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  1. no-one-is-no-one - Thank you for your objectivity.

    From Goh, on Fri 22 Mar 18:20
  2. Dennis - Well Well. Coincidentally, a comment from a­ Millwall fan. Trying to slur Wigan prior to the­ kick-off of FA Semi-Final. It is a very good timing­ indeed and only God knows your true intention. I can­ only say let football does the talking during the­ Semi-Final. The match will show whether Wigan players­ are #$%$ or outplay Millwall fair and square.

    From Goh, on Thu 21 Mar 16:27
  3. Yvonne M - We are the few clubs in EPL that have yet to­ be relegated. Unlike Newcastle. Wigan is still well­ liked and respected by a lot of managers. I lose count­ of how many times managers have been saying that we are­ at the wrong side of the table or they would like to­ see Wigan to survive among few relegation contenders.­ Have you seen anyone that come out to condemn Wigan­ except for Newcastle fans. I don't see Wenger or­ Fergie or any other respectable non-Newcastle managers­ or players saying that Wigan should be relegated or­ condemned. This shows that we do have a good reputation­ among players and managers generally. This is a one-off­ incident so please move on. There were worse or­ malicious tackles in EPL and world history. Usually­ people who condemn Wigan for no good reasons are fans­ of Wigan Warriors and now I may add fans of Newcastle­ in the future. I think Newcastle should focus on the­ relegation fight and not this incident anymore. ­ Ronnie Brown - I have also reported you to Yahoo for­ abusive language.

    From Goh, on Thu 21 Mar 16:21
  4. GOH, it will be great day for football when Wigan get­ relegated. Dave Whelan #$%$ on when he got his leg­ broken in a Cup Final but states on MOTD there was­ nothing wrong with McMamamans tackle. Used to like­ Wigan, but how they are changing for the worst.­ Championship beware, here they come.

    From Yvonne M, on Mon 18 Mar 21:19
  5. Well as a devout Millwall fan i had to think what would­ happen if Wigwam do that type of tackel on our players­ on April 13th at Wembley kick off 17.15pm. How ANYONE­ can justiify that type of rash challenge beggars­ belief. No wonder they call you " WIGWAM­ PATHETIC"

    From Dennis, on Mon 18 Mar 16:43
  6. Oh dear.......

    From Arrogant oldcastle fan, on Sun 17 Mar 20:26
  7. ronnie brown - I nearly wanted to stoop as low as you­ but I thought to myself if I used personal attacks on­ you then I am no different from you. I just want to­ clarify that I can definitely spell and speak better­ English than you. I am also hundred percent positively­ sure that I came from a better university than you.­ Furthermore, we are talking about football here so­ please be a gentleman and stop using personal attacks.­ Anyway, I reported your comment to Yahoo for abusive­ language. Back to football, if I am not wrong, Micheal­ Owen's misfiring was one of the key reasons that­ Newcastle was relegated. Furthermore, Newcastle is one­ of the richest club in EPL so they only have their own­ to blame for their current plight. Maybe, you can use­ playstation to get Newcastle to win the EPL instead. As­ for me, I am too busy with my meaningful and busy­ working life to play playstation for your info.

    From Chee How, on Sun 17 Mar 20:07
  8. Could Wigan's late (illegal) winner eventually send­ Villa down?

    From David, on Sun 17 Mar 19:29
  9. Barring something very unusual from QPR/Reading, I­ think its between Wigan, Villa, and Sunderland for the­ drop, looking at the run in I would bet on Villa- less­ experienced squad than Wigan, and a manager who is­ likely to be sacked if they do go down- pressure could­ tell and they have some tough fixtures..

    From SoSick, on Sun 17 Mar 19:15
  10. The late tackle was bad, the handball in the penalty­ area was a foul. But it was not Wigan`s decision to­ make. It was very bad decisions or no decisions at all­ by the officials. Some comments on here saying that­ Wigan`s players were thugs is just wrong and have been­ posted by idiots who know absolutely feck all about­ anything..And the comments from the mackems, well that­ is to be expected, education never reached sunderland. ­ It was a bad day for Newcastle United and best­ forgotten. Somehow I don`t think that late tackle will­ be overlooked by the FA.

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Sun 17 Mar 18:52
  11. It is about time for Wigan to start flexing their­ talent. They were the better team today.

    From Jack C, on Sun 17 Mar 18:41
  12. What Wigan brings to the game are modesty and humility.­ We know that we are not rich and do not spend as much­ as Newcastle or most of the EPL clubs but we survive­ with good recruitment policy, good coach and­ hardworking players. What do Newcastle got to offer?­ Micheal Owen, haha. Most managers like Wigan including­ Fergie and Wenger and they want Wigan to survive. I­ don't think most managers feel the same when­ Newcastle got relegated.

    From Goh, on Sun 17 Mar 18:39
  13. HALSEY you you are not fit to referee over hackney­ marshes you should be ashamed to collect you'r fee

    From ronnie brown, on Sun 17 Mar 18:37
  14. Stop moaning, Toon fans-- if it had been the other way­ round you would utter a peep!! Shut it! You're­ not the only club with a bone to pick---that's­ football---when you need the points it gets­ dirty---Wigan wanted it more than you today!

    From Bob P, on Sun 17 Mar 18:36
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Wigan is the best and Newcastle should be relegated­ again.

    From Goh, on Sun 17 Mar 18:35
  16. Peter--glad to hear someone else has this­ problem--Ikept thinking it was my Computer Everytime I­ submit a comment they disappear---I get 'em back­ by submitting a blank

    From Bob P, on Sun 17 Mar 18:32
  17. Really hope Wigan get relegated. Cheats and thugs. I­ mean what do they bring to the EPL? Just go, and let a­ proper football club take your place.

    From cameron, on Sun 17 Mar 18:12
  18. Where does the comments page keep vanishing to YAHOO­ ?????

    From Peter, on Sun 17 Mar 18:07
  19. the linesman the ref and the 4th official should be­ dragged over the coals for this one. wo betide they­ have to come to st james park

    From ronnie brown, on Sun 17 Mar 18:05
  20. mark halsey should have been made to retire by the fa ­ another shocking display gave Southampton a penalty at­ villa park and today well its going to cost a team­ ,getting relegated

    From DENIS, on Sun 17 Mar 18:04
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