Wednesday December 26, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 19 Stadium of Light

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  1. David, I have no intention of trying to deflect flack­ coming City's way, I have no need to do that, I have­ proudly supported my Club for over 50 years through­ thick and thin. You generalise us City supporters­ giving Ferguson and United nasty abuse and belittlement­ but surely that is a little like the kettle calling the­ pot black #$%$ as there is no Club whose supporters­ think they are MORE 'holier than thou' in the EPL than­ the majority of United supporters and in all honesty­ most have an opinion of most other clubs although not­ always best informed! In answer to your last question,­ Sunderland scored and City didn't, that is why we lost­ to a lower club, in just same way as United lost to­ Norwich and Spurs, for instance, earlier in the season.

    From Ironfuser, on Thu 27 Dec 9:00
  2. Bad luck for city...........

    From Tanka, on Thu 27 Dec 5:14
  3. City are Champions....NOT!!!! At least they have a­ brilliant manager who realizes that if you don't­ score you can't win....

    From Oleg, on Thu 27 Dec 3:09
  4. Andrius...shut your stupid hole dont know­ anything...jealous Pr1ck

    From Oleg, on Thu 27 Dec 2:49
  5. I didn't get any points from Tevez....I am very­ disappointed!

    From Jacob, on Thu 27 Dec 1:41
  6. No sign of those Mags on here in fact no sign anywhere ­ .......I wonder why .maybe they just forgot

    From Rissoles, on Thu 27 Dec 0:21
  7. Stefan, Citeh MASSIVE club,thye are minnows compared to­ Sunderland !

    From Joseph, on Wed 26 Dec 23:08
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    and great day again for united with 3 points from­ linesman

    From Andrius, on Wed 26 Dec 22:35
  9. wonder can City get another keeper.... hart to see­ 80.000 diving just about towards post not seeing­ footbal... Roberto....

    From Andrius, on Wed 26 Dec 22:30
  10. ha ha

    From D D, on Wed 26 Dec 22:15
  11. there,s a lot of armchair runway lickers commenting on­ the champs remember wot happenend last season!!!!!!­ well played sunderland ....

    From Chris, on Wed 26 Dec 21:38
  12. The luck ran out today City........

    From Barry, on Wed 26 Dec 21:32
  13. LMFAO..

    From vlf126, on Wed 26 Dec 20:32
  14. A great result that was won by a good team performance­ and thro sheer hard graft, SAFC were the better team­ during both halfs and were unlucky not to be more­ infront again one or two poor finishes stopped us from­ getting more goals interesting to see the bbc editing­ of the game tho ??????

    From MALCOLM D, on Wed 26 Dec 19:52
  15. Well done Man City, well done! You'd proved that­ your winnings last year was a total fluke!

    From RedDevils_ManUtd4Life, on Wed 26 Dec 19:16
  16. Not very clever John you - I m a United fan. Buy­ yourself an Oxford dictionary and look up irony and­ sarcasm you thick tw6t!

    From STEFAN, on Wed 26 Dec 19:12
  17. result says it all sunderland 1 man city 0 need we say­ more ftm

    From david, on Wed 26 Dec 19:07
  18. MASSIVE club Stefan? Come back when you've won as­ many championships as Sunderland dimwit!

    From John, on Wed 26 Dec 18:49

    From ALAN B, on Wed 26 Dec 18:48
  20. giving the prem away city lol city do not have a 90­ mins striker

    From windswept, on Wed 26 Dec 18:46
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