Wednesday September 26, 2012 3rd Round Finished Ibrox Stadium

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  1. no surrender

    From Yin, on Sat 27 Oct 16:25
  2. Well done the SFA,demoting Rangers into Division 3. ­ What a miss-match that was,the mighty Motherwell vs­ Rangers,the down and outs from Division 3. Why did I­ expect that result in the first place? Well done­ Rangers,shame on the SFA.

    From richard, on Thu 27 Sep 17:48
  3. well done Gers ... just do not get carried away ... you­ have a great chance to rebuild ,, with young talent and­ become the best again ,,, but it will take time ,, so­ be patient and when the time comes and you are back in­ the SPL ,,, you can take your REVENGE on all that put­ the boot in when you were down

    From ian, on Thu 27 Sep 16:55
  4. follow follow follow!!!!

    From scot, on Thu 27 Sep 11:20
  5. follow follow follow!!!!

    From scot, on Thu 27 Sep 11:20
  6. Brilliant! Super Lee McCulloch and the young lads­ showing how it's done, now let's keep it going!­ Fans were fantastic again as per, Our support is being­ recognized around the world and the monkeys can't­ stand it.. the whole 14 and a half thousand of them­ haha!

    From Craig, on Thu 27 Sep 10:02
  7. oh im sorry you wont read that cos youve phucked off as­ you hate us winning

    From Malcolm, on Thu 27 Sep 0:22
  8. hey lys anybody know how many weans got tampered with?

    From Malcolm, on Thu 27 Sep 0:21
  9. Rangers, giant killers!

    From Hugh, on Thu 27 Sep 0:20
  10. The person I feel sorry for is Stuart McColl,he's a­ great Manager and was a superb player in his day­ too,but his team was outplayed for 89.9 minutes at­ least!!. One of the best games by Rangers F.C.whilst­ in the Scottish 3rd Division,and I do hope the SPL­ Managers and Chairmen were watching?,as they are all­ going to cop it,one way or another,soooooon,Murray.

    From , on Thu 27 Sep 0:02
  11. So little ol' division 3 Rangers beat the leaders­ of the SPL. I bet SPL chairman are wishing Rangers­ were back in the SPL to boost gates - well tough luck,­ Rangers will grow and flourish and tin-pot outfits­ like Motherwell, Aberdeen, Hearts etc will loose money­ and slowly die and serve them right. Keep going­ Rangers.

    From Al, on Wed 26 Sep 22:15
  12. well done lads

    From clan, on Wed 26 Sep 21:55
  13. Magic rangers i got it so wrong well done

    From Davy, on Wed 26 Sep 21:53
  14. hope you were watching that doncaster regan lawwell­ petrie etc etc. The rangers are coming for you all.ill­ laugh when you all crumble like the team thats top of­ the esspeehell did tonight.

    From fife-bloke, on Wed 26 Sep 21:39
  15. Im a neutral footie fan flicking channels between the­ Rangers and Man U games tonight and for once the­ Scottish game delivered the best of the entertainment. ­ Hats off to Rangers fans this season for standing­ behind the team with just short of 30,000 of them (ok,­ 29+1) at Ibrox tonight. Motherwell have been great­ value for money but the weansin blue outplayed them­ tonight. More of the same please SFL/SPL.

    From don, on Wed 26 Sep 21:38
  16. ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh wers all the wean tamperers­ tonite .

    From Costablancablue, on Wed 26 Sep 21:35
  17. girfuy ALL,watp & we are comin on strong

    From Thomas, on Wed 26 Sep 21:31

    From Thomas, on Wed 26 Sep 21:30
  19. #44 Is it a prostate problem? Men of your age!

    From Mr Pastry, on Wed 26 Sep 21:27
  20. the rangers,WATP,WHAT A RESULT,7-4 ODDS FOR THE THE­ RANGERS,laughin all the way to the bank.

    From Thomas, on Wed 26 Sep 21:26
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