Saturday August 18, 2012 Day 3 Finished Victoria Park

Ross County 1 - 1 Celtic

  • Brittain 49’
  • Commons 90’

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      Goal 3.9 -
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      Substitution In77′ 3.9 -
      Substitution In64′ 5.1 -

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  1. Celtic what a joke. hammered by the italians, now­ humiliated by Ross county. If you played in England,­ they would be lucky to survive in a sunday morning pub­ league.

    From Wilhelm, on Sun 10 Mar 7:27
  2. Paul make your mind up, is it Sevco or The Rangers? And­ you're not obsessed!

    From F., on Mon 20 Aug 7:22
  3. A wee club like Ross county?Ye haven't got a chance­ in Europe!hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha lol!

    From Gotcha, on Sat 18 Aug 19:12
  4. This is an announcement: Can all Sevco fans please­ refrain from leaving comments on an SPL game, you are­ out of your depth and jurisdiction. Now please go, you­ are starting to sound jealous of Ross County being far­ superior and in a better league than you. The Rangers­ fans, deluded then, deluded now, deluded forever!!!!!!

    From paul, on Sat 18 Aug 18:35
  5. Lucky Celtic barstewards,however! surely you must­ agree,your manager is a wee nyaf and completely naieve­ in all aspects of football management.

    From Had Enough, on Sat 18 Aug 16:45
  6. lol

    From clan, on Sat 18 Aug 16:43
  7. Ha ha

    From Jim, on Sat 18 Aug 16:19
  8. Let me explain to the hard-of-thinking (aka Sevco­ supporters) - CELTIC are still dining at the top table,­ and shopping in Harrods, whereas the Fat-boy is raking­ the pig-swill bins, and doing his shopping at the likes­ of LIDL, ALDI, and Netto!!

    From Steven, on Sat 18 Aug 15:58
  9. And these scumbags have a cheek to slabber about­ Rangers draw with Peterhead last week. I wonder what­ Nelly has to complain about today.

    From F., on Sat 18 Aug 15:34
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    That's that one out of the way. Let's focus on­ Tuesday night's game against Helsinborgs. PS:­ wishing Ally and the The's all the best in their­ European game too!! What??.. The The's­ aren't in Europe this season?? Oh dear! Never­ Mind!!

    From Steven, on Sat 18 Aug 14:50
  11. HA HA. They will get pumped by Helsingborgs.

    From Rob, on Sat 18 Aug 14:45

    From Thomas, on Sat 18 Aug 14:41
  13. Well done County you showed true grit and­ determination, Celtic this game is an eye opener,­ that's now two poor performances in the league.­ Keep your eye on the ball and let's show everyone­ why we are champions and why you get paid the wages you­ do.

    From gordon, on Sat 18 Aug 14:32
  14. the clash tommy gun you aint happy less you got­ one,lovin it mate,WATP,THE RANGERS TILL I DIE &­ WHEN I DO I`LL GO IN A RANGERS BLUE BOX,WITH PRIDE.

    From Thomas, on Sat 18 Aug 14:32
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Well a great Match, of course its the SPL, Rangers­ Limited got a Draw in the Highlands, can someone remind­ what division that was played in.

    From THOMAS, on Sat 18 Aug 14:28
  16. is that it?thats ur response?lol and i thought u were­ lys???no?so ur 'we are all lysdexic' shout was­ just nonce nonsense?

    From obsessive tim, on Sat 18 Aug 14:24
  17. mugoof we are all one,you admitting to being an­ inbred,LOL?????????PLANK

    From Thomas, on Sat 18 Aug 14:24
  18. That's 'stroll' Eck Not 'strole'!

    From Magoo, on Sat 18 Aug 14:22
  19. think crosstown rebel has a bit of a st-st-st-stutter­ lol either that or he has another team on his mind lol­ mind u,they all have an identity crisis anyway so i­ wouldnt be surprised lol

    From obsessive tim, on Sat 18 Aug 14:20
  20. mark im sure it isnt going to be a strole but everyone­ knows its in the bag.

    From obsessive tim, on Sat 18 Aug 14:18
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