Saturday April 20, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 34 White Hart Lane

Countdown: -369 Days

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  1. If it were Arsenal lost that kind of game at that­ point, the whole world will be crying because they­ don't want to buy players. Money cant buy PL

    From 'Tunde, on Tue 23 Apr 1:42
  2. Couple of Idiots think that Utd *can't* be caught.­ there are 15 points for City to get. Utd are 13 points­ in front.Utd need a win to take the title and City have­ to win all their games, unlikely but possible. ­ Uniteds title. But I pray that Villa get a result­ tonight and Utd go to the Worm-irates, get a win and­ do a lap of of honour in front of the sobbing gooners.

    From Gringo99, on Mon 22 Apr 8:18
  3. I don't think Bale was the main force behind the­ win. 1. A team effort, removing Adebuyor and good­ tactics from AVB and team, 2. Man City wore themselves­ out, 3. Spurs showed what they can do with the right­ formation and attitude. Few teams could have survived­ that 15 minutes. Well done Spurs. BTW: Shame some­ Utd 'fans' have come here to gloat. No doubt­ they will win the title (and deserve to) but I hope­ Villa get a result tonight to put it on hold to shut­ the gloaters up for 5 minutes.

    From Gringo99, on Mon 22 Apr 8:06
  4. AVB now should know the team that produces the goods.­ He should have known this after SPURS were eliminated­ from the UEFA 1/4 finals last 2 weeks. Though Dembele­ played 90 minutes today, he should not have played­ that much. He likes playing to the gallery and not for­ the team. Do not play Emmanuel Adebayor; not only he­ does not produce up front, he does not defend and is­ always laughing when he does not do what he is paid to­ do. Lost a crucial penalty and laughed; scored against­ his team and laughed. What in the world is he thinking?

    From mbah, on Mon 22 Apr 0:17
  5. Oh #$%$ we lost again.....Chitty

    From tom, on Sun 21 Apr 21:17
  6. nice one spurs now the title comes back to where it­ belongs MAN UTD

    From ANNE, on Sun 21 Apr 20:29
  7. Well done spurs,Red Army

    From ROY, on Sun 21 Apr 20:17
  8. Spurs will drop points. They won't be in top 4­ anyways.

    From Roxana, on Sun 21 Apr 18:54
  9. Do the business tomorrow night against Villa and United­ can give the Youth Team a run out next weekend.

    From Marx, on Sun 21 Apr 18:41
  10. Thankyou Tottenham

    From Shazman, on Sun 21 Apr 18:35
  11. Tottenham have done arsenal and huge favor the last­ thing you want is for united to win the league at the­ emirates

    From , on Sun 21 Apr 18:20
  12. A great result but earlier losses against inferior­ teams have damaged our charge for a Champions league­ slot - lets hope we can still pull it off

    From Steve, on Sun 21 Apr 16:41
  13. What a dim commentator---City have lost MAN U ARE­ CHAMPIONS--cant be caught!

    From Bob P, on Sun 21 Apr 16:37
  14. Thanks Spurs. CHAMP20NS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From chris, on Sun 21 Apr 16:35
  15. I'm waiting for this day since one year! Next title­ for City in 2057, LOL... Good job Spurs ! Glory glory­ United!

    From Oakland, on Sun 21 Apr 16:32
  16. Too bad City did not live to the hype before the second­ half. They should have expected that ref will let the­ tackles like those from Essou Essouko go under­ sanctioned and at the end physical plays win if not­ controlled. Spurs still have hope for CL next year.

    From Jack C, on Sun 21 Apr 16:31
  17. i totally agree withJ.A., as soon as manure left the­ pitch, the whole atmospere changed and then and only­ then did they believe they could do it. please avb, do­ NOT play manure again as it leaves us with 10 men on­ the pitch. it also helped when round + round parker­ went off, he just chases his tail all day and passes­ back,never forward.C.O.Y.S.

    From GANDI, on Sun 21 Apr 16:26
  18. Wigan winning the Cup will be a perfect season for­ Mancini.

    From Peter, on Sun 21 Apr 16:22
  19. Thanks Tottenham.

    From Mark, on Sun 21 Apr 16:14
  20. City are saving them selves for­ wigan....................

    From John, on Sun 21 Apr 16:12
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