Saturday April 6, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 32 The Hawthorns

Countdown: -377 Days

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  1. ့happy

    From , on Mon 8 Apr 5:13
  2. After that nail biting performance I,m pleased that­ Arsenal are living up to my expectations (Championship­ football next year) .KEEP GOING YOU GUNNERS

    From ALBERT, on Sun 7 Apr 9:05
  3. We are so close to champion matter Per will­ not attend to next 3 games ...keep calm gooners...

    From Yanuar, on Sun 7 Apr 2:30
  4. Well done boy's keep the good work up ( -;

    From nicky, on Sat 6 Apr 19:19
  5. webb did all he could to her the team. still we could­ manage only a goal from spot. NEVer ssaw a game where­ Arsenal has been disproportionally yellowed and red­ carded. whay to go. Red card will be challenged.

    From Jack C, on Sat 6 Apr 18:42
  6. Good win. But yet again a central defender cant defend­ for 90 minutes. Should have bought Gary Cahill.

    From Patrick, on Sat 6 Apr 17:52

    From scott, on Sat 6 Apr 17:29
  8. Mertesacker out for three games, shame Ramsey didnt get­ sent off aswell. How AW doesnt play Ox and Podolski­ is beyond me, Gervinho has no first touch and doesnt­ know what to do once he gets into the box. Last week he­ was chosen in Match of the Day team of the day, what­ pub team were they talking about? Arsenal are in a ­ stuttering successful run where its somehow its going­ for them , wonder how long that will last?

    From Richard, on Sat 6 Apr 17:22
  9. What a hard fought match to keep alive our chances for­ the Champions League bid! If you take away­ Mertezachers arial skills, he is barely a 4th league­ player, absolutely horrid! Koscielny and Vermaelen have­ 2 classes over him at list! Wenger must depart with the­ german otherwise we will still be here bearly competing­ for the 4th place next year too! WENGER, REMOVE YOUR­ HAND OUT OF YOUR #$%$ AND WAKE THE #$%$ UP!!!!

    From Johnny D, on Sat 6 Apr 17:13
  10. Well done Arsenal, but Arsene Wenger seems not to­ realise that Giroud is not a hard worker. He waits for­ the ball, loses it unnecessarily and never makes an­ attempt to recover. Gibbs should have come in for­ Giroud instead of Gervinho. In general Arsenal plays­ better with a man down.

    From Isaacs, on Sat 6 Apr 17:06
  11. arsenal in the top 4 and all the bell ends seem to have­ stopped slagging wegner off? arsne is a great coach and­ has made arsenal plenty of money with some great­ transfer deals over the years.

    From Steven united fan 40+years, on Sat 6 Apr 17:03
  12. What a defensive performance from Arsenal! Absoloutely­ massive!

    From Jack Ingrouille, on Sat 6 Apr 17:02

    From , on Sat 6 Apr 17:01
  14. Mr Webb at it again ... 4 bookings and a sending off­ for Arsenal .... The man is just 100% Man U .... he­ does what a Man U supporter would do ... the man is­ blinkered

    From Peter, on Sat 6 Apr 17:00
  15. Need another bottle of validol.

    From Roxana, on Sat 6 Apr 16:59
  16. Great win. Hope that is the last we use Mr Webb this­ season.

    From FREEDOM, on Sat 6 Apr 16:58
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Another luck for arsenal. But there will end soon.

    From Yiltan, on Sat 6 Apr 16:58
  18. Any win is a good win - up the gunners

    From CYNDY, on Sat 6 Apr 16:58
  19. Any win is a good win - up the gunners

    From CYNDY, on Sat 6 Apr 16:58
  20. Well done Arsenal. Go for the 4

    From Bally, on Sat 6 Apr 16:57
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