Wednesday November 28, 2012 Kick off: 19:45 Day 14 White Hart Lane

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  1. stupid gareth bale scoring an own goal that's­ absolutlue stupid

    From Jan DAVIES, on Thu 6 Jun 6:58
  2. No football debate, just big or small abuse on these­ blogs, liverpool have a few problems, but not big ones.­ The Refs tend to pick on them (giving spurs too many­ free kicks). Football journalism and football debate­ is dead.

    From Nicolas, on Sat 1 Dec 9:59
  3. I thought Rodgers would do a good job, they look better­ but throw games away. Downing was a bad buy by Dalgish.­ He is supposed to be a forward but Rodgers plays him as­ a full back he was responsible for the first goal and­ he has Jamie Carragher sitting on the bench, seems I­ was wrong in the first place

    From worried parent, on Thu 29 Nov 18:50
  4. the writing is on the wall........BR isnt the right man­ for LFC

    From Kok Hean, on Thu 29 Nov 15:54
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    No major football chat just abuse bout liverpool as­ usual. Spurs are a quick and decent side, but a part­ from the first 20 minutes, liverpool were the better­ side, and were unlucky not to get a draw. Rogers is a­ good manager, and he has to be given time to develpe­ the side he wants, liverpool are playing some of the­ best football in the division, (of course they get no­ credit from certain bloggers and the anti-liverpool­ media). Goals will come, if they keep playing the way­ they do. It wasn't a free kick for the second goal­ by the way, disgraceful refereeing, as for alot of­ refereeing against liverpool this season. Liverpool­ have some weaknesses, but they are playing well, and­ are in a good condition for the future.

    From Nicolas, on Thu 29 Nov 10:07
  6. bale & dafoe miss attempts on goal constantly & play­ selfish.dempsey has a couple misses & is pulled out too­ early#$%$? tottenham is lucky to have pulled out the­ win here.

    From jeff g, on Thu 29 Nov 7:28
  7. Yesil is Better than Suarez !!!

    From Ali, on Thu 29 Nov 6:58
  8. We need owners like chelsea and QPR have who don't put­ up with this, can't believe rodgers still has the job,­ ok some of the players are #$%$ some to old now but­ it's the manager who picks the #$%$ and old and plays­ them out of position, i mean henderson as right back,­ cole on the right, come on, he's worse than hodgson,­ came from a bottom of the league side and took­ liverpool down to where he feels a home.

    From richard, on Thu 29 Nov 6:18
  9. No matter who will be Liverpool manager because with­ the players they have now it will bring them nowhere­ !!!!! Compare to the other team and their players­ Liverpool players are on the championship level... Be­ smart who to buy and how to sell. Because Liverpool­ are sucking on businessses and its true....

    From Srawut, on Thu 29 Nov 2:49
  10. you never ever walk alone ....................try try­ try how many manager?it not work ,have to get the­ right manager,do some thing,wait your time.

    From Sathian, on Thu 29 Nov 0:21
  11. Rodgers:" I don't know what Steven Gerrard­ & Suarez have to do to get a penalty" ­ Simples "Meerkats"...STOP DIVING.

    From Nigel, on Thu 29 Nov 0:16
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dont know what screen ye all looking at tonight but­ mark my words this is the real deal ....we #$%$ up in­ the market not rodgers... Wait till we get a partner­ for luis

    From Noel, on Thu 29 Nov 0:09
  13. rodgers well done another defeat you are so #$%$ as a­ manager its unbeliable..... are MUFC paying you to lose­ matches.. you have turned liverpool into a bunch of­ clowns...... please #$%$ off

    From Nigel, on Wed 28 Nov 23:56
  14. Listening to Rodgers trying to cover his back was as­ embarrassing as it was funny. He claimed Liverpool were­ denied two certain penalties when both were certainly­ not penalties and claiming Dempsey dived when­ you've got Suarez team is hilarious.

    From Diogenes, on Wed 28 Nov 22:42
  15. You'll never walk with your heads held high­ you'll never walk ........with your heads­ held high again. Brenda rodgers what a guy what a­ great appointment it's as good as when they paid­ £35 million for Carroll on their way downing

    From Scrounging Royal, on Wed 28 Nov 22:38
  16. All together­ now.............................................."­ You're getting sacked in the morning" ­ hahahaha.

    From gary, on Wed 28 Nov 22:37
  17. Brendan Rogers what a waste of time. He talks about­ improvement. Is this improvement. Out of the cup mid­ table no strikers. What the hell is he doing. Sack him­ now before the January transfer window. Bring back­ Kenny. He won the cup and finished 8th. If he had been­ given another season we would be near the top by now.

    From J, on Wed 28 Nov 22:35
  18. MUFC 19. He,s a hero in Manchester Brenda Rodgers hope­ he stays at anxiousfield a long time

    From Scrounging Royal, on Wed 28 Nov 22:15
  19. Well done Brainless Rogers, 16 points from a possible­ 42, you are the man!

    From david, on Wed 28 Nov 22:11
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    it wasnt good defending, gallas steped on his foot,­ clear penalty

    From Josip, on Wed 28 Nov 22:10
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