Tuesday January 1, 2013 Kick off: 15:00 Day 21 The Liberty Stadium

Countdown: -472 Days

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  1. Whilst before the match Swansea were and should be fav,­ if you dont convert chances that you make then you end­ up with a draw or worse. This result should keep the­ Swansea players grounded and not believe their press­ cuttings too much, its going to be hard graft as well­ as skill that helps them improve. As for Villa they­ need to continue to be honest and knuckle down, it may­ not always be pretty, and they need to ride and get­ some luck, bit its eeking out these points that gets­ you safe, then they can escape the bottom of the table­ clutches

    From Alunpg, on Tue 1 Jan 22:37
  2. Little girl K"- havn't you grown up yet you­ silly little scummer you - go back and comment on you­ own web site where the both of you can have fun..

    From PAUL, on Tue 1 Jan 20:28
  3. Well done Villa, super Swansea got only one point

    From Gus, on Tue 1 Jan 16:56
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    lucky lucky swansea where did the ref get 5 mins extra,­ but one good thing swansea has lost another 2 points at­ home, hope they go down.

    From K, on Tue 1 Jan 16:55
  5. i told you all first

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:52
  6. made you all look

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:47
  7. its 2-2 now

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:47
  8. i can`t am a tramp remember, and what money i did have­ i spent it on your mum

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:46
  9. Shouldnt sub Routledge out.... Now its 2-1 !!

    From Srawut, on Tue 1 Jan 16:43
  10. villa winning thay will still go down

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:43
  11. please let watch that

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:42
  12. when your mum is next here she can clean them for me

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:40
  13. why don`t you come round then, and lick them, you are a­ window licker arn`t you

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:38
  14. have you bin looking through our window again

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:35
  15. i have, and there both with your mum so if you tell me­ were she is i can find them

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:31
  16. i think villa will go down

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:30
  17. ., please tell me were your mum is

    From Why?, on Tue 1 Jan 16:26
  18. villa to loose 3-1

    From peter, on Tue 1 Jan 16:12
  19. go united get the next 3 points

    From Yasser, on Tue 1 Jan 16:10
  20. After the events of the last ten days, positivity is a­ more ridiculous delusion than religion. Have you been­ following this? Our defending has been non-existent yet­ again, and it is the purest luck (and Swansea's­ failings up front) that we're not at least 5-1­ down. We've got nothing, and the chances of taking­ a point away from this latest fiasco are less than­ zero.

    From VillanD, on Tue 1 Jan 16:01
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