Saturday February 23, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 27 Upton Park

Countdown: -417 Days

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  1. Gareth bale is the best player in the world at the­ minute. Top player hope he stays at tottenham

    From Mayoh, on Wed 27 Feb 10:20
  2. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Very poor third in a very poor league.

    From Brucie, on Tue 26 Feb 6:04
  3. Perfect 10! Damn right

    From me, on Tue 26 Feb 1:56
  4. Ade, you had your chance to shine whilst Defoe is out.­ Why are you such a moron?. Shame, as last season you­ were a different player. Just like every other team you­ have played for. I hope you leave this summer. COYS!

    From Mr G., on Tue 26 Feb 1:16
  5. Govna!

    From Dejan, on Tue 26 Feb 0:43
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Bale will be a Man City player by june 1st

    From , on Tue 26 Feb 0:25
  7. Great play from Siggy one week,Dembele the last..­ COYS!! Bale wouldn't be scoring so much without the­ support of the whole team,there's some blind­ muppets out there!!

    From , on Tue 26 Feb 0:25
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    Bale wants to impress Roberto Mancini with summer­ coming up

    From , on Tue 26 Feb 0:23

    From Alan, on Tue 26 Feb 0:08
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    the Welshman has undoubtedly made the case for more gay­ players in the PL. Credit due where credit deserved..

    From gollywogazoo, on Tue 26 Feb 0:05
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    Bale play Tottenham wasted much much. Should play Man­ City. more money many many. win more cups.

    From Morron, on Mon 25 Feb 23:34
  12. If hadn't have been for the Spammer's goalie it­ could have been six for Spurs. In the end a justified­ victory for super Spurs

    From Diogenes, on Mon 25 Feb 22:42
  13. Here they go agin...bottom thtree

    From JEFF, on Mon 25 Feb 22:33
  14. Sour grapes then you Irons fans? ...COYS..!! Europe­ again next season. Where are you gonna be..? Stuck in­ the next division below no doubt..!! I read an article­ on how you fans spout remarks about Tottenham being­ Jewish.... Just remember that BOTH your Directors are­ Jewish ok..??

    From T.H.F.C., on Mon 25 Feb 22:29
  15. Well Sam you said "Spurs rely too much on Bale,­ one man team " You may well be right but perhaps­ keeping your big gob shut before key matches might do­ your team a lot better. If you were to concentrate more­ on West Ham instead of trying to slag off the­ oppposition, you might just keep your job.

    From Bryan, on Mon 25 Feb 22:28
  16. bright spark, your winning the game, so make changes,­ you could not make it up,

    From Bobby, on Mon 25 Feb 22:24
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    Spurs ordinary side without Bale mid table next season­ when he leaves for one of the big 3

    From Tony G, on Mon 25 Feb 22:23

    From me, on Mon 25 Feb 22:23
  19. AVB is doing well and the saddist are silent.

    From Hiscoming, on Mon 25 Feb 22:22
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Was Bale at the diving again?

    From STEWART, on Mon 25 Feb 22:17
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