 6:54
  14. Stoke surprised us with how well they played. They­ played Liverpool at their own game of closing down and­ did it better on this day. Stoke also looked a good­ footballing side today. Will be interesting if they can­ produce that kind of football consistently. Shelvey­ didn't really make enough of an impact on the game.­ Liverpool didn't impose themselves enough.

    From Mark Bell, on Thu 27 Dec 4:12
  15. Well the blame game always starts after a loss. But­ first who are these strange people not connected with­ the clubs involved with soo much too say. There is no­ quick fix at Liverpool but a few things I would fix as­ a supporter is to replace the so called complete centre­ back Daniel Agger, who lacks pace and strength and the­ key centre back Martin Skrtel who also lacks pace and­ strength. Top class defenders are difficult to come by,­ but this area needs to be addressed. Brendan Rodgers­ obviously needs time but he has got some big decisions­ to make. You cannot be a soft touch through the middle­ and expect success in the Premier league. If Brendan­ does not realise this then he will fail.

    From colin, on Thu 27 Dec 3:16
  16. Sack the manager and play bradjones for god sake

    From Sophia, on Thu 27 Dec 3:12
  17. @ O.S.: For you to get out of your rotten mess is to­ shut the #$%$ off

    From Khalid, on Thu 27 Dec 2:46
  18. @THOMAS NEAL: Everton=small club, enough said

    From Khalid, on Thu 27 Dec 2:45
  19. A BIG HAND FOR MR Brendan­ rogers your do a very good­ job please keep it up ..............hahahahaha 3-1

    From C, on Thu 27 Dec 1:41
  20. As a Liverpool fan I'm relieved it was only 3-1,­ Stoke could have scored much more. I'd like to­ give credit to Stoke even though they would probably­ roll over to Man Utd.

    From Connie, on Thu 27 Dec 1:30
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