Saturday September 1, 2012 Day 5 Finished Celtic Park

Celtic 2 - 2 Hibernian

  • Lustig 10’
  • McPake 69’ (o.g.)
  • Clancy 53’
  • Cairney 73’

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      3.5 -
      3.6 -
      3.6 -
      Goal 4.5 -
      Substitution Out45′ 3.3 -
      4.4 -
      Substitution Out74′ 3.7 -
      4 -
      4.1 -
      Substitution In74′ 1.5 -
      Substitution In45′ 5.3 -
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      8.6 -
      Goal 8.5 -
      Own Goal 8.5 -
      8.4 -
      8.2 -
      Substitution Out87′ 8.3 -
      8.2 -
      Substitution Out87′ 8.4 -
      Goal 8.3 -
      8.3 -
      8.5 -
      Substitution In87′ 8.2 -
      Substitution In87′ 8.2 -

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  1. alister the only tainted team in scotland is the­ rangers once known as sevco cheated for years still­ cheating, but no doubt you will reply with some­ obscenity as that is the only way you peanut brain can­ retaliate. FACT

    From Catherine, on Mon 3 Sep 9:47
  2. fr dougal dont you mean cum on celtic.

    From Tom, on Sun 2 Sep 20:22
  3. Wow what a league ! 9-teams could win the title ! only­ 3-points seperate the first 9-teams ..........ah maybe­ im a bit early....only 4-5 games gone Cetic fans will­ be getting worried now ! 8 out of 12-points only! and­ no Rangers !

    From Scotty., on Sun 2 Sep 20:15
  4. who cares

    From john, on Sun 2 Sep 18:35
  5. Oh and another small point Cammy! Septic needed an OG­ to get a draw at Porkhied lol

    From Gordon, on Sun 2 Sep 4:34
  6. Cammy Septic are minch you know it! I know it! everyone­ in Scotland knows it! Over and Out of the Champs League

    From Gordon, on Sun 2 Sep 4:32
  7. Gordon you #$%$ look at the Celtic team today Its­ not even second string its probably third sting Once­ the injured players come back in and the new signings­ we have a very strong first team and squad The SPL­ is a given Celtic will win it by at least 20 points no­ contest Eourope is the main concern and Celtic wil­ do well Also how far ahead are the mighty Glasgow­ Celtic compared to Rangers? The answer is miles and­ miles and will be for many a year Rangers are gone­ finished NO MORE and Celtic continue to grow and move­ forward

    From cammy, on Sun 2 Sep 0:22
  8. So. All you timmys think this is the team that going to­ qualify for the knock out stages of the Champs League?­ Don't think sooooooo

    From Gordon, on Sat 1 Sep 20:29

    From crosstown rebel, on Sat 1 Sep 17:49
  10. Lets all laugh at Septic! lets all laugh at Septic!­ Look another draw for the **** as hell Septic. To­ all the Septic fans watch the game tomorrow and watch­ the real Glasgow team in action. WATP! Ally­ McCoist's Blue and White Army.

    From Hoggy, on Sat 1 Sep 17:25
  11. Well done Hibs, much better showing than last year.­ Scotland is indeed greener.

    From Father _Dougal, on Sat 1 Sep 17:02
  12. come in tic your time is up-we're coming

    From Alistair, on Sat 1 Sep 16:59
  13. hibs ram in 3 goals & still dont win, LOL,the #$%$ have­ been gifted points in the last 3 games now,GLASGOWS RED­ WHITE & BLUE

    From Thomas, on Sat 1 Sep 16:59
  14. ah its over and I was enjoying it so much that tic­ canny even beat hibs-never mind you watch a real team­ tomorrow play football with great players that want to­ play for the MIGHTY GERS

    From Alistair, on Sat 1 Sep 16:58
  15. Come on Celtic.

    From Father _Dougal, on Sat 1 Sep 16:56
  16. a wonderful draw for the ride of scotland and tainted­ champions-come down to 3rd div and try and get a win at­ annan

    From Alistair, on Sat 1 Sep 16:55
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Peep peep peep!! It's all over. Hahahahahahaha!!­ Well seeing they had an easy draw in the qualifiers to­ get to the CL. A poor poor side.

    From , on Sat 1 Sep 16:51
  18. Wish the Barcelona humping of tic was on the­ anniversary of the MIGHTY GERS famous European victory­ I might even go to the match and celebrate our great­ victory and tic humping at the same time

    From Alistair, on Sat 1 Sep 16:50
  19. Jeeeeeeeesus­ wept.........................................with­ laughter.

    From , on Sat 1 Sep 16:49
  20. c'mon hibs 10-1

    From Big Stew, on Sat 1 Sep 16:48
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