Wednesday November 28, 2012 Kick off: 19:45 Day 14 The Liberty Stadium

Countdown: -508 Days

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  1. Back to reality now.The storm clouds approach and the­ dancing and prancing after a couple of wins is all­ over.Just like a drunk night out,I have woken to the­ real world and am embarassed with the behaviour we all­ showed when we had some lucky wins.All that­ cuddling,screaming and shouting that we will now win­ everything,players doing laps of honour,yet we have won­ nothing.Oh my gosh,how I wish the ground would open up­ for us.Swansea really deserved the win,with both sides­ starting on an equal footing we have absolutely no­ excuses and are now shown up for what we­ are,mediocre.We have such a long way to go before we­ can even think about getting out of Aston Villas­ shadow,.All bow to the Villa,the only passport holders­ in brum.

    From Oosthat, on Thu 29 Nov 6:08
  2. Just a set back We will still be up there at the end­ of the season Wait and see!! BOING BOING BAGGIES

    From Steve, on Wed 28 Nov 22:19
  3. liverpool keep your hands off michael he is ours, well­ done swans

    From alfa man, on Wed 28 Nov 22:01
  4. laudrup is a legand

    From Gruppenfuhrer, on Wed 28 Nov 21:48
  5. this ones in the baggies for the swans tonight !!!!

    From DAVID, on Wed 28 Nov 21:36
  6. ud think they wudve took on shane long!!!

    From Corey, on Wed 28 Nov 21:36
  7. bad luck cant win them all

    From Linda Preece, on Wed 28 Nov 21:35
  8. why no subs Clarke?

    From Philip, on Wed 28 Nov 21:35
  9. Well so far so good, there are going to be more goals­ from the super swans in the second half

    From Alan, on Wed 28 Nov 20:45
  10. what is going on come on albion get long and lakuka up­ front 4 4 2

    From Rochelle, on Wed 28 Nov 20:31
  11. Albion were taken apart by Swansea last season at the­ Hawthorns-looks like deja vu unless Long comes on and­ Baggies play 3 up front. Baggie Roy

    From , on Wed 28 Nov 20:15
  12. LOL .... Baggies are suffering 'altitude­ sickness' !!

    From RovingEye, on Wed 28 Nov 20:13

    From Alan, on Wed 28 Nov 20:03
  14. Have West brom turned up at Swansea yet or is it WB­ supporters making up the team until they arrive

    From J.A, on Wed 28 Nov 20:01
  15. Come on you baggies. Just win and keep the momentem­ going.

    From Eric, on Wed 28 Nov 19:58
  16. Swansea City 1 - WBA 3 Gera 1 Long 2

    From andre, on Wed 28 Nov 18:48
  17. 1-0 west brom long 58

    From Jordan, on Tue 27 Nov 19:02
  18. Come on WBA I support NUFC but you are going to be the­ team of the season and I hope you get champions­ league.

    From Mike Lennard, on Sun 25 Nov 19:27
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