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  1. UTTER #$%$ NEED TO SPEND THE MONEY & They think we are­ going to turn the Shaktar game around Not with this­ shower !!!!!

    From ian, on Sat 24 Aug 17:51
  2. Scalp-tic nearly scalped again.....there a bit like­ Strokes...getting thin on the top....GRRrrrrrrs

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Aug 17:18
  3. come on

    From Mary Millar, on Sat 24 Aug 16:40
  4. Sky TV Breaking News: It has been speculated that Sky­ TV were going to increase the revenue for football­ North of the border; after extensive research over a­ period of two seasons, it has been decided that, due to­ any lack of 'football' skill whatsoever, no­ extra TV monies will cross the border; in addition, it­ is believed that Sky will pull all future finances in­ Scotland due to the appalling state of play and will­ only re-start the 'cash-cow' when there is a­ sign of improvement and/or a glimmer of hope. The high­ point, at the time of writing this important article,­ is that Ceptics are behind by one goal; let us all hope­ that it remains this way.

    From bobby, on Sat 24 Aug 15:29
  5. Come on you Bhoys in Green!

    From james, on Sat 24 Aug 13:14
  6. Knowing me a Happy Tim, Knowing you a Hurty­ Hun...............A-Ha

    From Mikie, on Sat 24 Aug 10:31
  7. are they showing live

    From JOHN, on Fri 23 Aug 14:59
  8. D - we feel your pain. :)

    From Mark, on Fri 23 Aug 11:15
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Will Savco need another penalty, and opponent sent off,­ to have a chance in this tie....just askin'? :)

    From Mark, on Thu 22 Aug 13:35
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