Saturday April 6, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 32 White Hart Lane

Countdown: -379 Days

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  1. TOP 10 of English Football: United, Chelsea, City,­ Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Villa, Everton,­ Blackburn and Bolton. This should be the top 10 ot­ Premier League..

    From Boby, on Sun 7 Apr 20:31
  2. thank u everton ... but we need to beat u on the next­ weekend :)

    From , on Sun 7 Apr 18:03
  3. As an arsenal fan, I preferred a draw. Didn't want­ Everton winning and staying too close behind us­ especially as we have a delayed match with them. ­ Chelsea is currently losing, and even if they win, next­ week they meet spuds and one or both of them will still­ drop points while we beat Norwich (surely we should!)­ and consolidates top 4 position. Personally i will­ prefer Chelsea to join us for CL, without Bale Spurs is­ just not Cl material and they will likely lose him this­ summer.

    From Caesar, on Sun 7 Apr 16:22

    From Edward Duggan, on Sun 7 Apr 16:19
  5. EFC dominated after a shock start, even without­ Fellaini they are clearly superior despite costing a­ fraction of the money spent on these Spurs. Without­ Bale they'd be mid-table.

    From A, on Sun 7 Apr 16:16
  6. Gunners inbound.

    From Jake, on Sun 7 Apr 16:09
  7. hahaha 2 points dropped by the spuds.....panic­ stations lmao.....GOONER FOR LIFE

    From Gary, on Sun 7 Apr 16:08
  8. We did well to come out with a draw without Bale,­ Lennon and Defoe. I like the idea of AVB bring on Tom­ Carrol and Huddlestone. he's not afraid to make the­ controversial changes. Spurs supporters stick with the­ team, AVB and the backrom staff are doing a good job in­ their first season. We would like to play Champion­ League Football next season. If it does not happen, it­ is nt the end of the world. COME ON YOU SPURS let's­ keep the faith.

    From Brian, on Sun 7 Apr 16:08
  9. gr8 result Everton. Fight until the very last kick.­ Europe were on the march.

    From Ne, on Sun 7 Apr 16:07
  10. Cab win without the elephant man bale

    From Scrounging Royal, on Sun 7 Apr 16:06
  11. SPURS, we gunners are gunning for you. You are a one­ man team.

    From Patryq, on Sun 7 Apr 16:06
  12. No extra time? Maybe Spurs was under th fire. Ver rare­ for a game to end wighout 1_3 min additional time.­ There were su stitutions during the second half.

    From Jack C, on Sun 7 Apr 16:02
  13. No more than we can expect without a choice of forwards­ we are lucky to get a point.

    From Robert, on Sun 7 Apr 16:02
  14. A draw has hurt sports but has ended Everton's­ faint hopes of a CL place.

    From Diogenes, on Sun 7 Apr 16:01

    From Andrew, on Sun 7 Apr 16:00
  16. Excellent result for Arsenal supporters!

    From lanesar, on Sun 7 Apr 16:00
  17. and baled out by the keeper. you could write a book­ about how lucky the turdenham spurts are most weeks.

    From The Master, on Sun 7 Apr 15:56
  18. only a point but they dont even deserve that..everton­ should be ashamed of the performance after going in­ front. just sit back and fall asleep.

    From The Master, on Sun 7 Apr 15:54
  19. Come on you Spurs!!!!

    From Brian, on Sun 7 Apr 15:53
  20. Sigurdsson = bacon saver.

    From C, on Sun 7 Apr 15:52
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