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  1. The Money wins it!!!

    From John, on Fri 30 Nov 11:18
  2. I think there should be no doubt that Mancini's­ side has great strength and courage to successfully­ defend their title due to recent form in the premier­ league.

    From Ismail, on Thu 29 Nov 11:27
  3. we absolutely played #$%$a lucky win against a wigan­ team that deserved respect,roberto's tactics once again­ seemed a bit naive and took to long to change it,garcia­ looked out of his depth ,this game only gives hope to­ the #$%$,we have to play 4-4-2 more often and be more­ clinical with our finishing,CTID.

    From bluemoon, on Thu 29 Nov 11:26
  4. i spent 2 hrs in the coldest stadium in the prem last­ night. first 20 mins was garbage not champion winning­ play, But after the break city played better. Garcia­ played well Machon had a decent game for a change,­ Toure seems to be losing his edge, hes not playing like­ a tank destroying defences anymore, But a win is a win­ and 3 pts is better than none.

    From Roy T, on Thu 29 Nov 11:19
  5. Well done lads! The two Manchester teams edging away­ again...

    From , on Wed 28 Nov 21:59
  6. borat showing everyone he knows nothing about football ­ AGAIN

    From traffordbuccaneers, on Wed 28 Nov 21:58
  7. hey Borat wind ya neck in I knew City would win no­ doubts at all

    From J.R,B, on Wed 28 Nov 21:57
  8. Hey 'Buddy #$%$'.. that's the first time you've said­ anything interesting!

    From , on Wed 28 Nov 21:56
  9. Di Santo is a dirty cheat Glad City are winning­ though come on you city As far as i see it Garcia­ isnt tht good a player city wud do well to get rid of­ him this is only my opinion

    From J.R,B, on Wed 28 Nov 21:53
  10. Wake up Wigan.

    From Eoghan, on Wed 28 Nov 21:40
  11. Wake up Wigan.

    From Eoghan, on Wed 28 Nov 21:40
  12. Persistence pays for Balotelli ? Last time I checked it­ was the Arab who paid for him lolololol

    From Bobby Manc, on Wed 28 Nov 21:30
  13. talk around the stadium at half time that silva is home­ sick and may leave us in january

    From Sir Alex Moyes, on Wed 28 Nov 21:25
  14. Borat never go back on your word. If you think they­ gonna get hammered no point in saying it then­ backtracking by saying the opposite.

    From Bobby Manc, on Wed 28 Nov 21:20
  15. Tick Tock bitters

    From Bobby Manc, on Wed 28 Nov 21:18
  16. the only way they are gonna win this game is to put­ EDIN DZEKO in the game.

    From Virginia, on Wed 28 Nov 21:12
  17. come on city

    From Paul, on Wed 28 Nov 21:11
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    0-0 at the break, a fair reflection of the game so far.­ Draw specialists Chitty PMSL

    From Bobby Manc, on Wed 28 Nov 21:05
  19. What a boring game

    From Den le^man, on Wed 28 Nov 21:03
  20. not a great game

    From Aude, on Wed 28 Nov 20:52
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