Wednesday August 21, 2013 Day 3 Finished Stamford Bridge

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  1. Schurrle is play maker

    From Ali, on Sat 31 Aug 13:08
  2. Oh dear, its seems that now Alex Ferguson is out of the­ game people need to find someone else to accuse of­ paying the ref. Ivanovich foul on Benteke -­ Benteke went down clutching his face which Ivanavich­ did not come in contact with he actually caught Benteke­ at the jawbone/neck area. Therefore Benteke milked it­ knowing that if you go down clutching your face the ref­ will probably penalise the other player. Terry's­ handball - as stated previously by someone else­ Agbonlahore had his hand (s) on Terry's shoulder­ which other players have been penalised for in past. ­ Yes Chelsea have paid a lot of money for quality­ players but then so have Man Utd and Man City. Villa­ need an owner who is prepared to spend money rather­ than sell all his best players. Don't lay the­ blame for losing a match at the door of the referee -­ face reality and realise that Villa are not blameless ­ take the week-end match where Agbonlahore was awarded a­ penalty that replays clearly show should not have­ happened. Face facts Villa need better players which­ without a change of ownership they are never likely to­ get.

    From MARY, on Thu 22 Aug 18:47
  3. Sorry, I meant A.Villa not Sunderland.

    From Jack C, on Thu 22 Aug 15:02
  4. Sunderland resistance that they display against Arsenal­ was short lifted. Apparently its victory at Arsenal­ showed how fragile life is in EPL. On given day with­ referees like ATaylor and co. a team with stars will­ lose from missed callshere, send off there a fabricated­ goal over there. The tragic is that there so many A­ Taylors on tthe list of referees with no program for­ better training or repercution for their action. On the­ future transfer market clubs could start bidding for­ refs too. Over 65% of the matches are concluded with­ ref's mistake. On Chelsea win we saw a no called­ handball. Goal Line Technology can only see the ball­ crossing the goa line, EPL is in needs for more­ including a system to review and remediate­ referees' mistakes and better FA governance.

    From Jack C, on Thu 22 Aug 14:51
  5. Robbed by Chelsea YET AGAIN. Wonder how much the ref­ was paid this time or does he cheat for nothing. I­ wouldn't want to be associated with any one or­ anything coming out of a dog hole like London., You­ can keep your London clubs where they are.

    From Denise, on Thu 22 Aug 14:00
  6. I don't see what moaning about ref's decisions­ after the game is over and done with actually achieves,­ sure Terry did handball it, and Ivanonvic's goal­ was offside and the free kick was questionable for the­ goal as well, but these are all if's, buts, and­ maybe's, we lost 2-1 but we were superb especially­ in the second half, we defended very well in the first­ half because other then the goal I can't remember­ Chelsea having another chance, but we were as good if­ not better then Chelsea in the second half, seams like­ its go full circle from last year were we were very­ good in first half of matches and not so good in the­ second half, one thing is for certain we continue to­ play as well as we have started the season we could be­ a top 10 team again, Lambo just needs a bit more­ backing to get us there.

    From craig, on Thu 22 Aug 13:50
  7. I see villa fans whining about a bad referee get on­ with it you know the top 6 in the premier league are up­ the f.a. #$%$ and you know the will always favour man­ utd-chelsea -man city the money earners. you wer'e­ lucky last season villa escaping relegation by the odd­ point. maybe this year you wont be so lucky. ­ birmingham city are waiting for you. M.C. WOLF KRO­ BLUE NOSES

    From Stephen Bennett, on Thu 22 Aug 11:06
  8. So an offside goal from a man who (arguably) could have­ been send off. great refereeing.

    From Urbanedragoon, on Thu 22 Aug 7:41
  9. Hang on, I've just got it! Chelski are going to­ rebrand as Chelsea Cheats FC! Got it now!

    From Stephen Jones, on Wed 21 Aug 22:37
  10. Ian Holloway was so right at the weekend. The SKY 6 are­ untouchable and will continue to be for the long term­ future. They have more money from SKY to pay higher­ backhanders to their 'Friends' eh Kevin! And­ the Premier League/FA condone it! CROOKS (Not Garth)

    From Stephen Jones, on Wed 21 Aug 22:33
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Chelsea are not really as good as they used to be but­ Mourinho will really make the difference. Arsenal will­ win the Champions League after a great result tonight.­ Moyes will be sacked as Man Utd will end up mid table­ and Man City will challenge Chelsea for the­ title..these are the predictions from Mystic Moi

    From spreadtheword, on Wed 21 Aug 22:16
  12. So the special one has once again got it right, as for­ the hand ball, dont be silly,

    From neil, on Wed 21 Aug 22:11
  13. Karma is suck right Villa...

    From Anonymous, on Wed 21 Aug 22:05
  14. As usual, Chelsea, Man U get the questionable calls.­ Arsenal gets f'@(*. One should really add all­ material calls going into Man U&Chelsea's favor­ versus Arsenal. I would love nothing more than to be­ wrong about this.

    From ArnaudL, on Wed 21 Aug 21:59
  15. Haven't seen the game so don't know if AV­ should have had a penalty but JM squeezes out a win­ from what seems to have been a poorish display. That­ marks him out from all other Chelsea managers. My worry­ is that he is screwing out best player of the last tow­ years.... why? Schuerlle and Van Ginkel couldn't­ lace Mata's boots football wise..... neither can­ Lamps or Ramires. Put Mata back in Jose and leave him­ alone. Who said 25m + Mata for Rooney? You must be­ mad..... Though I can see Arsenal in with a big cash­ bid..... Stop it now, Jose

    From Edward G, on Wed 21 Aug 21:58
  16. Appears the ref was certainly a friend of chelski

    From MICHAEL M, on Wed 21 Aug 21:56
  17. Yes Sarah Jane, we all know Chelsea have bought the­ talent of TWO full internationals and you can win the­ title. Any other original thoughts??? Fact is­ Terry's arm is above his shoulder's, you­ benefited from an own goal. NOT the time to gloat, is­ it you idiot?

    From Lilvillan, on Wed 21 Aug 21:55
  18. You have to wonder at that standard of refereeing. An­ offside goal from a player who should have been sent­ off and possibly the clearest penalty you will see all­ season. And definitely the least deserved 3 points for­ Chelsea.

    From Mark, on Wed 21 Aug 21:52
  19. Glad the ref made sure that order was preserved.­ Can't have a team like Villa sitting top.

    From Morty, on Wed 21 Aug 21:51
  20. Was terry playing football ? Or volleyball ? Chelsea­ played with 12 men on pitch with friend number 12

    From backbone, on Wed 21 Aug 21:51
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