Saturday January 12, 2013 Kick off: 15:00 Day 22 Stadium of Light

Countdown: -462 Days

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  1. kevin nolan your chicken is dead ftm

    From Spermbagjonny, on Sun 13 Jan 14:44
  2. well done lads keep it going i see the skunks have gone­ very quiet they not even posting on our board now they­ might have accepted defeat and chucked the towel in­ same as mr pardew

    From david, on Sun 13 Jan 12:41
  3. Bobby,46,dont know what you were saying when you were­ doing well but youre right,Fat Sam is not the man for­ WHU,he is a chancer who has won sweet F.A.!! Should­ have stayed at NUFC they like the long ball!! Ha Ha !!!

    From Joseph, on Sun 13 Jan 10:40
  4. Fat Sam is not the sort of manager West Ham want.

    From , on Sat 12 Jan 23:04
  5. so far so good toni ftm

    From Blackcat, on Sat 12 Jan 21:17
  6. Hahahahaha pest ham lost again, spending shedfuls on­ rubbish players who WILL be playing in the championship­ next season, all the best thanks for popping in to the­ PREM.

    From Graham, on Sat 12 Jan 20:15
  7. So far so good........

    From Arrogant oldcastle fan, on Sat 12 Jan 17:24
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    High marks to Sunderland for the victory and the clean­ sheet. Wonders never cease. SAFC is making it a­ challenge for NUFC to catch them by the end of the­ season. Nevertheless, I still look forward to a­ cracker on 13th April.

    From Rich W, on Sat 12 Jan 17:08
  9. So phoney and blob, how many did the skunks score today­ without Ba?. HA HA HA HA HA

    From Phoney Tony, on Sat 12 Jan 17:04
  10. Cor blimey . . what a 'ammering for the poor ol­ 'ammers :-(

    From Billy the Kid, on Sat 12 Jan 16:55

    From caretaker, on Sat 12 Jan 16:54
  12. Nice easy win for the reserves

    From Jim, on Sat 12 Jan 16:52
  13. it must be too cold for westham today. lol

    From Peter, on Sat 12 Jan 16:51
  14. What a comeback by Reading!

    From Bob P, on Sat 12 Jan 16:50
  15. If West Ham stay out and play for another 90 minutes­ after Sunderland have showered packed up and gone home­ .... They just might score. This is the poorest display­ I ever hope to see from West Ham

    From Steve, on Sat 12 Jan 16:45
  16. Waste of space.......Freefall here we come!

    From wol, on Sat 12 Jan 16:44
  17. i hope the players are running up to nolans face with­ the chick flap dance

    From anon, on Sat 12 Jan 16:37
  18. LMFAO; goodbye Allardyce you fat, useless slob.

    From bobby, on Sat 12 Jan 16:37
  19. Yeah come on Sunderland... beat this pile of criap

    From Philip, on Sat 12 Jan 16:36

    From Arrogant oldcastle fan, on Sat 12 Jan 16:35
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