The referee blows for full time. A depressing result for Fulham, as is the nature of relegation.
Aluko on the right, and he wins a free kick on the corner after Diarra has a hack. The last chance of the match, probably.
Hangelaand tries to drag Long to stand up, after the striker goes down. Hull are happy with a point, it seems, but Fulham cannot be.
Nothing happens. The atmosphere, though, is eeee-lec-trick.
There will be four minutes of added time.
Davies flaps at the ball with an arm, probably not deliberately, and the referee gives nothing.
GOAL! Fulham 2-2 Hull City. Shane Long scores. Aluko crosses to the back post for Shane Long, who stoops and heads in at the near post.
Hull City Goal

Header - Bottom Right

Elmohamady is in space on the right of the box, but Stockdale's fingertip save pushes his shot against the post.
Another corner for Fulham. It's woeful, and Hull clear, but Fulham have it back quickly.
Hull clear the initial danger. Dejagah crosses from the right, it falls to Rodallega but Davies clears.
Meyler and Rosenior are off for Sagbo and Boyd. Dejagah wins a corner on the right.
Hull City Substitution
Hull City Substitution
Fulham are still defending well enough. Rodallega runs onto a low pass forward down the left. He sends a great pass to the back post for Dejagah, but Harper blocks after rushing out. It's back out to Bent, but he flashes his shot just wide.
Jelavic's heavy touch allows Hangelaand to clear up the danger on the edge of the box.
Aluko hits the bar. He slips outside the box as he prepares to take a shot, and it's deflected, but nevertheless leaves Stockdale rooted to the spot, and it thumps off the cross bar.
Boyd and Sagbo will be on shortly for Hull.
GOAL! Fulham 2-1 Hull City. Jelavic scores. The ball flicks up off Riether's lunge to cut out a pass, and it hits the cross bar. The ball bounces back for Jelavic, waiting, whose diving header cuts the lead.
Hull City Goal

Header - Top Left

Fulham are now pressed right back to their goal line, but clear the ball to the halway line.
Heitinga is now own injured and being treated on the sidelines. Fulham are stretched to the limit now.
Rodallega finds Bent in space on the left, and his return pass is straight to the keeper.
Little of note as Hull will be preparing for an assault on the Fulham goal. Fulham will be nervous.
Diarra seems to be moving far more easily after all that kerfuffle.
Hull City Substitution
Bruce is subbed for Aluko.
A bit of rowdiness as Diarra and Huddlestone have a bit of a jaunty exchange. Diarra is booked for his involvement.
Dejagah takes on his man down the right and wins yet another corner. This is their fifth. Bent's header is well wide.
Fulham quickly break forward, take a few moments too long on the ball as they consider their options, and Richardson's pass bounces off Mason and on to a Hull player. Diarra is limping, but unable to be substituted.
Huddlestone finds Meyler's run towards the byline on the inside right, and Hangelaand concedes a corner, which is cleared by Amorebieta.
Two goals in three minutes, a remarkable few minutes after such a dour performance in the first half.
GOAL! Fulham 2 Hull City 0. Amorebieta scores. Richardson whips in a cross from deep, to Amorebieta at the near post. He glaces the cross on to far post, and squeezes his header in.
Fulham Goal

Header - Bottom Right

Rodallega forces Bruce into conceding a corner on the left wing.
GOAL! Fulham 1-0 Hull City. Dejagah scores a lovely goal. Rodallega approaches the box, but is cleaned out by Chester. The ball runs to Dejagah, who steps into the box, comes onto his left foot and curls the ball into the top corner.
Fulham Goal

Left Footed - Top Left

Sidwell is off. I assume he's injured after struggling for most of the game. Bent is on.
Fulham Substitution
Livermore wins a free kick on the edge of his area after more pressure from Fulham, when Richardson trips him. Darren Bent will be coming on soon.

50: The hosts applying the early pressure again in this second half. #UTT

Fulham have started much brighter this time, and have again pressured Harper into a poor clearance.
Riise was the player swapped for Dejagah.
Rodallega finds Dejagah on the right, and his cross is cleared. Some stunningly bad tattoos on show today from Fulham. Dejagah, who has a fair few of them, wins a corner on the right for Fulham, which is cleared.
David Meyler is also down with an injury to his left foot or ankle, and receiving treatment.
Rodallega aims a pass left for Sidwell on the edge of the box, but he quickly starts limping. Richardson has another cross on the left, and it's blocked for a throw.
Richardson is on for Holtby, who I had forgotten about. Dejagah is on for... someone. Fulham win a corne ron the left, and Rodellega thumps Dejagah's cross wide of goal.
Fulham Substitution
Fulham Substitution
The referee blows for half time. See you in 15 minutes.
Patient play from Hull as half time approaches.

45+: We have entered a minimum of two minutes of added time here. #UTT

A waste of a free kick from Fulham. Hull attack.
Sidwell is back up now and able to continue. He even goes in hard on Livermore, who is then booked for a late challenge on Rodallega.
Sidwell is down receiving threatment.
Shane Long goes down after being through on goal. Mason gives nothing. He was nudged by Amorebieta, and it certainly could have been given. He would have been better served by trying to stay up and to score, though.
Rosenior has space to cross from the left, but it's overhit and out, again. Jelavic and Amorebieta have a bit of a grapple as the ball flies over them, but it's all fair.
Livermore finds Bruce, but his chip into the box is cleared. The ball is back with Hull in Fulham's half.
Rodallega spreads the ball right for Riether, but his cross is sliced high over the near post.
Long sends in a low cross on the right for Huddlestone at the near post, but it's too close to the 'keeper and Stockdale slides down to claim.
A terrible corner comes out for Diarra on the right wing, and his much better cross is headed away.
Amorebieta wins a corner after chasing a ball high up on the left-wing. He's played impressively at wing back so far today.
Riise takes a long throw from the left, and Hull clear. It comes to Amorebieta, whose low shot is blocked.
Fulham have had 56% of the possession so far. Jelavic gives away a foul at the back post as he pushes Riether.
Elmohamady's cross is well cleared, but City have a throw on the right wing. Elmohamady takes, and doesn't appear to swear at anyone this time.

"David Stockdale claims a cross from Ahmed Elmohamady and there are not any Hull players getting up in his grill to make it difficult"

Elmohamady tells the referee very heartily to "EFF OFF" and is lucky to still be on the pitch.
Jelavic heads across goal for Livermore. He lays it off to Rosenior but his shot is deflected over for a Hull corner on the left wing. Huddlestone takes, it comes to Bruce at the back post but is headed comfortably off the line.

2-1 IN SWANSEA: Shelby scores - all happening in South Wales today. Follow live: https://t.co/cGCor6eFTe

Tweet me if you're watching this game on @lxdrnthrtn and let me know how you feel about where your life is headed.
Heitinga seems to have a bit of an eye injury, seemingly accidentally hit in the face with a loose Jelavic arm. It's unlikely there's much in it, as they are old teammates.
This is a #mutedgame.
Hull have a throw high up on the right. Elmohamady crosses, but Stockdale is able to get to it.
Rodallega lays the ball off to Parker, but his heavy touch allows Hull to counter. Long finds Rosenior on the left, but his cross from the left wing drifts out of play for a goal kick.
Hull City Yellow card



Jelavic is booked for a late challenge on Riether in midfield.
Livermore after getting the ball kicked into his face. He'll be fine.
Not much is going on, I'll be honest. I could make something up, but I would be sacked.
Amorebieta crosses for Rodallega, but he doesn't do much more than head the ball into the air. He was crowded out by the Hull defence.
Elmohamady is booked by Mason after he goes down under no contact, pre-empting a challenge that never came from Amorebieta.
Elmohamady sends in a cross from deep for Jelavic, but his header is straight at Stockdale, and weakly hit. Sidwell gives away a foul in midfield.
Amorebeita curls a cross between 'keeper and defenders, and Rodallega fails to make a solid connection, and the ball is away from the danger zone.
News from elsewhere in the relegation scraps.

10: Not much happening here in the first ten minutes, other than a whole lot of noise. #UTT

Short passing from Fulham advances Holtby up on the wing, but he slips.
A good spell of possession for Hull ends when Rosenior can't outrun his marker on the wing. A long ball from Fulham goes straight to Harper, but Rodallega pressures him into a pass that is straight out of paly.
Livermore is penalised for a foul in midfield, just on the halfway line. Fulham take it short and build from the back. Holtby concedes a foul with a high foot after chasing down Riise's header.
Shane Long chases a flat long ball, but it skids away from him.
Rodallega does brilliantly to bring a high ball down in the box. He lays the ball back to find Riise's run, and his shot is just wide.
A high ball over the top for Riise, but it's out of reach and Harper has hold of it.
Meyler's shot from inside the box deflects way up into the air, and Stockdale collects easily.
Sidwell drags Huddlestone to the ground just outside the box, but the referee allows the play to continue. Meyler is then fouled by Scott Parker at the other end of the pithc, and City do have a free kick now.
Fulham start the game wearing white, and Hull City blue. I expect them to end the game wearing the same colours, too. Lee Mason is our referee today.

The noise in Craven Cottage is deafening as the teams march out in the gleaming sunshine. We're around five minutes from kick-off. #coyw

You have to respect Hull City's Twitter game; just much better than Fulham's effort. There are five minutes to go now, in what will be a tactically fascinating relegation match-up.
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With just 10 minutes to go until kick-off here at Craven Cottage, here are some photos from behind the scenes. #UTT http://t.co/W2t27aMPOf

You can also let me know your predictions on Twitter, using @lxndrnthrtn.

As the players head back to the changing rooms, we want to hear from you! What are your predictions for today? #UTT

Steven Harper is looking sweaty on the pitch and holding his elbow. Could this be MASSIVE NEWS or ENORMOUS NEWS regarding an injury? Probably not, as he's back taking a few practice punts.
Having seen Hull play in the FA Cup semi-final against Sheffield United at Wembley a couple of weeks ago, it must be said that the build-up to games is much nicer without the veneration of the militaristic arm of state-sponsored neoliberal foreign policy. That is to say, there's no soldiers walking around tactictly expecting praise.
Have you ever seen footballers heading out for their warm-up? Regardless of the answer, you can see Hull players heading out for their warm-up here.
A win for Fulham could see them end today out of the relegation zone, depending on how other results go, and would also drag Hull City into the mire of relegation misery and doom. But let's be honest, Fulham will probably lose, as they have done most games this year. 23 in the Premier League so far.
He has a beautiful, visionary and inspiring approach to public relations, does Felix Magath.

Felix Magath: "We are at home, it's an important game and we will be attacking." #coyw http://t.co/XVEnN6fOWo

TEAMS: Fulham: Stockdale; Heitinga, Hangeland, Amorebieta, Riise; Riether, Parker, Sidwell, Diarra, Holtby; Rodallega. Subs: Stekelenburg, Richardson, Kasami, Dejagah, Roberts, Bent, Woodrow. /// Hull City: Harper, Rosenior, Bruce, Chester, Davies, Meyler, Huddlestone, Livermore, Jelavic, Long, Elmohamady. Subs: Jakupovic, Koren, Fryatt, Boyd, Sagbo, Aluko, Quinn.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League match between Fulham and Hull City.

Starting Line-ups

Hull City
    • Stockdale
    • Amorebieta
    • Hangeland
    • Heitinga
    • John Arne Riise
    • Sidwell
    • 9
    • 8
    • Riether
    • Holtby
    • 20
Team Manager:  Kit Symons
    • Long
    • 18
    • 27
    • 14
    • 8
    • 7
    • 2
    • 5
    • 4
    • 6
    • 22
Team Manager:  Steve Bruce
Players Sub Time
Players Sub Time
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