Saturday August 17, 2013 Day 1 Finished The Liberty Stadium

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  1. regardless of the start I still believe man u will­ carry the title

    From mulenga noble, on Thu 7 Nov 14:28
  2. Wow, watch out teams, United have not been at their­ best for a while now, and are still winning with ease.­ Chelsea and City, need to spend millions just to keep­ up. What does this tell you guys out there? If Chelsea­ and City do not have Mr Money Bags will they be where­ they are now? Answer is easily "NO". The­ thing in football is you do not need world class­ players all the time. Just team spirit. ManU­ forever.....

    From Clement L, on Tue 20 Aug 6:19
  3. Mwank Utd weren't that good, swansea were just­ total ballcocks

    From MICHAEL, on Mon 19 Aug 19:47
  4. Great start ! Let's go guys !

    From Bojan, on Mon 19 Aug 15:32
  5. good result.i can see chelsea struggling to beat­ swansea

    From Monkeyboy, on Sun 18 Aug 21:14
  6. I see the fixated united obsessed bindippers are­ trolling the utd threads again

    From , on Sun 18 Aug 7:21
  7. You guys really think this rubish team gonna win the­ title, you foolish your self. The ManU defense is­ sluggish. ManU WONT beat any of the Big 5 teams( Tot,­ Chelsea, LIV, Arsenal, and Man City) or at the most­ they will have 2 wins and a draw. they will be fighting­ for 4th place. You guys gonna miss "Fergie"

    From goeagle, on Sun 18 Aug 4:29
  8. there all happy cos rooney not playing,i am too .rooney­ not worth having. good ridance and who ever gets him­ will be going down like he does on a

    From Monkeyboy, on Sat 17 Aug 22:37
  9. weak midfield - wobble defence - dull performance stay­ as you are and maybe we will win title again by 11­ points

    From STANLEY, on Sat 17 Aug 22:12
  10. ha ha swansea you are going down

    From K, on Sat 17 Aug 20:52
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Fat boy Rooney should thank God he is at the same club­ as RVP. Let the fat diva go, if he thinks­ otherwise.....#$%$

    From Barry, on Sat 17 Aug 20:43
  12. News of Manchester United's demise are gravely­ exaggerated.....United will still be the team to beat­ this season.....Swansea have spent a lot of money and I­ thought they might give United a game today but­ OMG.....The best way to play Manchester United is to­ attack them,,,,, The Leagacy of King Alex lives on Long­ live King David..... On this performance the best­ Swansea can hope for is to match the League position­ they achieved last season

    From Raymond, on Sat 17 Aug 20:30
  13. Manutd at the top in august this is where they will be­ in may2014

    From K, on Sat 17 Aug 20:14
  14. very happy with what I saw this evening, now for­ chelsea

    From KENNETH, on Sat 17 Aug 20:13
  15. Michael obviously you have a brain the size of a­ chicken brain.

    From Raymond, on Sat 17 Aug 19:59
  16. Good three points for united ,Swansea not an easy place­ to go first match up.

    From , on Sat 17 Aug 19:45
  17. great start for Manchester United...wishing them a even­ better season dis time GGMU PLEASE WELBECK, NO MORE­ DEFENSIVE BLUNDERS

    From jide, on Sat 17 Aug 19:39
  18. Carrying on where we left off TOP

    From DAVID, on Sat 17 Aug 19:35
  19. `WHAT A GOAL FROM WELBECK! He doubles last season's­ goal tally in his first match this term, a glorious lob­ sealing the win. What a strike, superb pass from Rooney­ to assist.` 60-0 then?

    From robin, on Sat 17 Aug 19:35
  20. Woo Hoo!

    From David, on Sat 17 Aug 19:35
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