Saturday April 13, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 33 Britannia Stadium

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  1. Get yourselves up the Vale the Pope has scored more­ goals than you lot come on the VALE TWOY

    From John, on Mon 15 Apr 21:16
  2. SUPERMAn Whitehead , Jerome and Crouch should have­ started the match and put pressure straight from the­ start on United's defence , who had Vidic back­ after injuries and dodgy Jones who had to cope with­ A.Jones of Stoke , but why put on Adams , Shotton and­ N'Nzonzi who did not represent good counter players­ against Rooney , Carrick and Valencia who had ' the­ frredom of the Park' ....................PULIS you­ are weakening man and giving in to Psycho Fergal too­ easily !

    From Stanislaw, on Mon 15 Apr 12:06
  3. how did Michael owens carer get injured?

    From beverley, on Mon 15 Apr 8:17
  4. PAULO: You obviouly are suffering from Brain Damage. U­ IDIOT

    From Sam, on Mon 15 Apr 5:44
  5. At last Owen gets some game time again. Yes Owen­ maybe retiring but Stoke need his quality in front of­ goal especially when Stoke ar struggling to score right­ now. Why let others play instead of own becasue he is­ retiring when others are no where as good as Owen who­ can score with his eyes closed. Crouch and Owen up ­ front on my team-sheet all day long..its a no-brainer.­ Other wise Stoke are looking like they are going down.

    From Mark Bell, on Mon 15 Apr 4:53
  6. cant wait to see stoke in the championship.

    From John, on Sun 14 Apr 22:18
  7. we played better than last week but we were still­ negative pulis why dont sort this dispute out with­ pennant and get him back in the squad you are a joke we­ are playing for survival the players are letting us­ down they dont give 100 % and nzonzi has gode all­ defensive and shawcross is so predictable long ball all­ the time lets start playing football why play owen if­ he is retiring why not get some of the up and coming­ players in the squad shea ness palacios if he is not­ fit why play him we six points from the next two games.

    From John, on Sun 14 Apr 21:15
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Man united only scores from corners n penalties what­ #$%$ bunch can wait til this sir Alex Ferguson retires­ n take all this Mafia controlled behaviour out of EPL­ its non wonder robbievanshit piece of money grabber­ went there it won't be has fun n has exciting mancity­ title n bloody suite Nevile blaming the foreigners­ typical British u went to India Africa n still in­ Argentina u want to kick the foreigners look at BP­ Shell they all polluting Africa n feeding the dictators­ manushite

    From Paulo, on Sun 14 Apr 19:11
  9. @ Robert comment 213. Bob I think he meant Kenwyn Jones­ NOT Phil Jones.

    From wunna, on Sun 14 Apr 18:11
  10. well done united top team respect to u

    From COMPuTarooney, on Sun 14 Apr 17:34
  11. man utd #$%$ mugs

    From bobby boy, on Sun 14 Apr 17:10
  12. well Lord from comment 210.. I'm sure Jones­ won't mind being a premier league winning monkey­ aye!!!!

    From robert, on Sun 14 Apr 16:58
  13. Glory glory........

    From Sanjay, on Sun 14 Apr 16:43
  14. Manchester fans chalila again;;;;;.Carrick and RVP you­ made my day.special thanx to Sir Alex and his team for­ winning this match.Manchester for fun and God for­ life.Amen.mwewa helen, zambia­ chililabombwe.,(manchester supporter).

    From helen, on Sun 14 Apr 16:15
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    K jones is a useless monkey and always has been, he­ lives off one or two fantastic performances a season,­ the rest he's as much use as a playstaion in a­ monkey enclosure. crouch needs love and belief and­ he'll keep any team up. unfortunately you are­ running out of games to get 1. crouch confident and 2.­ teaching your midfield ball retention and passing to­ strikers

    From Lord, on Sun 14 Apr 16:13
  16. Well done United

    From Devils Advocate, on Sun 14 Apr 16:11
  17. well done united

    From RICHARD M, on Sun 14 Apr 16:10

    From Sandie, on Sun 14 Apr 16:06
  19. Don't tell me, United were real lucky again! Should­ have had 2 players sent off, the ref and linesmen were­ bought, the Stoke players were bribed into letting­ United win. The penalty wasn't a penalty and Stoke­ should have had 3. United's goal was offside etc­ etc etc etc......Any advance on that United haters???

    From Devils Advocate, on Sun 14 Apr 16:05
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I hope this s--t !! stoke team go down !! nothing but a­ 4th division pub team , and not a very good one at that­ !!

    From Vincent, on Sun 14 Apr 16:04
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