Saturday December 1, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 4th Round Celtic Park

Countdown: -505 Days

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  1. Woo Hoo - at last Hoppy admits to his lack of­ knowledge! :)

    From Mark, on Tue 4 Dec 10:34
  2. It just gets worse and worse for this poor Ceptic side.

    From the_voice_of_reason, on Sun 2 Dec 12:58
  3. PMSL

    From the_voice_of_reason, on Sun 2 Dec 12:57
  4. Cannae beat a turd div team dont worry we are coming to­ give you a proper thumping from a real good third div­ team-take the tainnted titles till we are back and we­ will be back soon

    From Alistair, on Sat 1 Dec 21:13
  5. Kippers tic lemmon wont be having for breakfast before­ he sees father cannae win a game

    From Alistair, on Sat 1 Dec 21:11
  6. Great result infront of a full house at the piggery ,­ noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot that shower of shyte­ couldny beat carpets best fans in the world dont make­ me laugh an irish team on scottish soil fek off back­ home , you got smoked by a doris. Roll on spartak.

    From Theresonlyoneticinglesga PARTICK, on Sat 1 Dec 19:31
  7. mon the smokies

    From Keith, on Sat 1 Dec 17:31
  8. Can somebody tell me the result for this one? Can't­ find it anywhere. I tried phoning ma granny but­ she's having 'er broth' Done up like a­ KIPPER!!!!

    From xorbi1972, on Sat 1 Dec 17:26
  9. LMFAO the Lurgan gypo`s side are brilliant FAIL FAIL­ Lemmon my sides are splittin wi the belly achin­ laughter ye couldnay write a story aboot it.WATP

    From Tommy, on Sat 1 Dec 17:03
  10. Being a Celtic fan since my days living in Arbroath­ where I was born, great to see the wee Red L's get­ a result at Parkhead as many would have thought 6 0­ beforehand! Well done both and hope it's a good­ replay game at Gayfield!! Been a good day all round­ with Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City dropping points, all­ I need is my beloved Man Utd to beat Reading now and go­ 10 points clear of Chelsea! Joe Greenhowe

    From joseph, on Sat 1 Dec 17:02
  11. nice prediction gary,lol,plank

    From Thomas, on Sat 1 Dec 16:59
  12. ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha WATP

    From Thomas, on Sat 1 Dec 16:58
  13. Another fine result for Celtic at Parkhead.....1-1­ against Arbroath !

    From Scotty., on Sat 1 Dec 16:56
  14. who scored??

    From Lelia, on Sat 1 Dec 16:30
  15. come on arbroath,they do a good fish supper there,lol

    From Thomas, on Sat 1 Dec 16:14
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    dont worry about this game.we will win easy. un like­ Rangers we dont go out to beat wee teams 9-0 we dont­ have to do that to them 2-0 will do us. we have a­ bigger match then this to come.

    From Thomas, on Sat 1 Dec 16:02
  17. Yahoo this is an absolute disgrace football fan from­ north of the boarder are being treated like 2nd class­ citizens, we are being discriminated against. When was­ the last time there was a live commentary for a­ Scottish game. GOODBYE!

    From D, on Sat 1 Dec 15:54
  18. Whatever you say paul ............plank

    From Davy, on Sat 1 Dec 15:50
  19. away the popes 11, get in there :)

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 15:25
  20. double figures.12 nil celtic.hail hail

    From Gary, on Sat 1 Dec 15:11
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