Wednesday October 31, 2012 Round 4 Finished Ibrox Stadium

  1. Scottish Football - Old Firm conquerors to face off

    Scottish Football - Old Firm conquerors to face off

    Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels has labelled Inverness strong favourites ahead of their Scottish Premier League game at the weekend. More

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  1. SPL - Scottish Pub League - English Blue Square better­ division than this! Scottish football not even worth­ speaking about it is so #$%$!

    From John, on Thu 1 Nov 10:42
  2. Great result even though it was against a wee team from­ the 3rd division.

    From robin H, on Thu 1 Nov 7:08
  3. Congratualations to Caley they played us off the­ park-just shows how good Highland oppoosition is-we­ looked like tic against Killie not in the race. ­ Kuddies to Inverness-thank crivens they are not in­ Europe

    From Alistair, on Wed 31 Oct 22:25
  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahah­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From anthony, on Wed 31 Oct 21:56
  5. we are the people BJK

    From the billy boy, on Wed 31 Oct 21:54
  6. Ha ha "supercaleygoballistic rangers are­ atrocious" will we be seeing headlines like this­ tomorrow. I doubt it.......

    From Ian, on Wed 31 Oct 21:52
  7. Happy Halloween to all the ZOMBIES out there. Keep­ up the good work Ally.

    From Alan, on Wed 31 Oct 21:46
  8. well done the Well

    From Dave, on Wed 31 Oct 21:45
  9. Had wee flutter oan this wan, looked doon the odds and­ thought they were shyte so I had a wee sly nicker oan­ 3-0 tae cally

    From donald, on Wed 31 Oct 21:41
  10. going for the double now are ye ?

    From William, on Wed 31 Oct 21:40
  11. another cup...another exit!!!! must stay!!!

    From EDWARD, on Wed 31 Oct 21:39
  12. Well thats another fine mess for McCoist. He still­ has't won anything and should be replaced by Craig­ Levien right away.

    From Mr Pastry, on Wed 31 Oct 21:38
  13. Zombie Killing? or Zombie Slaying? @­ castlegreyskull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween­ Zombies

    From Lola, on Wed 31 Oct 21:38
  14. goodbyt THE rangers :)

    From , on Wed 31 Oct 21:37
  15. how the great have fallen

    From Graham, on Wed 31 Oct 21:37
  16. "I'm of the belief that they can and hopefully­ they will, but words are cheap and they have got to­ show that. Is McCoist the next Dubya?

    From Mr Pastry, on Wed 31 Oct 21:36
  17. Boy howdy, Rangers are laying an egg in this one.

    From Charles, on Wed 31 Oct 21:34
  18. Weel there will be dancing to Ribbie Shippird the nicht­ but no in Govan jist in Inferness. heeeeoooogh!

    From Mr Pastry, on Wed 31 Oct 21:34
  19. Cracking result for ICT tonight, pity that bobby pleb­ is on here slagging off our football when we are­ perfectly capable of doing it ourselves....are there no­ engerlish games going on tonight for him to comment on?

    From Robbo, on Wed 31 Oct 21:33
  20. An absolute canter for the SPL side!

    From Silencer, on Wed 31 Oct 21:32
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