Saturday December 8, 2012 Kick off: 12:30 Day 17 Rugby Park

Countdown: -497 Days

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  1. Great win for the £20,000,000 in the black (not the­ red) Mighty Glasgow Celtic.

    From 1967, on Sat 8 Dec 16:58
  2. great professional job done, keep it up bhoys

    From Hugh Mc, on Sat 8 Dec 15:00

    From Georgie~?Bhoy?, on Sat 8 Dec 14:52

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 14:25
  5. Aye Teresa, denial 'is' a terrible thing! Wee­ Tam Cowan was spot on today! Did Dundee Utd allow­ Sevco's debts to spiral out of control? Did Dundee­ Utd sell the Ibrokes club to Craig Whyte for a quid? ­ Did Dundee Utd drag the Govan club into administration­ by refusing to cough up PAYE and NI to HMRC? Did­ Dundee Utd sell the Arsenal shares?

    From Magoo, on Sat 8 Dec 14:21
  6. A stroll for celtic 3-1 aff tae the blue heaven cheers

    From Davy, on Sat 8 Dec 14:20
  7. hurtys are paranoid .......................... hehe ­ hurtys are hurtin ................................hoho ­ Tha e math a bhith beo' Hail Hail

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 14:12
  8. Hope the weeco newco get horsed the day rob­ ................... just sayin like!!

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 14:10
  9. really gets up your nose sevco fans this last 16­ eh..the real way to earn big money..the honest­ cheating or robbing we may not be great­ team ..but we leave your lot miles get­ over it and stop torturing yourselves..denial can­ seriously damage your health..

    From TERESA, on Sat 8 Dec 14:06
  10. WOW Lola, you're gonna win a one horse race. Well­ Done.

    From Rob, on Sat 8 Dec 14:05
  11. Ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 14:05

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 14:02
  13. Celtic on easy street! 3 nil!

    From Magoo, on Sat 8 Dec 14:02
  14. GLASGOW CELTIC CHAMPIONS!!! HEAR IT­ ................................... READ IT­ ................................. 3 NIL!! OUCH­ HURTYS

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 14:02
  15. Glasgow Celtic CHAMPIONS!!! .....................­ Europes Elite!!! Last 16 ............... the hurtys­ want to gatecrash the partay ......... But ye need to­ PLAY FOOTBALL FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! Big Deal ...­ haha haha hahahahahahaha ........... oh they hurt­ ssssssssoooooooooooooo bad!! its brilliant!! ­ Remember yer partay hats n wee blowers ...... ye huve­ enuff wind to turn a turbine!!! Jog on dafties­ ...... this is Scottish Premier Footie ONLY ..... YER­ NO IN OUR LEAGUE!! REMEMBER!!

    From Lola, on Sat 8 Dec 13:42
  16. the reason scotlands shame supporters come onto celtic­ pages is to see them slip up (pathetic) find something­ else to fill yer time till your 12th of july comes­ round to have something to cheer about which in its­ self is also pathetic your bitterness is finished kaput­ dead brought on by your sorry selves GREEN eyed­ monsters a terrible thing heres an idea see if you can­ scientifically find a way or turn grass to the colour­ of blue should take you a while and before you know­ it'll be summer LOL HH

    From rab, on Sat 8 Dec 13:42
  17. boab what does that make sevco ..playing in the turd ­ div...last 16 really annoying why are you on­ here ...are you a secret tim..

    From TERESA, on Sat 8 Dec 13:28
  18. Wow,last 16,big fecking deal,get a grip ffs

    From andrew, on Sat 8 Dec 13:07
  19. Is the game being played behind closed doors or is it­ by invitation only.

    From andrew, on Sat 8 Dec 12:35
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    That Celtic Football Club is inextricably linked with­ paedophilia is beyond question. Whether the Bheasts who­ follow the club like it or not, their board of­ directors and their manager covered up the vile crimes­ of a depraved child-molester.

    From CSS, on Sat 8 Dec 9:34
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