Saturday August 17, 2013 Day 1 Finished Carrow Road

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  1. becchio has no chance now they have hooper and wee­ willie winkie wolf

    From john, on Sun 18 Aug 10:28
  2. Feed the Wolf

    From Sarah, on Sat 17 Aug 17:14
  3. Lets go NC!!

    From Mike, on Sat 17 Aug 16:36
  4. Daz, your funny.... In the head

    From Des, on Sat 17 Aug 16:00
  5. COYBBS.......

    From Linmin, on Sat 17 Aug 15:59
  6. Still no place for Becchio, 30 minutes of footy since­ you left Leeds ???

    From B4ts, on Sat 17 Aug 15:57
  7. ,,,game at watchlivefˇˇtystream...

    From Jim, on Sat 17 Aug 15:55
  8. Martinez to relegate Everton this year lol

    From N W, on Sat 17 Aug 15:46
  9. just going the chippy

    From Anthony, on Sat 17 Aug 15:42
  10. Liverpool top of the prem, dont Get used to it red­ noses this year your going down

    From Des, on Sat 17 Aug 15:18
  11. Liverpool...Top of the Premiership...probably the last­ time I can say that this season, but can always be­ optimistic!

    From Margaret, on Sat 17 Aug 14:57
  12. Having read and listened to the so called experts­ predicting doom and gloom for Everton this season I­ feel the need to express positive expectations for the­ season. Last season under Moyes we played relatively­ conservatively and had one of the best defences in the­ Premiership. Our main problem was scoring goals. Under­ Martinez there will be a greater onus on creativity in­ front of goa and attractive football,couple this with­ our already solid defence(the same players dont become­ bad players overnight), theres no reason for us not to­ go one better than last season and qualify for Europe.­ The Wigan players ,all due respect to them,apart from a­ few top players some of whom we've signed and maybe­ another two more were nowhere near the quality of our­ first team regulars last season. Judge Martinez come­ the summer of 2014 not on paper.We've kept all our­ top players from last season and added more options and­ now theres geniune competition for starting places,this­ can only reap rewards for the team. Today's game­ against Norwich I fancy us to win in a tight game 2-1­ to Everton.

    From KJSparkz, on Sat 17 Aug 14:26
  13. That Daz should be banned hes a disgrace.

    From GAZA BOY, on Fri 16 Aug 17:56
  14. Who is this berk Daz is he ignorant or backward does­ anyone know ?

    From Bricky, on Tue 13 Aug 9:38
  15. Daz.....Crystal Palace are not a better side than­ Norwich although they might finish above Norwich this­ season on alphabetical order as C comes before N­ doesn't it ?.....This being said both sides have­ some good individual players

    From Raymond, on Mon 5 Aug 21:52
  16. Bongo Bongo Biddly.....To suggest Everton should be top­ of the league with maximum points after three matches­ is a stupid statement and then to suggest if they are­ not top of the league Martinez should be sacked is none­ sense. I can go back many years watching Everton and­ more than once I remember Everton going in to the last­ game of the season needing either a win or a draw to­ avoid relegation. You hear rumours that when David­ Moyes was Everton manager a delegation of players went­ to see the manager in his office during one of the­ times (there were many) the team was struggling and not­ playing well and the delegation would say.....'We­ are working too hard in training'. All this being­ said Martinez inherited a squad which is short on­ quality (not the best) with two or three stand out­ players.....While I would not expect Everton to be­ relegated remember Martinez is not a miracle worker he­ has no cash to spend and of the players Moyes left­ behind it would not be fair to name the players certain­ of the squad players are not good enough

    From David, on Sun 4 Aug 1:25
  17. I have supported Everton for over 40 years and while­ what I am about to say gives me no pleasure, somebody­ on this site said Everton should be top of the league­ after three games but the season has not started yet­ and I believe before a ball is kicked either Manchester­ United, Manchester City or Chelsea will probably win­ the league again with Tottenham and Arsenal having­ decent seasons again.....I would love to be proven­ wrong but Everton will not win the league until we find­ some money and this is the responsibility of Bill­ Kenwright and the other directors.....The best we can­ hope for is a good run in the cup competitions and­ possibly qualify for Europe through the league.....I­ have a lot of time for David Moyes but he has gone now­ and it is possible he took Everton as far as he could­ again coming back to the fact there is no cash to­ spend.....Martinez is manager now and he is capable at­ least Wigan play good football give the man a chance­ and he will get the job done.....I think the directors­ are happy to finish above Liverpool in the league but­ supporters want and deserve better

    From Raymond, on Tue 30 Jul 13:22
  18. Let vellios play

    From , on Sat 27 Jul 16:55
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    If Everton aren't top of the league after the first­ three games of the season on a maximum of 9 points the­ Martinez needs to go.

    From Bongo Bongo Biddly., on Wed 24 Jul 15:52
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Norich r kak reel stile. PALACE ULTRAz r guna batr u ­ tracter drivin LOZERz

    From Daz, on Fri 19 Jul 16:07
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