Saturday April 27, 2013 Kick off: 10:00 Day 35 DW Stadium

Countdown: -357 Days

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  1. We are very lucky to have players with the talents of­ gareth bale/ defoe/Holty/ Vertonghen Dembélé Parker­ Sigurdsson . Dawson Lennon but they will go next season­ , there is no way we will finish 4th in the­ priemiership , it looks all the way downhill from now ,

    From lynchsammy, on Sun 28 Apr 13:09
  2. Levy has to get rid of AVB he will cost us millions of­ pounds, We will be playing in the championship in 2­ more seasons if that AVB is in charge, Harry left him a­ team that should be winning the priemership but he­ cannot pick a team, please get rid of AVB Before he­ destroys the club

    From lynchsammy, on Sun 28 Apr 13:00
  3. Spurs must have handed out Xmas cards including one to­ ref. The direct kick was not justified. Spurs will­ need lucks that this one to qualify for CL. You­ can't but wonder where did the power of Spurs go­ this time.

    From Jack C, on Sun 28 Apr 12:22
  4. Wigan is sooo sooo unlucky! First Figueroa passes to a­ keeper who cant use his head and clear correctly, and­ then Kone misses such a clear cut chance only for Spurs­ to score on a free kick from some silly fowl. Sucks!­ Martinez is an amazing manager. HE should be coaching a­ big team. Replace Wenger with Martinez....Let's go!

    From Nick Nicoman, on Sun 28 Apr 8:27
  5. Funny how spurs fan were so confident ahead of this­ game you lucky the own goal saved you

    From , on Sat 27 Apr 19:05
  6. Wigan was robbed by a bad decision on the refs part,

    From ivor, on Sat 27 Apr 17:52
  7. the result of a drunken night between her sister and­ her father, Victoria-Concordia-Crescit, is back,

    From Diogenes, on Sat 27 Apr 17:49
  8. Alex Murphy, what's a thick Mick doing supporting a­ London team?

    From Diogenes, on Sat 27 Apr 17:38
  9. Wigan finally going down. Thanks God.

    From Goran, on Sat 27 Apr 17:34
  10. Hi TOT #$%$ fans, been away now I'm back. How's life in­ the #$%$ half of North London? Still a one man team,­ bale scoring and winning your games. regards to­ Dembele. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and MIND THE COLLAPSE.

    From PLOPPENHAM HOTTURDS 4Life, on Sat 27 Apr 17:27
  11. Beausejour is an awful player

    From Fadamakis, on Sat 27 Apr 17:15
  12. sack avb .

    From GARY, on Sat 27 Apr 17:13
  13. Two lucky goals save spurs... Spurs fans need to pray­ they have enough luck to get them to top 4 they surely­ need it...

    From Anonymous, on Sat 27 Apr 17:11
  14. Spurs on ITV sport on Thursday's again!!!

    From Victoria-Concordia-Crescit, on Sat 27 Apr 17:10
  15. As a Spurs fan I just despair. Never showed up today,­ extremely lucky to get a point but it won't matter­ because it's game over as far as the top 4 is­ concerned. 1 point from 6 v Wigan? Even if we beat­ Chelsea, I can see us losing against Stoke and probably­ drop points v Southampton and Sunderland too. Just­ pathetic.

    From Tom, on Sat 27 Apr 17:10
  16. Diving desperate spuds. Bale has taught them well

    From Paul, on Sat 27 Apr 17:06
  17. How is being a point behind Arsenal an in your face­ moment, you think you can beat Chelsea at Stamford­ Bridge, i highly doubt it, you have a GD of +17 while­ Chelsea and Arsenal have a +30 GD, you need every win­ you can get, you didn't win a point, you dropped 2,­ the only fans you pleased weren't your own fans,­ but Aston Villa's, you might have just save them­ from Relegation, and Everton's by closing their gap­ from 5 to 3 pts, you claim a game in hand, but that­ game is at Chelsea.

    From Neo, on Sat 27 Apr 17:03
  18. chokers supreme, tiny tiny spurs

    From Blue on crack City, on Sat 27 Apr 17:02
  19. hfmhjfgj

    From Francis, on Sat 27 Apr 17:01
  20. I,Ma Wigan fan,i,m sic,sic sic,a draw,football can be­ cruel,we are still in the woods,oh well,another pint,to­ drow my sorrows,

    From WILLIAM, on Sat 27 Apr 17:00
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