Saturday March 2, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 28 Stadium of Light

Countdown: -415 Days

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  1. Baloney,2-0 eh ,well you were right for a few­ minutes,numbskull !!! Look above you, the Mighty­ Mackems, ha ha ha !!!

    From Joseph, on Sun 3 Mar 12:04
  2. Dejagah is very Powerful !

    From Ali, on Sun 3 Mar 5:07
  3. Mark we were absolute garbage the 1st half, Gardner­ ,Larsson,Graham, in particular, WHY does MON persist­ with Gardner at right back, far too slow,as is Larsson.­ Bardsley must be brought back and Gardner moved into­ midfield !!

    From Joseph, on Sat 2 Mar 18:11
  4. Cameron not at all. Happy days are not here at all. ­ I have seen several posts from SAFC fans which clearly­ state how bad we are and it's true. NUFC are not­ much better but I concede that you will probably finish­ higher up the league than we will. Your January­ signings do look strong and they will make the­ difference. Prior to January you lot looked like going­ down. I still don't think that either of our­ clubs will drop into the Championship but we both need­ to improve (SAFC in particular).

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Mar 17:52
  5. Sendhimlost has lost Fulham another two points! ­ THat's 10 points his mistakes has cost Fulham this­ season! Jol's blued boy!

    From TruthRaidersCousin, on Sat 2 Mar 17:44
  6. Decent point in the end i guess; could've been a­ lot worse. Never mind, you all get to crawl out of the­ woodwork now because you have gone above the Mighty­ Toon (albeit for a week) on goal difference ;-) Oh­ happy days are here again eh . . . . . . hmmmmm.

    From cameron, on Sat 2 Mar 17:16
  7. What a mess. The way our fans reacted to this you`d­ think we`d just won the bloody FA Cup. Pathetic. Not­ good enough MON, just not good enough. We are in for a­ scrap and there is no other way of looking at it. I­ said a big improvement was needed after the West Brom­ match and I`m saying it again after this mess.

    From mackemloser, on Sat 2 Mar 17:10
  8. McClean is getting worse.

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Mar 16:52
  9. Swans in front!!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Mar 16:44
  10. We are in a dog fight for sure!

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Mar 16:33
  11. No-one home at Yahoo then----can't run a straight­ ship!!

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Mar 16:19
  12. Normal #$%$ from Yahoo

    From Ralph, on Sat 2 Mar 15:53
  13. Still no Prem scores on "Live now"

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Mar 15:52
  14. Wasted chances--poor defending--deserve to be behind

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Mar 15:49
  15. RITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Stalins Ghost, on Sat 2 Mar 15:36
  16. Yahoo--why are the Prem matches still on the­ "Coming up" list??

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Mar 15:28
  17. An early lead forthem---same old story---poor play from­ Gardner really.

    From Bob P, on Sat 2 Mar 15:26
  18. Yeeesss!!!! Defo a pen!! Get in there!!! Good old­ Gardner!! Has wor Danny had a kick yet?

    From Tony Vulture, on Sat 2 Mar 15:26
  19. Oh dear.

    From cameron, on Sat 2 Mar 15:19
  20. Sad mags... Do you have nothing better to do then to­ come on here and slag of sunderland? Grow up you sad­ geordie nation. I bet most of you lot come from Durham­ too... Lol

    From O.O, on Sat 2 Mar 14:46
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