Saturday March 30, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 31 Stadium of Light

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  1. Can Man U ever win a game more than 1-0 or without an­ own goal or Penalty?

    From Dr I P Freely, on Mon 1 Apr 1:10
  2. well even though sunderland lost i say poor match from­ man u.

    From Reece, on Sun 31 Mar 19:59
  3. Manchester United is going to win 20th Premier League­ Trophy not with goal difference but with convincing and­ meaningful points.Up Manchester United the Champion of­ Europe.

    From Lekan Adeyemi, on Sun 31 Mar 14:54
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Bramble did not score into his net on purpose; he­ merely was defending his goal but RVP's shot that­ was destined for the goal was too powerful. No reason­ to call that goal an own goal because RVP was shooting­ to score. What I can not understand is the kind of­ selection SAF made today as he has always not care if­ he is annoying supporters. Worse still is the fact that­ the choice of man of the man was Michael Carrick who­ has been a shadow of himself for almost one season and­ SAF still has faith in him. A midfield of Anderson and­ Carrick is just a mess; two players who give almost 90%­ of their passes to opponents. The team won but did not­ impress. Look at the noisy neighbors' performance;­ very entertaining and I enjoyed it though I am not­ their fan but that was good stuff. I have said this and­ will say it again; it is time SAF leaves this team and­ retire respectfully. The 20th championship is almost­ theirs, but few have been the games they have convinced­ because SAF keeps gambling.

    From mbah, on Sun 31 Mar 2:32
  5. Stanislaw is back spouting his usual ABU rubbish. That­ idiot knows absolutely nothing about football and­ thinks you can get carded for being offside.

    From Vidic wasn't offside, on Sat 30 Mar 21:55
  6. Let's face it. English PL is the most popular­ league in the World. The most popular actors (and­ usually the best paid) do not play in good films but in­ this which hit boxes. So we will have such a winner of­ PL. No joy to watch such a football but who cares. The­ rest is waiting for circus not football. And MU gives­ them the best one.

    From bogdanintheuk, on Sat 30 Mar 21:14
  7. So 'loser, if Sunderland are(acording to you)­ shyte, utter rubish, bloody useless and a sunday pub­ team at best and they only get beat 1-0 by the team­ that are 18 points above the team that creamed the­ skunks 4-0, what the he!! does that make the skunks?.­ They must be really shyte, really uselles, really­ rubish and not even good enough to be a sunday pub­ team, RIGHT!.

    From Phoney Tony, on Sat 30 Mar 21:12
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    SUPERMAN United depended on Bramble to score for them­ as it gets particularly too tight as United , under­ that abnoxious manager of the Reds Fergie , keep­ plodding along just pressuring 1 - 0 wins without those­ high standards and under self-imposed psychosis­ that' eats into Fergal's­ guts'...........................WHY ARE YOU SUCH A­ HYPOCHONDRIAC SIRE ?.

    From Stanislaw, on Sat 30 Mar 19:45
  9. Hope United on to win the title & Sunderland go­ down. They wouldn't be missed.

    From philip, on Sat 30 Mar 19:28
  10. Straightforward- win our next 2 games for title 20 as­ easy as that!

    From JOHN, on Sat 30 Mar 18:36

    From LEONARD, on Sat 30 Mar 18:29
  12. Poor RVP eleven (11,once) games and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzero­ goals. the don...y welbeck zzzzzzzzzzero in the EPL and­ the diver zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzero too. why not HERNANDEZ­ SAF.???????????????????????????????.. Eduardo­ Villarreal , Monterrey Mexico.

    From eduardo, on Sat 30 Mar 17:23
  13. Sunderland are pathetic 2 shots on target if the own­ goal is included Good riddance and welcome to the­ Championship

    From BRIAN, on Sat 30 Mar 17:20
  14. 10 more points , ....champion!!!!! 20th time. Bit­ nervy game. Kagawa is not good enough for united. Maybe­ helps sell red shirts in Japan. Can't compare to­ Park Ji sung. Need better midfielders!!!!!

    From sengesuren, on Sat 30 Mar 16:36
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The #$%$ are only winning the league because City have­ fallen apart -- this is the worst #$%$ team Fergy has­ produced -- watch LFC next season

    From Arthur, on Sat 30 Mar 16:33
  16. typical of bramble ,did he have a bet on,antway why is­ he not in jail

    From free england, on Sat 30 Mar 16:22
  17. Well, at least we kept the score down,vital maybe for­ goal diff at the end of season. Defence were OK its­ just going forward where we haven't a clue !! ­ McClean is a grafter but is like a dog having a shyte­ round and round!! Johnsons confidence is shot! Wickham­ must get more starts. Lets not forget we were playing­ the Champions elect,we graftedbut pi$$ poor finishing­ again !

    From Joseph, on Sat 30 Mar 16:13
  18. Blobby, Wigan will be breathing down your necks as well­ !!

    From Joseph, on Sat 30 Mar 16:05
  19. All credit due to Sudnerland for keeping the score down­ to a respectable level.

    From JohnnyGurkha, on Sat 30 Mar 15:44
  20. Championeeee championeeeee

    From Politician Stole My Money, on Sat 30 Mar 15:25
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