Monday August 19, 2013 Day 1 Finished Etihad Stadium

  1. Premier League - Manchester City hit four to sink 10-man Newcastle

    Premier League - Manchester City hit four to sink 10-man Newcastle

    Manchester City got the Manuel Pellegrini era off to a flyer with a resounding 4-0 win over 10-man Newcastle at the Etihad. More

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  1. You' re "Joking, 'ere"

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 20 Aug 22:04
  2. Newcastle look like relegation fodder at the moment.­ The cracks are starting to form. Don't think­ Steven Taylor should have been sent off, but would it­ really have made that much difference to a team all­ playing with two left feet. Krul did well.

    From Carl, on Tue 20 Aug 17:47
  3. Ha Ha Ha joke shop n3wcash0le are shyte man ftm

    From Spermbagjonny, on Tue 20 Aug 16:24
  4. Dear yahoo please update the premier league table asap­ your bias is showing.

    From Ste, on Tue 20 Aug 14:24
  5. Don't take too much notice of the result. Man City­ had a full half against 10 men

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 20 Aug 10:23
  6. Your league table is a mess. Surely one expects better­ standards from you. You put Man. City on par with­ Newcastle on the 11 position when one should be number­ one and the other bottom of the table. Still­ asleep?????

    From Victor B, on Tue 20 Aug 9:02
  7. As mentioned prior to kick off...... out came Pardews­ book of excuses, its time you geordies woke up and­ accepted that this club has always ripped you off

    From JOHN, on Tue 20 Aug 7:57
  8. Excellent result and let us hope there are more of them­ and then perhaps we can see the end of that joker­ Pardew, quickly followed by fat Sam Allardyce.

    From bobby, on Tue 20 Aug 4:37
  9. Loving the foaming at the mouth Bitter!! rags. Get used­ to looking up you muppets you are winning f@ck all this­ season lol

    From Windu, on Mon 19 Aug 22:31
  10. My grandson wants a cowboy outfit for his birthday. I­ know what to buy him now and I'm a NUFC supporter­ !!!

    From Don, on Mon 19 Aug 22:15
  11. I must admit to being very underwhelmed by Man City.­ Knowing how bad my beloved Newcastle United are, I­ predicted a 6-0 win for Man City and that was with us­ fielding 11 players i.e. before Steven Taylor was sent­ off. Man City need to ask themselves some serious­ questions about their ability to win this league. I­ think their owners need to spend another 1 Billion of­ their lottery winnings on some decent players... ­ I've just donated my premium bond to the Toon!

    From STEVEN, on Mon 19 Aug 22:13
  12. City. All about the Arab's money. ZERO credibility

    From SHAUN, on Mon 19 Aug 22:12
  13. Hey MARK. 294. We're here. City are only here­ because of the Arab money. They, like you, used to be­ in the old Third Division. Can you remember the time­ before the I.R.A turned up and saved your club when you­ went down with less than 20 points in less than 4­ seasons? 15 points in one season. Pathetic. Stop­ gloating man. It's sad. Ashley is bad for the­ game.. 3rd highest average gates in the EPL and the­ lowest transfer budget. Cockney parasite

    From SHAUN, on Mon 19 Aug 22:09
  14. This lot have relegation written all over them. Pardew­ has no idea, the owner has no interest. Only players­ worth their salt tonight: Arfa, Dummett, Krul, the rest­ could not pass, could not keep the ball, guilty of ball­ watching, to be honest they were fecking SHYTE!

    From no-one-is-no-one, on Mon 19 Aug 22:03
  15. Hey Bob the dog, I'm a Newcastle fan doing­ missionary work down south. I don't live too far­ from Ashley. If I show his house in Harpenden will­ you P*ss on his door step?

    From STEVEN, on Mon 19 Aug 22:03
  16. Well that's it then. The best saved for last. It­ has to be between the two Manchester clubs and Chelsea­ for the league on what we have seen from the first­ games. The brilliance of City and Chelsea versus the­ long-ball to Rip Van Persil power play of United. I­ know who I would sooner watch - and they don't wear­ red!

    From Mick, on Mon 19 Aug 22:01
  17. MARK, a lot of us have been on all night. We got what­ we deserved, and City will do that to many teams this­ season.

    From Cards Fan, on Mon 19 Aug 22:01
  18. Edin Dzeko is chosen as man of the match...3 assist but­ he couldnt get that goal

    From ArsenalVIP, on Mon 19 Aug 21:59
  19. Well where are all the Geordie gobshites, your all­ quiet tonight. FTM

    From MARK, on Mon 19 Aug 21:58
  20. Newcastle are rubbish and are for the drop, lets see­ how good you are when you play a good team.

    From RODNEY, on Mon 19 Aug 21:58
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