Saturday February 9, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 26 The Liberty Stadium

Countdown: -434 Days

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  1. Pooper scoopers going back down to where they belong.­ Just goes to show that spending shed loads of cash on­ wages and average players, doesn't buy you success?

    From , on Sat 9 Feb 22:21
  2. what an #$%$ ian 35

    From paul, on Sat 9 Feb 21:57
  3. Ian (35) - you are an ignoramus - and swansea were­ playing in their own country........... If you mean­ they should not play in the premier league - that is a­ different opinion - illiterate comments like yours­ illustrate how ridiculous some 'fans' can be.­ They are playing stunning and skilled football that is­ a joy to watch - thats all it should be about. you­ should be ashamed of yourself!!!

    From Ray Jones, on Sat 9 Feb 17:27
  4. QPR have this knack of hiring counts of managers,­ Hughes, Warnock and Harry

    From TDean, on Sat 9 Feb 17:17
  5. So happy QPR are going down

    From Bob, on Sat 9 Feb 16:59
  6. Money well spent on Samba then !

    From RICHARD, on Sat 9 Feb 16:58
  7. As much as I want QPR to stay up, I doubt it will­ happen. Championship is calling....

    From Mighty, on Sat 9 Feb 16:50
  8. Laudrop doing a great job.If he continues to do it next­ season then one of the Big Clubs could well be very­ interested

    From Harry, on Sat 9 Feb 16:41
  9. QPR have spent too much money and it really looks like­ they're going down....please sell Taarabt so he can­ play in the top flight where I think he belongs.

    From Adam Beaumont, on Sat 9 Feb 16:40

    From TREVOR, on Sat 9 Feb 16:33
  11. Ohh yes Michu, harry Boy time to make qpr bankrupt if­ you havent done already I JUST LOVE IT

    From Mick, on Sat 9 Feb 16:29
  12. quality goal by michu done samba up like a kipper. So­ much for samba!! MAybe he is not 100% match­ fit????????????????? QPR down & out

    From stewart, on Sat 9 Feb 16:28
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    swansea should play there football in there own country

    From Why?, on Sat 9 Feb 16:24
  14. harrry make a huge mistake favoring traore and onuhoa­ over fabio

    From Duke of Heysel, on Sat 9 Feb 16:24
  15. Blatant handball by williams! QPR luck!

    From stewart, on Sat 9 Feb 16:20
  16. Cesar is having a bad game. QPR get back into it then­ let in a silly easy goal

    From stewart, on Sat 9 Feb 16:13
  17. Half time: QPR = Shots at goal - nil. Shots on target -­ nil. Shots off target - nil. Blocked shots - nil. Shot­ accuracy - nil. Says it all really.

    From JonnieP, on Sat 9 Feb 16:02
  18. Hee, hee, heee. QPR going down, another Portsmouth in­ the making by the clown.

    From mackemloser, on Sat 9 Feb 15:56
  19. You have Park and Granero, and you play Derry on­ midfield? The hell Redknapp?

    From Carlo, on Sat 9 Feb 15:54
  20. What a pile of rubbish from QPR and we got what deserve­ nothing.Time for 2 strikers now

    From Born to Run, on Sat 9 Feb 15:54
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