Saturday December 22, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 18 White Hart Lane

Countdown: -481 Days

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  1. Stoke play anti- football and it must be very difficult­ to support a team that plays such dire football, hence­ the defensive position taken by the Stoke fans. I­ don't blame them playing this way because if they­ tried to match other teams for skill they would be­ humiliated week after week. The horrible way Stoke play­ is all their low quality squad is capable of. Saying­ that a team so obviously superior as Spurs are, should­ be able to beat such a poor team so Spurs only have­ themselves to blame. We should never doubt the loyalty­ of the Stoke fans, to be have that sort of performance­ inflicted on you week after week you must have a thick­ skin.

    From Diogenes, on Sun 23 Dec 11:50
  2. Two goals in three League games is not good enough, on­ cue Defoe's goals have dried up as we come up to­ Xmas. We have lacked a top class striker for far too­ long.

    From Diogenes, on Sun 23 Dec 11:36
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Stoke should leave the premier league. We want­ football.

    From Affi, on Sat 22 Dec 20:29
  4. Huth : return to German national team

    From Doctor, on Sat 22 Dec 19:17
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Not a great surprise. Stoke are a woeful footballing­ team. From a Gunner.

    From Matthew McInerney, on Sat 22 Dec 19:16
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The stats say it all, shame on Stoke for not wanting to­ play football.

    From Patriatebob, on Sat 22 Dec 18:19
  7. 55 @ mally - Don't wet your pants just yet, ­ don't forget you are just a feeder team for the big­ clubs and the January sales are just around the corner­ and soon again it will be 'Oh boo hoo we can't­ keep our best players' 'Sack the manager' ­ 'Get rid of the board' on so on and so­ forth' - 8 Potless Years you losers.

    From Tartan, on Sat 22 Dec 17:25
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    HA'HA'HA, Spud's,Happy Christmas,we're third and you­ blew it,even when we play #$%$ we know we will still­ finish above you,what's it like to want?,"Come on you­ Gunner's".

    From Mally, on Sat 22 Dec 17:13
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    Superb defensive display from Stoke equates to parking­ the bus, but because they lack any talent whatsoever­ going forward this is considered impressive?

    From James, on Sat 22 Dec 17:12
  10. Stoke City do tremendously well given their resources­ compared to so other EPL teams.

    From Bob, on Sat 22 Dec 17:11
  11. The cockeyes cant beat the pub team oh well some chance­ against Lyon

    From WOOD, on Sat 22 Dec 17:09
  12. Sack the inept loser Andrer Villas-Boas immediately to­ save Tottenham FC from furtherr humiation and­ mediocrity!

    From Tom, on Sat 22 Dec 16:58
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    usual attack vs defense game when stoke are involved.­ spurs played badly, but hardly a game of football when­ stoke play like they do

    From lee, on Sat 22 Dec 16:56
  14. Spurs all the way, c,mon, help push these cheating­­ stoke skum back to the championship. Not wanted in the­­ premier league, dirty shytes. lmao really robert

    From gary, on Sat 22 Dec 16:51
  15. Where is Dempsey? I see he didn't even make the­ bench.

    From Anthony L, on Sat 22 Dec 16:45
  16. wow,tottenham are kinda lousey today.toothless in­ attack & nobady really trying to win.what's­ missing? oh yeah....dempsey

    From jeff, on Sat 22 Dec 16:40
  17. Spurs are playing like #$%$ we will never get fourth­ place if we continue playing like this we need to be­ far more consistent

    From Martin, on Sat 22 Dec 16:38
  18. Stoke will draw, it's not that Spurs are bad or­ anything, but their offence isn't producing that­ finishing touch.

    From Martis, on Sat 22 Dec 16:36
  19. come on stoke

    From OLIVER, on Sat 22 Dec 16:36
  20. come on stoke

    From OLIVER, on Sat 22 Dec 16:36
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