Saturday February 2, 2013 5th Round Finished Tannadice Park

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  1. Well done the newco ha ha­ ahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    From harvey, on Sat 2 Feb 18:17
  2. so much for the great new co glassgow rangers he he

    From Thomas, on Sat 2 Feb 16:50
  3. easy win against newco

    From Darren M, on Sat 2 Feb 16:38
  4. Rangers showed that they are truly a Division 3 team. ­ With a manager not worthy of having that title. The­ ref didn't help, allowing a multitude of fouls­ against Rangers players but dishing out ridiculous­ punishments for Rangers players BEING fouled !! ­ However, the reds for Black and naismith were probably­ deserved -- so, not only were rangers disjointed and­ absolutely inept, they lacked discipline. What­ happens now with Rangers should be interesting -- Green­ really should shunt McCoist into an armchair upstairs­ somewhere and bring in somebody who knows how to coach­ and manage a football team. But whatever Green does,­ he will be criticised. To be blunt -- looking at it­ from the money side, McCoist is devaluing the worth of­ both players and club with every game. Well done to­ Dundee United -- they weren't great but they­ totally deserved to win today, and probably by a bigger­ margin. One alst thing -- we expect in the absence­ of any other chants that the "Go home ya­ Hu*s" will be addressed ??

    From Alnwill, on Sat 2 Feb 15:11
  5. Robert, Ha Ha Ha, great score UNITED.

    From McKeen Slayer, on Sat 2 Feb 15:10
  6. Who was it that got beat, the Club or the Holding­ Company ?

    From Alan, on Sat 2 Feb 15:07
  7. Will Rangers supporters be boycotting the next round­ too?

    From COLIN, on Sat 2 Feb 15:04
  8. good result enjoy the journey

    From Peterbhoy, on Sat 2 Feb 15:01
  9. WATP = What A Tannadice Pumping.

    From Alan, on Sat 2 Feb 14:57
  10. Well......I hope Mr Green finally gets the­ message.......he has a Scottish Third Division football­ team that he calls "Glasgow­ Rangers"...........Rangers are no­ more!!!!.....administration then in­ liquidation.....they no longer exist. His­ overpaid,under talented, players who he thinks are­ wonderful and the bald facts are they are what they are­ just less than average!!!.......soon.....very­ soon.....the money will run out and the club,whatever­ name he cares to call it will disappear.....hopefully­ this time for good.

    From , on Sat 2 Feb 14:51
  11. Well done united!!!!!!!!!! Hope charlie boy learns a­ lesson today!!!!!!!! Do not continue with this attitude­ that all of scottish football caused your downfall ???­ Go cap in hand and try and make freinds,as this #$%$­ cant keep going on ,we never caused your demise ,your­ previous owner did it ,so hope you show some respect­ after todays game and have a beer with mr thompson­ etc.and get on with your wouldbe dreams!!!!!!!!

    From BRUCE, on Sat 2 Feb 14:45
  12. Haw Haw Haw!!!!!!!

    From Jamie, on Sat 2 Feb 14:44
  13. Oh dear, the ZOMBIES will be hurting today, Ha ha ha­ ha ha ha ha, GREAT RESULT DUNDEE UNITED.

    From McKeen Slayer, on Sat 2 Feb 14:41
  14. How has this happened????? Is the ref colour blind?????­ Its usually the team playing against this lot gets sent­ aff?????? Hahahahahaahahahahaha ref must b colour blind­ will make an appointment at specsavers for him!!!!! As­ a bonus!!!!!! Hahahahahaahahaha,obviously charlie boy­ didnae deliver the broon envelope at half time?????­ Hahahahahaahahahha

    From BRUCE, on Sat 2 Feb 14:39
  15. hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa­ hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa #$%$ HA,,,,,,,,,bunch of #$%$­ haddies

    From fact, on Sat 2 Feb 14:39
  16. I have no club...I am 46 and only ever followed­ Scotland. But one thing I will say is why o why do­ Rangers fans think they are 'the pride of­ Scotland' ???? Firstly you fly a union jack at­ your games / ground, sing the english national anthem­ and I have even met Rangers fans who would rather­ support england then their own team. I have pride in­ where I come from and of our countrys history and to be­ honest the union jack belittles the struggles and­ sacrifices our forefathers went through and rubs salt­ into the wounds of the first ever recorded­ genocide,namely the highland clearances. I have plenty­ of english friends and have nothing against english­ people BUT sick of hearing from the pro english union­ Rangers fans about 'the pride of Scotland'­ ....hang yer heids in shame

    From Angus B, on Sat 2 Feb 14:38
  17. yeh ian the only dummy is you,on a thread about scots­ fitba on a sat afteroon, ,english chimp,away and drag­ them knuckles around the tescos behind the wife chimp. ­ ya spaaazzzz

    From mark, on Sat 2 Feb 14:38

    From N W, on Sat 2 Feb 14:35
  19. another record , dirtiest team in the UK

    From Stuart Mcdermott, on Sat 2 Feb 14:34
  20. gaun yersell jackie

    From ben, on Sat 2 Feb 14:23
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