Saturday April 20, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 34 The Hawthorns

Countdown: -365 Days

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  1. not good

    From david p, on Sun 21 Apr 21:37
  2. League position says it all ........A Famous Magpie­ quote ......Well it does now

    From Rissoles, on Sat 20 Apr 22:41
  3. I see all the fickle Toon fans moaning at Pardew, only­ 8 weeks ago you were waxing about all your so called­ great French signings. Guess what, they are not that­ good!!! Tip, grow your own wood and just don't buy­ cheap foriegn imports........... Remember great players­ like Beardlsey & Waddle, Rob Lee??? Mind you­ Chelsea are just as bad, apparently they have the best­ youth academy in the EPL.... Really??

    From JASON, on Sat 20 Apr 19:43
  4. Alan Pardew is a football genius. Lets hope Man United­ snap him up when Sir Alex retires.

    From Mouncey, on Sat 20 Apr 17:45
  5. How about palying BOTH halves Pardew. Also if Ameobi is­ the answer, your'e asking the wrong question. This­ is another game that we could have won with different­ tactics. Fresh management needed if we are to avoid­ being in the same trouble next season.

    From William H, on Sat 20 Apr 17:30
  6. Pardew is simply not up to the job. Newcastle better­ start thinking big...meaning a new manager with a big­ resume. Benitez comes to mind.

    From gollywogazoo, on Sat 20 Apr 17:17
  7. ! point scraped if you ask me, you were very lucky, i­ cant see where your next point is coming from..possibly­ a draw at QPR (your away form is woeful).

    From Sir Gary Rowell, on Sat 20 Apr 17:16
  8. 2 points dropped for sure. Game should've been­ wrapped up at half time. Can't wait 'til this­ wretched season is over. Pardew, once again you defy­ logic and common sense.

    From cameron, on Sat 20 Apr 17:12
  9. Newcastle need to learn how to kill off teams. Too many­ times we have let teams back into the game.

    From Cards Fan, on Sat 20 Apr 17:11
  10. 6 points from safety? What table is this weeks work­ experience journo looking at?

    From Sezowot, on Sat 20 Apr 17:10
  11. Good chances not taken in the first­ half...........................................again!­ Second half NOT good­ enough.................................again! Passing­ let them­ down..........................................again.­ Down to 16th!!!

    From Gallowgate, on Sat 20 Apr 17:07
  12. Not the best result, but at least we didn't get­ beat.

    From Cards Fan, on Sat 20 Apr 16:57
  13. A deserved point for Newcastle!! But wish we had taken­ our chances in the first half better. Anne x

    From ANNE, on Sat 20 Apr 16:55
  14. Mo is a bit of a gimp! Retrospectively altering­ results! why don't we all sit and watch the text­ commentary, then decide who should win based on that,­ doesn't matter if we actually lose 3-0, if the­ commentary looks good, we should all decide that we­ actually won, and then get the points! FOOL!

    From The Hawkmeister, on Sat 20 Apr 16:38
  15. Billy Jones first englishman to score for West Brom all­ season.... hoorah at last lol

    From EDDIE, on Sat 20 Apr 16:36
  16. wots up with the comments

    From STEPHEN. E, on Sat 20 Apr 16:33
  17. Get in there :)

    From Sir Gary Rowell, on Sat 20 Apr 16:26
  18. Its respite, moron

    From U Wot M8, on Sat 20 Apr 16:18
  19. What on earth was Perch thinking? Oh, I think I just­ answered my own question.

    From Rich W, on Sat 20 Apr 16:07
  20. The standard of refereeing & linesmen has become­ very bad in most games this season, too many missed or­ wrong decisions from just about every game recently.­ Not just in big named games that people accuse the­ likes of Fergie getting to refs, but in all games. This­ one is a prime example. Football is a business, not­ just a sport but mega money involved. What other multi­ million pound business would allow so many wrong­ decisions that can cost clubs millions of pounds? Its­ not right to say that over a season things balance out!­ It just doesn't happen. I personally think just­ demoting a referee for a bad game like Howard Webb has­ been this week to Div.1 isnt the answer. If refereeing­ is accepted as hit & miss wether they get it right,­ then their should be an ajudicating panel by the FA to­ alter the bad results from rubbish refereeing. That­ would make it fairer all round & possibly more­ exciting if results could be retrospectivly altered.

    From Scenicman, on Sat 20 Apr 16:04
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