Saturday December 22, 2012 Day 18 Finished Upton Park

West Ham United 1 - 2 Everton

  • Cole 14’
  • Anichebe 64’
  • Pienaar 73’

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  1. Premier League - Cole and Gibson win red card appeals

    Premier League - Cole and Gibson win red card appeals

    Carlton Cole and Darron Gibson have had their sendings off from West Ham's Premier League game against Everton overturned. More

  • Live Commentary

    • West Ham United
    • Everton
    • 90+5' Full time. A pretty weird game. Not very good in terms of quality, but a lot of incidents to say the least.
    • 90+4' Anichebe is replaced by Shane Duffy with seconds to play.
    • 90+3' Freekick chucked in, but to no avail. Everton win the freekick and that might have been their final chance.
    • 90+2' Four minutes of injury time here...Gibson is sent off! Again for a high foot, a carbon copy off the other sending off.
    • 90+1' Nolan now with a chance! He breaks clear into the area, but is being quickly closed down. His toe poke goes under Howard, but wide of the near post.
    • 90' Corner to Everton, taken by Gibson. Osman gets on the cleared header and his shot is parried. Jelavic should score, but his into the side netting.
    • 88' West Ham substitution: A welcome return for Jack Collison as he makes his first appearance of the season.
    • 86' Everton sub: Neville is replaced by Naismith.
    • 85' Howard goes for the more direct approach and Anichebe runs right into Reid to commit the foul.
    • 84' Everton are still going forward, but happy to keep the ball deep in the opposition's half. West Ham doing all the running at the minute.
    • 83' The little brush off Heitinga's chest prevented what would have been a certain goal.
    • 82' Rare foray forward for the homeside and Spence wins the throw. It's headed on by Maiga and Nolan on the volley and it's deflected just wide!
    • 81' Gibson's pass is poor it goes straight out, allowing West Ham to make another change. O'Brien is replaced by Jordan Spence.
    • 79' Baines thinks he's won a corner, but he's penalised for a foul. Time is quickly running out for West Ham, and they're not really making any impression on Howard's goal.
    • 78' Baines charges upfield, but his pass up the line is cut out. Everton still have it though and switch sides under very little pressure.
    • 77' Pienaar to Baines, back to Pienaar. Psman now on the ball as he tip toes into the area. He feeds Anichebe and his scuffed shot is woeful.
    • 75' Anichebe tries to pass across goal, when he probably should have shifted and shot. Cleared, but only half out and Pienaar's shot from the edge of the area is straight at the keeper.
    • 74' That sending off, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, has completely changed this match. Completely Everton now.
    • 72' Goal! West Ham 1-2 Everton - Fantastic play again from their three best playes in Osman, Baines and Pienaar. Osman gets to the byline, cuts it back across goal and Pienaar is there, but it looks as if Jaaskelainen gets the last touch.
    • 71' Anichebe tries to wriggle away from Reid and he does really well to get to the byline, but the ref blows up for something not obvious. He's having a bit of a tough time at the minute.
    • 70' Maybe Cole just wanted Christmas off.
    • 69' This is surely Everton's to win now. West Ham will be very happy to claim the point. To be fair to Baines as well, he was straight back up and didn't want to see Cole go off.
    • 68' Cole went in for the challenge with a hig foot as Baines went in with his head. It's a real borderline decision as the striker catches Baines high on the shoulder.
    • 67' Carlton Cole is off! He looks in shock. Allardyce is furious.
    • 66' Jelavic gets a glimpse of goal as the cross flashes past him, but he can only get his eyebrows on it.
    • 65' Goal! West Ham 1-1 Everton - Anichebe heads inside the far post after Pienaar sweeps in a brilliant cross after cutting inside. Collins really should have been closer though.
    • 64' Cole tries something very un Cole-like as he attempts an arcing pass with the outside of his foot. Needless to say it doesn't work.
    • 63' Great feet from Osman finds Pienaar, who cleverly backheels for Baines and his cross is dangerous, but cleared.
    • 62' All about territory for West Ham. Taylor had so much time to get his foot on the ball, but he let the ball run out on the halfway line for the throw.
    • 61' Cole finds Maiga after again tormenting Heitinga. The substitute should take it first time, but it's slightly behind him so he controls and hits his shot off the defender and out. The ref inexplicably whistles for a goal kick.
    • 60' Jaaskelainen drops the ball from a high cross, but is there to quickly reclaim it under pressure from Jelavic.
    • 59' First substitution of the match and it's West Ham as O'Neill is replaced by Maiga.
    • 58' Jelavic once again goes too early after more lovely play from Osman. He shoots regardless and it's terrible.
    • 57' Nolan hares after the long ball and Howard comes out to let the ball run out, dummying as if to clear to put the midfielder off.
    • 56' Gibson with a lovely ball over the top for Jelavic, who has time to control it. His control is terrible though and he gives it away.
    • 55' Gibson is desperately close to sneaking it inside the near post. Jaaskelainen may have got there anyway, but he was definitely worried.
    • 54' Nolan with a foolish foul on Pienaar as he runs across the box. Should really have got a yellow and this is a very good position for a right footer...
    • 53' Well cleared at the near post by Cole. Osman receives the ball and clips another into the box, this time volleyed away by Collins.
    • 52' Anichebe is put in down the inside left channel and he whips a low ball across the box that's half cleared, eventually out for a corner.
    • 51' Jelavic again offside as he goes far too early. David Moyes doesn't look particularly happy.
    • 49' Jelavic should score. Collins tries to clear, it pinballs off a couple of West Ham players and falls to the striker right in front of goal. He volleys it staight into Jaaskelainen's arms.
    • 48' If West Ham get a freekick 60 yards or closer from goal you can guarantee they'll chuck it in. They do and it's straight out.
    • 47' Jelavic is flagged offside and he should really have stayed on as he could look all the way across the line.
    • 46' Back underway and it's as you were at the end of the first half. No changes and some early long balls.
    • 45+1' Jarvis beats Heitinga for pace and clips a low cross into the six yard box, cleared at the near post. The whistle blows to signal the end of a pretty poor half of football.
    • 45' Poor control from Nolan when receiving the ball from a throw and it's out by the Everton defence. All the way back to Jaaskelainen and there'll be a minute of stoppage time.
    • 44' Some agricultural play from both sides as Everton try and clear their lines and West Ham look to pump it in.
    • 43' Cole lets the ball bounce, but still beats Hetinga in the challenge. He looks to step inside, and it looks as if the Dutchman pulls back at him, but no foul given.
    • 42' Really good play from Collins as he bullies the bullish Anichebe to let the pass go straight out for a goal kick.
    • 41' West Ham have a chance to break, but Jarvis can't bring the ball down quick enough to get on the move.
    • 40' Gibson hits the freekick from quite a tight angle and Jaaskelainen has to tip it over the bar. Probably should have caught it in truth.
    • 39' Baines' sideburns are ridiculous by the way. Anyway Everton are once again pushing up high and Pienaar waits for the O'Neill foul to come in...and it duly does.
    • 38' Baines wins the ball in a dangerous area, but way too heavy a touch and he can't keep up with it.
    • 37' Neville shins it straight to Noble. Jarvis picks it up and plays to Nolan who is backing in. The West Ham captain tries a cute back heel towards the overlapping Jarvis, but there's too much on it.
    • 36' Jarvis' cross is blocked by Jagielka and it's out for a corner...Collins heads down at the far post, and Cole controls with his arm. Freekick to Everton.
    • 35' The long ball bounces off Reid's knee and falls to Jelavic, who chests down and on the half volley smashes a poor effort well wide of the near post.
    • 34' Jarvis scampers to the byline to get to the ball and puts in a fantastic low cross that's cleared at the near post. Everton go right up the other end and Anichebe strays miles offside when in a very good position.
    • 33' Collins heads out a Pienaar cross and he gets a foot in the face from Anichebe. Anichebe's foot seems to have come off worse.
    • 32' Again Howard is nice and positive as he comes off his line to claim the high ball. Everton are starting to press and dominate now.
    • 31' Osman is brilliant as he turns away from two West Ham players and threads a lovely ball into Jelavic, but the striker is a yard offside.
    • 30' O'Brien receives the ball after a great Tomkins cross evades everyone in front of goal. He cuts inside, but his cross isn't nearly as good and Howard claims.
    • 29' Gibson is looking up and God knows what he sees as he threads a ball through to no one other than the goalkeeper.
    • 28' Anichebe is furious as the ref blows for a foul for his challenge on Reid. Collins loops it in from the halfway line, Cole gets his head on it, but iot's straight at Howard.
    • 27' Osman creates a bit of space, but his shot is poor as he drags it way wide of the near post.
    • 26' Cole's brought down by Heitinga as he wrestles him on the halfway line with the ball going over his head. Lucky to get away with that.
    • 25' Headed out with ease by Collins, and Everton knock it straight out for a goal kick.
    • 24' Jagielka tries to put in a first time cross and Jarvis brilliantly slides in to deny him. Corner though...
    • 23' Distin in a race with O'Neill, stays with him and outmuscles the West Ham man to let it run out for a goal kick.
    • 22' Pienaar arcs a first time effort from 25 yards towards the top corner, but it lacks power and Jaaskelainen can get across to claim with ease.
    • 21' Taylor heads on Nolan's flick over the defence. It looks like Distin will clear, but he slashes at it and it very nearly falls for Cole.
    • 20' It's deep from Noble, but well caught by Howard at the back post.
    • 19' Jagielka gets caught in a race with Jarvis and there's only going to be one winner. He shoves the winger in the back and it's a free kick.
    • 18' Cole's caught offside as he chases down a long ball over the top. Everton have it back and Pienaar's shot is charged down.
    • 17' Apologies...a few nasty gremlins in the system, right as all the action was happening, but all resolved now.
    • 14' Goal! West Ham 1-0 Everton - From the edge of the box, Cole shifts to create a yard of space and then shoots into the bottom right corner.
    • 12' Baines takes the corner, Osman heads in from six yards at the far post but the linesman raises his flag. Osman is distraught - ref reckons it was Anichebe impeding Jaaskelainen.
    • 10' West Ham break upfield but Nolan's cross from the left is too close to Howard who catches in the box.
    • 9' Swept in by Baines and Distin should put it away! It's a fantastic ball and the Frenchman has a free header 6 yards out. He heads down and it bounces over the bar.
    • 8' Tomkins slides in on Pienaar and unsurprisingly fouls his man. Lucky not to get a yellow card for that.
    • 7' Nolan gets on the end of a deep cross, but again there's no one close enough to him in the area to nod down to.
    • 6' Jarvis is in a good position, but Jagielka steps across to clear it for a throw. The ball is launched in and helped on by Nolan to no one in particular.
    • 5' Lovely little ball from Gibson to Osman, but it's out for a throw and eventually back to Jaaskelainen.
    • 4' Anichebe backs into Reid, who is very very deep to receive the ball from Gibson, but it bounces off his foot and back to a West Ham player.
    • 3' Baines comes inside to cover and dispossesses Cole well. Jagielka's playing right back today and he launches a long throw up the touchline.
    • 2' Everton have started on top here, but another threaded through ball from Pienaar and again it's out.
    • 1' Everton get us underway, shooting from left to right, and immediately Pienaar and Baines combine to almost get to the touchline, but it goes out for a goal kick.
    • 15:59 The bubbles are being blown, handshakes are being exchanged, Big Sam is furiously chewing his we go.
    • 14:50 David Moyes on shirt pulling after the Fellaini incident: "It's is not part of the game and the only people who can stamp it out are the referees. It is for them to sort out, not us. If they think grappling is okay, then they need to tell us all because then we will all do it and make it harder for people to move or run in the box."
    • 14:45 Make sure you let me know what you think of the game/slag me off on Twitter. Find me @TomEmburyD.
    • 14:40 It looks like Everton will go with a 4-4-2, with Anichebe starting up top alongside Jelavic. It will be an interesting battle in midfield too, with Gibson, perhaps to some people's surprise, making a real impact since coming back from injury.
    • 14:35 So a West Ham very nearly made up of players from these shores. Eight Brits, an Irishman, a Kiwi and a Finn. Very rare these days in the Premier League.
    • 14:30 TEAMS - West Ham: Jaaskelainen, Tomkins, Collins, Reid, O'Brien, Noble, O'Neil, Taylor, Nolan, Jarvis, Cole. Subs: Spiegel, Collison, Maiga, Diarra, Spence, Moncur, Lletget///Everton: Howard, Heitinga, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Osman, Gibson, Neville, Pienaar, Jelavic, Anichebe. Subs: Mucha, Oviedo, Naismith, Hitzlsperger, Barkley, Vellios, Duffy.
    • 14:25 The good news for Hammers fans is that Jack Collison is back in the West Ham squad for the first time this season. A potential top midfield with him, Noble and Diame going forward.
    • 14:20 This match has got a draw written all over it. Two teams who are hard to beat, each missing their best attacking talents. Fellaini misses out due to his shenanigans against Ryan Shawcross, while Diame has hamstring knack.
    • 14:15 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of West Ham United vs Everton from Upton Park.
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  1. Everton's 7th victory abroad, sensitive 3 points­ and place retention on the table. We fans look forward­ to the next weeks so that Blues wins outnumber draws­ and we creep nearer the top.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 24 Dec 9:28
  2. another poor westham performance again the ref at­ centre of attention

    From geezer, on Sun 23 Dec 9:23
  3. A clever turn, timely rouse, comeback win and severing­ the dull string of draws. Bravo Moyes and good job­ Blues, the host's dream didn't came true due to­ Everton's opportunism.

    From Amir, on Sun 23 Dec 8:43
  4. We are equal 3rd in the league.Only City have lost less­ games.We have beaten Man Utd and Spurs.Drawn with­ Liverpool,Arsenal and City.Apart from the Reading blip­ and a few bad decisions its a great start to the­ season.If we could pick up another good midfielder in­ the January window it would be a bonus. Yet some­ whinging tw#ts like Stephen and David still post #$%$­ on here.Probably were not around for the good times or­ even the mediocre times. The club is making consistent­ short strides (due to limited funds) under Bill and­ Moysie and hopefully will continue. So to those so­ called supporters who post on here be­ constructive.Support the blues dont criticise with­ stupid comments. Onwards and upwards,COYB

    From annon, on Sun 23 Dec 8:31
  5. get in Toffs hope it will b a great xmas and new year­ of wins for em!

    From Steven J Ashy, on Sat 22 Dec 23:14
  6. Yet another game that the referee dominated, Poor for­ both sides.

    From a, on Sat 22 Dec 21:30
  7. the score proves it all 3 points coyb

    From STEVE, on Sat 22 Dec 16:57
  8. Ref spoilt the game for both sides but great result the­ mighty blue boys spurs draw good result for us as well­ we r going to miss gibson big time as hes been playing­ great 4 us but im sure the boys will just get on with­ it c.o.y.b.b. Nick e.f.c

    From NICK, on Sat 22 Dec 16:57
  9. COYB! poor refereeing but a good win :)

    From Jack, on Sat 22 Dec 16:54
  10. these refs need a red card

    From Linmin, on Sat 22 Dec 16:51
  11. C,O,Y,B

    From Alan, on Sat 22 Dec 16:32
  12. Guess who's looking for a new job in the morning.

    From Richard T, on Sat 22 Dec 16:28
  13. how does moyes manage to stop our goal scoring strikers­ from getting goals he does it with everyone he buys

    From Stephen, on Sat 22 Dec 16:06
  14. Come on blues .......

    From Anthony, on Sat 22 Dec 16:04
  15. Hitzlsperger is good !

    From Saeedeh, on Sat 22 Dec 15:59
  16. Referees assistants eh? a perfectly good goal­ disallowed again for Everton.

    From 1878, on Sat 22 Dec 15:57
  17. Worst half of football so far this season, but then­ when you have a manager who insists on playing as many­ as possible out of position each week as he can you­ never going to get much. Neville center mid what a joke­ put to right back move jags in to centre back Johhny H­ off and bring on Barkley or hitz in centre at least­ they are all in right positions and will play a little­ better. Fn Moyes first time for ages two forwards and­ he counters it by fu//// the team up as much as­ possible.

    From DAVD, on Sat 22 Dec 15:55
  18. robert your rear seems to be talking???? who do u­ support manu ,chelski??? glory hunter i rekon...... ­ COYI

    From loonytooon, on Sat 22 Dec 15:52
  19. coyb. everton win 2-1 the refs a plonker.......

    From Ne, on Sat 22 Dec 15:51
  20. your commentary is'st so hot leave baines sidies­ alone

    From david, on Sat 22 Dec 15:42
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