Saturday August 18, 2012 Day 1 Finished The Hawthorns

West Bromwich Albion 3 - 0 Liverpool

  • Gera 43’
  • Odemwingie 64’ (pen.)
  • Lukaku 77’

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  1. Premier League - West Brom trounce 10-man Liverpool

    Premier League - West Brom trounce 10-man Liverpool

    Brendan Rodgers's first Premier League game in charge of Liverpool ended in a 3-0 defeat at West Brom. More

  • Live Commentary

    • West Bromwich Albion
    • Liverpool
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    • 90+3 That's the final whistle, West Brom beat Liverpool 3-0 as Brendan Rodgers's league debut for Liverpool ends in a heavy defeat.
    • 90+2 Carroll goes in clumsily on Olsson, not a terrible tackle but West Brom overreact, Ridgewell in particular. Yellow card, which is still harsh in my view for an awkward but not dangerous challenge.
    • 90+1 A long ball releases Fortune down the left, he knocks it back for Brunt whose shot hits Gerrard.
    • 90' Three minutes added time to be played.
    • 88' West Brom just stroking it about now. Liverpool want this to end. A nightmare introduction for Brendan Rodgers.
    • 87' Carroll gets his first half-touch as a high ball flies over his head and into Foster's arms.
    • 85' Liverpool fans leaving in their droves now. Who can blame them?
    • 84' Liverpool are hanging on to prevent a fourth and I can see one coming as Mulumbu hammers one just over.
    • 83' Fortune with a fantastic long-range effort that is tipped around the post by Reina!
    • 82' Fortune almost finds Lukaku again, cleared but only to Odemwingie who drills a low shot straight at Reina.
    • 81' WEST BROM SUB: Brunt on for Morrison.
    • 81' Suarez just wide with a free header, another good chance for him that he should have taken.
    • 80' Just wide by Lukaku via a Skrtel block after he powered through. Could be more for West Brom, who have a corner.
    • 79' LIVERPOOL SUB: Cole's hamstring hasn't recovered from that Europa League tweak and he comes off.
    • 78' That is also Lukaku's first goal in the Premier League, having failed to find the net in his bit-part role at parent club Chelsea last season.
    • 77' GOAL WEST BROM! Lukaku on his debut with a powerful header after Ridgewell's fine cross came following the initial corner, which had been cleared. 3-0!
    • 76' The Baggies counter through Fortune but Kelly catches up with him and knocks it behind for a corner.
    • 75' Liverpool don't look like they're a man down, but they are and West Brom are just sitting back and soaking up the pressure.
    • 74' Cole then wins a free-kick off Fortune, who is booked.
    • 73' Cole is caught offside for a second time since coming on.
    • 72' WHAT A MISS BY MORRISON! Fortune makes mincemeat of Carragher on the right, cutting inside and unselfishly laying on a simple finish for Morrison when he could have scored himself - bad call, Morrison thrashed it high and wide.
    • 71' High ball into the West Brom box from Gerrard, Kelly goes down and the away fans howl for a penalty but the ref gives it the other way and correctly so, the Liverpool defender clearly pulled McAuley's shirt.
    • 69' LIVERPOOL SUB: Lucas hasn't been at his best today and he walks off for Joe Cole.
    • 68' WEST BROM SUB: Lukaku replaces Long, and Gera is rested for Fortune. Cheers for both.
    • 67' Foster initially drops the corner but Suarez doesn't react quickly enough and it's Baggies ball.
    • 66' Corner to Liverpool as the away fans sing that song. They look worryingly similar to last season's vintage though.
    • 65' Meanwhile, Swansea are taking QPR to the cleaners, winning 3-0. Should have stayed in Wales, bach.
    • 64' AND ODEMWINGIE SCORES! Powerful effort, lowish to the left, Reina guessed right but that was a proper penalty.
    • 63' This has been comical from Liverpool. Long wisely steps aside for Odemwingie to take the penalty...
    • 62' ANOTHER PENALTY FOR WEST BROM! Skrtel this time, caught dallying by that man Long again, and he clips him as he's robbed and another spot-kick. Deary me.
    • 61' Long to take this penalty now... shocking penalty, straight at Reina. Dreadful, passed it to him.
    • 60' Liverpool will make a change as soon as possible, and Downing is replaced by Carragher.
    • 59' Shane Long exploited Liverpool's over-commitment to attack as Gerrard gave the ball away - he raced through and Agger shoved him, last man, red card, penalty.
    • 57' Johnson gets forward, he spots Suarez but Reid spots the ball to clear. West Brom are in defensive/counter mode now and doing it pretty effectively.
    • 56' Lucas is the latest to be booked for a shirt-pull on Morrison. Clear booking.
    • 55' Liverpool are committing themselves forward in numbers, leaving them prone for the counter as Long gets in down the right, although Skrtel rushes in and wins the ball.
    • 53' Andy Carroll looks on pensively, assuming he is capable of rational thought. Only kidding, we love Biffer and surely he'll get a chance soon?
    • 52' Agger rises to meet the corner but McAuley tracks him all the way and nods it out for a throw on the Liverpool right.
    • 51' Gerrard wins a corner, he's struggled to get into this game and Liverpool need him to get on the ball.
    • 50' Downing again on the ball but he overhits the cross. Kept in play by Johnson, inside and back to the right via Lucas and again Downing has a chance to cross but again he overhits it, out of play this time.
    • 49' Downing cuts in from the right, weaving in and out and it opens up but he drives his shot at Ridgewell. Liverpool having a go.
    • 48' Suarez does take it but he curls it two yards wide. Poor effort given its location on the edge of the box.
    • 47' Mulumbu slides in on Suarez and obviously gives away a free-kick on the edge of the box. Suarez or Gerrard for this?
    • 46' The second half is underway at the Hawthorns.
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    • - STATS: WBA with three efforts on target to Liverpool's five; four corners to the visitors zero.
    • 45+3 Half-time and West Brom lead through Gera's screamer, and just about deservedly so. Good game.
    • 45+2 A bit of a scramble follows that free-kick but the flag is up after Reid lets him in down the left. Suarez shows dissent and is booked.
    • 45+1 Rodgers is making notes as he seeks to change things around at half-time. His side have a free-kick on the right though, 10 yards from the edge of the box.
    • 45' Two minutes added time being played.
    • 44' Gera only played three times for West Brom after rejoining the club for Fulham last summer, having picked up a serious injury. He may be 32 but his class remains and that was one heck of a goal, made by the chest-down following Liverpool's clearance from that corner, but executed brilliantly with the arrow-like volley.
    • 43' GOAL WEST BROM! Zoltan Gera is a Baggies legend and he makes up for missing most of last season injured with a wonderful strike into the top left after a super touch on the chest. Boom.
    • 42' Reid takes the free-kick but it takes a big deflection and flies over for a corner.
    • 41' Odenwingie is hacked down by Johnson, who was well out of position on the inside. Booking.
    • 40' Gerrard and Suarez are over it as Foster organises his wall... Gerrard takes, it strikes the ball but drops to LUCAS who seems as surprised as anyone to get the ball and pokes it weakly wide.
    • 39' Gerrard is taken down by Yacob after Olsson fails to clear properly. Free-kick on the edge of the D, one of Gerrard or Suarez to take surely.
    • 38' Suarez steps away from Ridgewell on the right, lovely feet and a low ball drilled in, through Olsson's legs and McAuley fluffs the clearance to JOHNSON but he volleys well over!
    • 36' A promising Liverpool move breaks down at Downing and West Brom counter. They keep possession once that move is snuffed out, Morrison doing well.
    • 35' Borini is fine. What a surprise. Play restarts with a West Brom goal kick.
    • 34' Borini stays down although I'm not sure how clashing shoulders with Ridgewell impacted on his face. It's warm out, so perhaps a smart move as his team-mates take a drink.
    • 33' Great ball from Gerrard but just too high for Borini, who takes a dive after deciding that Ridgewell offered too much resistance. He'll be up in few seconds.
    • 32' A flag spares Liverpool yet another attack from West Brom, who have been the better side, although Liverpool have created some chances!
    • 31' Reina is furious with Skrtel for heading the ball behind for a corner when, under no pressure and with no opponent in the box, it was clearly the keeper's. One assumes he called for it too and Skrtel accepts the telling-off.
    • 30' Allen with a good challenge in midfield and a fine pass but Borini gives it away. The Baggies attack but Agger clears.
    • 29' SUAREZ HEADS OVER FROM POINT-BLANK RANGE! Superb wide play from Johnson, who buys space for the cross with a step-over and shimmy, fantastic ball too and Suarez should have scored.
    • 28' Reid will swing this in again, from the right... half-cleared only to Long who lofts in a cross that both McAuley and Olsson attack but the latter nods it well over.
    • 27' Downing is found by a fine Gerrard pass but he runs straight into Morrison. Baggies on the break now but Johnson blocks the cross from Gera. Yacob picks it up, starting another move and winning a free-kick.
    • 26' Gerrard's turn to mis-hit the ball now, leading to more jeers from the home fans.
    • 25' Suarez with a direct run in from the left, Reid getting a toe on the ball which leads to a mis-hit finish from the Uruguayan. The West Brom fans jeer the miss but they probably didn't see the touch from Reid. Good defending.
    • 24' Yacob swings a high ball into the box but Olsson is pushing and shoving and Liverpool have a free-kick.
    • 23' The ref has to speak to a few players after a collision between Borini and Mulumbu. Free-kick West Brom, Yacob to take.
    • 22' Suarez is penalised for a nudge on Olsson after turning the defender to chase a long pass.
    • 21' Long with a strong run after a long ball from Olsson found Yacob, but he was offside.
    • 20' Johnson gets forward down the left but Reid challenges to put the ball out for a throw. Liverpool retain possession as Kelly gets forward, Gera blocking his low cross for a throw.
    • 19' It had to happen eventually but there is a slight lull in play as neither side holds on to it particularly well.
    • 17' Constant stream of highlights in this match as both sides attack with a large degree of freedom. Now Borini curls an improvised effort just beyond the top right after Johnson kept the ball in on the left side of goal. Probably a cross but it almost snuck in!
    • 16' Fantastic skill from Suarez in the Baggies box, weaving in and out as the home defence look petrified to make a challenge, but his final effort is straight at Foster.
    • 15' Mazy run by Odemwingie that sees him race in via the right but his low drilled ball is blocked by a stretching Agger, with Long ready to pounce!
    • 13' Lovely short-passing move from Liverpool that culminates in a late-arriving Gerrard drive that is blocked by McAuley. That's more like it.
    • 12' Liverpool break from the corner but Suarez is offside.
    • 11' Reid to take the free-kick but deflected off the wall for a corner.
    • 10' And straight down the other end Long races away, nutmegging Agger for good measure before drawing a faint trip from the Dane. No card. Free-kick...
    • 9' Great save by Foster from Suarez! The Uruguayan nutmegged McAuley before rifling a superb shot on target that the keeper was equal to!
    • 8' Terrible defending from Lucas, who was supposed to be covering Johnson but just let Long shrug him off the ball. Luckily for the Brazilian, who is returning from a serious injury, Long tries an ambitious first-time lob that is well off target.
    • 7' Suarez trips Reid in frustration as Liverpool find themselves looking for the counter attack with West Brom holding on to the ball nicely. Early days but the Baggies certainly seem to be getting the better of these exhanges.
    • 6' Easy claim for Foster after a high somewhat aimless ball. Not very Rodgers. West Brom now move upfield, passing it really well with backheels and everything!
    • 5' More positive play from Liverpool as Suarez and Downing combine on the right but this time West Brom clear before a cross can be delivered. Better from the visitors.
    • 4' Jinking run by Downing down the right and a super mid-height ball in for BORINI FLYING IN but somehow the ball bounces clear! Not sure if he fluffed his header or Olsson got a touch, but that was a great chance!
    • 3' Very good start for the Baggies as Morrison finds space wide left only to swing his cross out of play. Liverpool on the back foot early on.
    • 3' Just over by Ridgewell after a lovely passing move involving Yacob and Gera! It was a toe-poke from the left-back, Reina not truly threatened, but a fine move.
    • 2' Early corner for West Brom as Johnson is forced to put behind. Cleared by the Reds though.
    • 1' The first half is underway as the 2012-13 season begins!
    • 14:55 Teams are out, shaking hands before kick-off. Both lining up in 4-3-3 formations, although Liverpool's sees Borini and Downing play as more orthodox wingers.
    • 14:50 Predictions on Twitter - @Murray_Hughes: Easy win for Brendan Rodgers side today 2-0 Borini and Gerrard good, exciting match; @Lukedbest: Liverpool to win 2-1-New signings Borini and Allen to score. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 14:45 PS Jose Enrique is out for Liverpool as he has an injury, nothing serious. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier, that's why Johnson is playing left-back.
    • 14:40 MATCH ODDS: West Brom 16/5, Liverpool 10/11, Draw 5/2.
    • 14:35 I'm guessing many of you, like me, will have reluctantly flicked the football switch back on after the giddy heights of the Olympics. So, as is customary, you may tweet me your predictions @Reda_Eurosport for this game, the final standings at the end of the season, or just give your view on the summer's signings, real or imagined. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 14:30 FACTS: West Brom conceded the joint-most penalties in the 2011-12 Premier League (9); BUT The Baggies conceded fewer headed goals (5) than any other team in the 2011-12 Premier League.
    • 14:30 FACTS: Liverpool posted the worst chance conversion rate of any team in the 2011-12 Premier League, scoring with just 9% of attempts; They hit the woodwork 33 times in 2011-12, the most by any team in any season of Premier League football analysed by Opta.
    • 14:25 For the Baggies, Jonas Olsson is deemed fit enough to start at centre-back after picking up a knock on Sweden duty. Ditto James Morrison, who hurt his ankle in Scotland's 3-1 win over Australia, but compatriot Graham Dorrans is on leave as his daughter is sick. Shane Long missed Ireland's draw with Serbia but is fit enough for West Brom, while new signing Claudio Yacob starts in midfield. Markus Rosenberg, another new boy, is not match fit so doesn't start.
    • 14:25 So as we expected there is no room for Andy Carroll or Charlie Adam in the Liverpool starting line up - new boys Fabio Borini and Joe Allen start. This match comes too soon for Oussama Assaidi, who completed his transfer yesterday but would not have been registered in time. Joe Cole has recovered from the hamstring injury he picked up against FC Gomel but does not start.
    • 14:25 TEAMS: West Brom - Foster, Reid, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Mulumbu, Yacob, Morrison, Gera, Long, Odemwingie /// Liverpool - Reina, Johnson, Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Allen, Gerrard, Downing, Borini, Suarez
    • 14:20 Not bitter then. Rodgers, meanwhile, is interested to see how Clarke fares as a number one: "I think like a lot of teams, they'll be hard to beat. We'll see over the course of time what Steve's philosophy will be as a manager. You only get to really see that in someone when they're the No.1. When you're the No.2, you do your work and your coaching, but it will always be led by the manager."
    • 14:20 Steve Clarke: "They have said top four is not imperative for the current campaign. I don't believe that. A club like Liverpool have to be challenging for the top four. I don't think the club or the fans can expect anything less. Kenny and I went in at a difficult time. We stabilised the club. We didn't envisage not being there this season and we were pretty sure Liverpool would be in the top four. We agreed that was realistic for this season."
    • 14:15 New managers all round as Baggies boss Steve Clarke has his first competitive game in full control of a club, against his former employers where he worked as Kenny Dalglish's assistant. Brendan Rodgers, meanwhile, has had the benefit of some Europa League qualifiers to get his new team going.
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of West Brom and Liverpool's Premier League season opener at the Hawthorns, kicking off at 3pm UK time.
  • Summary

    • 61' Long to take this penalty now... shocking penalty, straight at Reina. Dreadful, passed it to him.

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  1. same old comments from the same idiots

    From MICHAEL, on Wed 22 Aug 15:01
  2. Shane Long should never take a pen for the Baggies ever­ again, the smirk on his face after the schoolboy miss­ was there for all to see, we have at least 6 other­ players capable of putting them away. tha Baggies­ played with vigour, pace and committment well done all.

    From John, on Tue 21 Aug 21:40
  3. Can Renia save a shot or is he someone who can't­ play football in disguise

    From , on Tue 21 Aug 10:26
  4. Liverpool need some Spanish brilliance apart from­ Renia!

    From , on Tue 21 Aug 10:19
  5. List of changes lfc need to make Rodgers goes ­ Carroll out Sign Valdes Get Guardiola

    From , on Tue 21 Aug 9:59

    From wild woodpecker®, on Mon 20 Aug 20:54
  7. Wow!! Did no one see how good the West Brom team­ played!! Always the same when WBA play bigger clubs,­ they never get the praise they diserve!

    From TRACEY, on Mon 20 Aug 19:47
  8. First of all well done to WBA for winning and also­ congratulations to Steve Clarke on his first win as a­ Prem league manager. I see that we have the same old­ fools and trolls back on our boards giving us their­ unbiased opinions which are not wanted. Like me does­ it not amaze you that there is so much energy wasted on­ trying to belittle anything that we do at LFC or might­ be trying to do? Perhaps Yahoo should just rename the­ name of ours pages and call it slate Liverpool as much­ as you want page. It always baffles me how does one­ team attract so much attention from other clubs so­ called supporters. Hate or prejudice of someone or­ something you know nothing about is in short ignorance­ which most of those who come onto these pages to rant­ about us are in truth guilty of. Turn the clocks­ back to the start of last season and the same things­ were being said then about our team. From what history­ states Rome wasn't built in a day, and yes we are­ still rebuilding even after the departure of KD. As­ a life long supporter of this great club of ours I­ didn't condone the way in which KD was so poorly­ treated and dumped or thrown out as manager without­ being given the time he requested, certainly at this­ point in time many would agree that we're no better­ off. At the end of the day any rebuilding process­ takes time and all of us as LFC supporters need to have­ faith. Those of you who love to hate us need to get­ yourselves a life and find something constructive to do­ with yourselves rather than hate something you know­ nothing about which is Liverpool FC. Finally Victor­ LFC biggest troll, you need to get out more if in fact­ you ever do. Get yourself some daylight or sun on what­ you call your skin. You are the worst troll on these­ boards and really do need to stop leaving your sick­ comments in order to attract our attention. Get out of­ the house man there is life beyond those 4 walls of­ yours, what would you do if your PC or L/top were to­ breaks down I ha

    From merlin, on Mon 20 Aug 18:36
  9. We will never get a champs league place if br changes­ the style

    From , on Mon 20 Aug 17:59
  10. This Liverpool team is worse than Gryfindor quidditch­ team and they are only Kids!

    From , on Mon 20 Aug 17:53
  11. What was the ref thinking dan Aggers red card was not a­ red card ! SORT IT OUT REF

    From , on Mon 20 Aug 17:49
  12. I agree with dr gwaish lfc need a keeper

    From , on Mon 20 Aug 16:32
  13. I've created a new anthem for lfc it go Es we­ can't score a goal We get relegated so Inprove your­ performance

    From , on Mon 20 Aug 16:30
  14. Rubbish performance by the red men ! Lfc need a better­ goalie like Callsias or Valdes!

    From , on Mon 20 Aug 16:24
  15. liverpool problem is the keeper

    From Charlie, on Mon 20 Aug 14:17
  16. I don't imagine many people know this, but­ Liverpools home webpage has written on it: 18 league­ titles, 5 European Cups. My word do they live in the­ past... I'm 18, only one of those was when I was­ alive, and that was because they cheated in the semi,­ and final... Hmmm. It's all about the history boys!­ Well watch your godawful team now! They had their butts­ handed to them and they deserved it too! My god­ it's funny though...

    From The Juan & Only, on Mon 20 Aug 13:22
  17. One of the failure of liverpool is from referres and­ sort of players the buy. Why not those Eto'O­ Dragba,Kalou,and Song the strong midifielder in the­ world.

    From Deng Yom, on Mon 20 Aug 8:46
  18. how come i pressed the premier league button and­ loserfool came up

    From windswept, on Sun 19 Aug 20:49
  19. where the f--- is anfeildstar blah blah ,, they­ should hold the x factor at anfield it will be to big­ when loserfool go down ,, tesco or asda could buy it­ and put it to good use ?

    From windswept, on Sun 19 Aug 20:45
  20. Why Rodgers want to change the way Liverpool play, the­ only thing we lacked was goals even though we played­ well in most games. LFC have spent a lot of money in­ paying managers & clubs off & still can't­ find a decent one. Yesterday WBA played like they­ wanted to win LFC couldn't string a pass together,­ mid table for us this season if we are lucky. We need a­ striker now, why not go for Michael Owen he's free­ & a proven goal scorer, if only for one season.­ Rodgers is doomed, said he wasn't good enough for­ the task ahead, nearly everyone said he was the right­ man for the job, he will be out by Xmas (if the owners­ can afford his pay off)

    From Dylan, on Sun 19 Aug 13:20
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