Saturday December 29, 2012 Kick off: 12:45 20th Day Stadium of Light

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  1. So the real reason they won't bring in camera tech­ is cos it will expose these incompetent refs and­ officials as punks who don't have a clue! Replays­ have shown that bale didn't dive but because the­ cameras ain't in play bale's gonna miss­ matches? I play fifa n that and have no arguments when­ I'm caught offside cos it's obvious once you­ see the replay

    From adrian, on Mon 31 Dec 14:58
  2. It's sad to say as a Spurs fan but Bale is just too­ good for the Premier League. He's too quick for­ defences and far too quick for incompetent Referees­ like the useless Atkinson. If Atkinson had any honour­ he would have come out today and apologize to Bale and­ admit that he doesn't deserve to referee in the top­ flight.

    From Diogenes, on Sun 30 Dec 14:52
  3. this is for all the jordy to$$a's on our site­ Arsenal 7 (seven) scumcastle 3 p/s have a look at the­ league table ftm

    From Blackcat, on Sun 30 Dec 13:37
  4. Bale should have gone on and taken a short and score­ against Sundeland, not just fall and chance wasted.­ please learn from Kun Augero, players like Bale, are­ strong and should not go down cheaply. You can do­ better Bale! great player. As for Sunderland if they­ palyed with Man City like what the did against Spurs­ (attack), Sunderland will have lost the match by 4-1,­ Man City were unlucky to lose,they played superbly!

    From mohanan, on Sun 30 Dec 11:05
  5. adebayor & defoe were garbage.looked like they­ did'nt want to be in there.dempsey made a great­ pass to adebayor & he missed an easy one again.sell­ this man!

    From jeff, on Sat 29 Dec 22:05
  6. I don' t understand why Adebayor got to play 90­ minutes.

    From Matti, on Sat 29 Dec 20:42
  7. Adebayor needs a goal, i have faith in the lad

    From me, on Sat 29 Dec 19:54
  8. Jonny we are still ahead of the #$%$ by two positions­ two points and a much better goal average FTM

    From RICHARD, on Sat 29 Dec 19:43
  9. We do need a couple of new signings in the new year.­ And the way we are playing it could be champions leage­ next year, Could AVB be the man to steer us their. Come­ on you Spurs !!!

    From robert, on Sat 29 Dec 16:56
  10. Spurs were unlucky, they should have had 5 against the­ diving cheating filth.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 29 Dec 15:27
  11. Spurs should have had 5 goals. A walk in the park.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sat 29 Dec 15:18
  12. what a diver what a diver, tom daly will be proud of­ Bale

    From K, on Sat 29 Dec 15:16
  13. Bale booked for diving. What a surprise.

    From Brucie, on Sat 29 Dec 15:15
  14. To those Spurs fans criticizing the referee for booking­ Bale for diving, don't forget that Bale has a­ reputation as a DIVER and unless he changes his ways he­ will always be regarded as one . He will probably NOT­ get the benefit of the doubt even if he was clearly­ fouled or tackled . The only way to rid the game of­ diving and cheating is to warn all divers and cheats­ when necessary . A yellow card for diving OUTSIDE the­ penalty area and a RED for diving INSIDE it !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sat 29 Dec 15:10
  15. COME ON YOU SPURS !!!!!

    From steve, on Sat 29 Dec 14:59
  16. Aaron Lennon was awesome today! Amazing pace, movement­ and finishing.

    From me, on Sat 29 Dec 14:59
  17. Good win for the Spurs. Keep it up boys.

    From Brian, on Sat 29 Dec 14:56
  18. The ref will cringe when he sees what a terrible­ mistake he made by booking Bale. When you employ such­ an incompetent official these sort of errors are going­ to happen.

    From Diogenes, on Sat 29 Dec 14:55
  19. In all fairness, Spurs should've won by 4 or 5.

    From cameron, on Sat 29 Dec 14:55
  20. Blind ref. Bale didn't dive, he was on full speed­ and got caught by Gardner's knee (as well as tugged­ by his arm). And what's with all those soft free­ kicks awarded against Spurs in the closing moments?

    From wrongpixel, on Sat 29 Dec 14:51
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