Saturday September 15, 2012 Day 3 Stadio Luigi Ferraris

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  1. Roma midfielder Florenzi set for bumper deal

    Roma midfielder Florenzi set for bumper deal

    Alessandro Florenzi is set to be handed a massive wage increase at Roma as a reward for his impressive start to the season. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+3' There goes the whistle! On it goes for Juventus. 42 matches unbeaten. Three wins out of three this term. Highly impressive stuff. They visit Chelsea in the Champions League on Wednesday night.
    • 89' Going to be three minutes added to this match.
    • 88' Juventus visit Chelsea on Wednesday night in the Champions League. Chelsea will surely be studying that defence.
    • 87' Leonardo Melazzi has replaced Luca Antonelli for Genoa.
    • 86' Borriello wins the ball in the area with a header, but Immobile wallops the ball over the bar from five yards out. Difficult angle to finish from there. More problems in that Juve defence.
    • 85' Juventus's unbeaten run goes to 42 now. All change in this second period.
    • 84' GOAL! Asamoah nets the third goal for Juve. They lead 3-1 and that is surely game over. Ball broke off Granqvist from Vucinic's pass. No chance for Frey.
    • 83' Juventus trying to see out this match in the closing five minutes or so by keeping the ball.
    • 82' A change for Genoa with Sampirisi departing to be replaced by Damiano Ferronetti.
    • 81' Asamoah drags a shot at goal, but Frey is equal to the task in making the stop.
    • 80' Bonucci and Borriello in a bit of a collision. Bonucci none too pleased with that.
    • 79' Just over 10 minutes then for Juventus to see this out for their third league win in three Serie A matches.
    • 78' Stephan Lichtsteiner has replaced Caceres for the visiting side.
    • 77' GOAL! Vucinic slips the ball into the net. No chance for Frey. Guessed right, but couldn't keep it out. Brilliant penalty. A 2-1 lead for Juve.
    • 76' PENALTY TO JUVE! Bertolacci brings down Asamoah and that is a penalty.
    • 75' Immobile rises in the box, but can't direct the ball at goal as Buffon comes out to make a comfortable take.
    • 74' A change coming for Juventus in these closing 15 minutes with Stephan Lichtsteiner set to be given the nod.
    • 73' Seymour penalised for a late push on Vucinic, but the free-kick comes to nothing.
    • 72' Giaccherini overhits a cross by some margin as the ball drops out of play. Poor delivery looking for Vucinic.
    • 71' Slowly but surely Genoa battling back into this game, but Juve hit on the break again.
    • 70' A yellow card for Barzagli for his late foul on Immobile that led to the free-kick.
    • 69' Driven into the box at pace by Jankovic. Excellent delivery, but Buffo fists it clear for Juve.
    • 68' Kucka and Vucinic tussling in the visiting box. Referee has a word with both players before Genoa take their latest free-kick.
    • 67' Change for Genoa as Andreas Granqvist replaces Cesare Bovo.
    • 66' Pirlo throws over a corner with some real pace, but no takers on hand to convert from the delivery.
    • 65' Antonelli dinks the ball into the box. Decent little cross, but no takers on hand to convert for Genoa.
    • 64' A corner to the home side here after some neat play by Immobile in the Juventus box.
    • 63' Offside flag goes up against Giovinco from the pass by Caceres. Had to get that one away earlier.
    • 62' This match is anybody's now. Difficult to say with any degree of certainty how this one is going to work out. Conte looks happy enough up in one of those executive boxes.
    • 61' Superb piece of awareness by Vucinic to supply his team-mate with the ball. Not sure how they have managed it, but Juve aren't complaining.
    • 60' GOAL! Giaccherini shapes a wonderful shot into the home net from 25 yards out and the Italian champions are level at 1-1.
    • 59' Bertolacci brings out a brilliant save from Buffon to save the day for Juve as the visitors look to break at the other end.
    • 58' Barzagli enduring a bit of a nightmate at the moment. Toiling to sprinkle this game with gold dust.
    • 57' Borriello hits the bar with a head from the delivery by Jankovic. How close was that to the second? That Juventus rearguard again exposed badly.
    • 56' Asamoah takes over from De Ceglie. Bit of defending for Juventus here. This match spilling from end to end.
    • 55' Couple of changes for Juventus coming up: Vucinic replaces Matri.
    • 54' Giaccherini wallops the loose ball inches wide from distance. Fine effort, but not on target. Genoa clinging to this 1-0 lead.
    • 53' Pirlo sees the ball deflect off the wall and drop wide of the target. Sampirisi then clears the corner.
    • 52' Another free-kick chance for Juve from 25-yard range. Can bend this over the wall if Pirlo so desires.
    • 51' Giovinco cracks a shot off a post. Great stop by Frey to nudge the ball onto a post. Juventus almost hitting back.
    • 50' Sampirisi heads wide from five yards out. Glorious chance with Barzagli all at sea. What was the Juve defence doing there? So fortunate not to concede.
    • 49' Genoa being pushed back. Can't get out their own half here. You expected a response from Juventus and this looks like it.
    • 48' Jankovic rises to head out his own box. Pirlo picks up the loose ball. Sampirisi then clears the danger.
    • 47' Juventus with a game to change in this second period. The visitors trying to get on the move here and they have a corner early on.
    • 46' We are off and running then in this second period.
    • 45+1' There goes the whistle for the break. 1-1 at half-time. An excellent first period for Genoa, who hold a 1-0 lead at the break.
    • 44' One minute to be added to this first period.
    • 43' Buffon forced to dive to keep out the Bovo free-kick as we head for the break.
    • 42' We are getting some information that it was only Pirlo booked earlier, not in fact Bonucci. That only his first yellow of the match then.
    • 41' Action going to be taken here. A yellow card for Bonucci, who has already been booked. A late tackle on Kucka. Another free-kick for Genoa.
    • 40' Giaccherini gets an eye at goal from the edge of the area. Knocks the volley straight into the paws of Frey. Some excellent work by De Ceglie to keep the ball in play.
    • 39' It was Bonucci who made the block when it seemed certain Borriello was going to add the second goal of the game for the home side.
    • 38' Giaccherini with a delightful pass into the box for Matri, who was just offside. But referee didn't spot it. Can't take your eye off this game for a second.
    • 37' Chance for Juve from nowhere as Matri lifts the ball over the bar with just Frey to beat. That should have been the equaliser.
    • 36' Not sure Juve have played so badly in a long time in defence.
    • 35' Golden chance for Borriello to add the second, but a Juve defender gets back to make a frantic block with just Buffon to beat. Juve all over the show at the back again.
    • 34' Juventus with almost 70 per cent of possession as Frey comes off his goal to collect the high ball in front of the pint-sized Giovinco.
    • 33' Juventus on the ball in the box. Genoa trying to let their opponents play in front of them. Juve suddenly beginning to find themselves.
    • 32' Juventus no nearer finding this equalising goal here. Genoa continue to hustle all over the park.
    • 31' Pirlo picks out Giovinci with the corner, but the forward ends up lifting the ball over the bar from inside the Genoa box. Horrid finish really.
    • 30' Antonelli taking no chances as he nods the ball behind his own goal from the cross by De Ceglie.
    • 29' Matri giving the ball away far too easily before tugging on the shirt of Jankovic. Poor stuff from Juventus. Poor stuff from Matri.
    • 28' Pirlo slides the ball out wide to De Ceglie, but his cross winds up safely in the arms of Frey. Easy enough take.
    • 27' Juventus fighting hard to maintain this unbeaten start to the season as Bovo nods out the cross from Caceres.
    • 26' Giovinco tries to open up his box of tricks, but the cross into the box isn't the greatest as Genoa clear the danger from deep in their own box.
    • 25' Jankovic drills the free-kick straight into the wall as Juventus look to break at some speed from deep in their own half.
    • 24' Pirlo has picked up a booking after arguing about that booking from Jankovic's effort. Another free-kick chance for the home side.
    • 23' Bonucci has been penalised for a handball in the wall. That is a harsh decision and then some. Now Genoa have a free-kick some 10 yards further forward.
    • 22' Bertolacci taken out of the action late by Bonucci and that is a free-kick chance for Genoa from 30 yards out. Worth a bash here.
    • 21' Juventus can't seem to get up to the same pace as their bustling opponents. An energetic start from Genoa continues into the heart of the half.
    • 20' Another golden chance for the home side as Pirlo loses the ball. Borriello slips in Jankovic, but he knocks the shot wide of goal.
    • 19' Bovo clears the danger from the cross by Caceres. Juve trying to hit back immediately here.
    • 18' Immobile picks up a yellow card for celebrating the moment with the fans behind the goal. Stunning moment for those Genoa fans.
    • 17' GOAL! Immobile scores for Genoa. Squeezes the ball beyond Buffon with a scuffed shot that beats Buffon via his right-hand post.
    • 16' Marchisio tries to find the key to goal for Juventus with a low shot that spins wide of goal from the edge of the box.
    • 15' Bovo gets another header out of the area after Caceres had drilled the ball across the face of goal.
    • 14' Antonelli gets the header out of his danger area. The home fans making themselves known as much as possible.
    • 13' A couple of superb crosses from De Ceglie and Caceres before Genoa drill the loose ball clear. Game really opening up here.
    • 12' Borriello penalised for pushing Chiellini to the deck with a late shove. Genoa continue trying to spark an attack or two.
    • 11' De Ceglie and Caceres the most potent weapons in that Juve attack up to this point. Pirlo trying to pull the strings.
    • 10' Juventus trying to get some rythmn into their passing play as Chiellini is penalised for pushing in the home box.
    • 9' Nothing more than a hopeful ball up the park by Antonelli, but the Juventus central defence nowhere to be seen.
    • 8' Glorious chance for Immobile to net the opener, but he screws the shout wide with just Buffon to beat. Juve again caught out at the back.
    • 7' Bovo forced to knock a ball over his own bar. Juventus suddenly finding some joy out wide.
    • 6' Immobile showing very fine movement before he he is penalised for a handball under pressure from Barzagli.
    • 5' That Juve back line looking none too impressive it must be said out there at the moment. No signs of an inferiority complex in the Genoa ranks.
    • 4' Jankovic drills a bending free-kick straight at goal from 40 yards out. Buffon forced to punch clear before Barzagli does the mopping up work.
    • 3' Borriello again causing all sorts of problems as he hammers a volley inches wide of the Juve goal with the visting defenders all over the place at the back.
    • 2' Genoa on the front foot in the opening moments with Borriello almost on the end of a cross. Fine start by the home side.
    • 1' KICK OFF!
    • 13:55 Juve are protecting a 41-game unbeaten record in Serie A and have taken six points from six this season. Coach Antonio Conte is absent from the touchline of course as he serves a 10-month ban.
    • 13:50 TEAMS: Genoa: Frey, Bovo, Antonelli, Canini, SAmpirisi, Seymour, Kucka, Bertolacci, Jankovic, Immobile, Borriello. /// Juventus: Buffon, Chiellini, Barzagli, Bonucci, Caceres, Marchisio, De Cegile, Pirlo, Giaccherini, Giovinco, Matri.
    • 13:45 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Serie A game between Genoa and reigning champions Juventus.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Genoa

    Manager: Luigi De Canio

  • Juventus

    Manager: Massimo Carrera

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  1. Immobile lol

    From James, on Sun 16 Sep 18:43
  2. good to see Merkel on the #$%$ bench. why doesn't he­ sign for a German team?!

    From S0NCK, on Sun 16 Sep 16:56
  3. Should have put Stillo in the match!!

    From Matty LC, on Sun 16 Sep 16:02
  4. why does it say there is no comments? nice one yahoo

    From Juan, on Sun 16 Sep 15:47
  5. Vidal is too good for the bench! and Isla should come­ on

    From Juan, on Sun 16 Sep 15:32
  6. This ref is horrible. Clueless, as usual!

    From Forza Ferrari, on Sun 16 Sep 15:26
  7. is that Lucio on the bench the same that previously­ played for Leverkusen and Inter?

    From Juan, on Sun 16 Sep 15:21
  8. Terrible Commentry!

    From MARK, on Sun 16 Sep 15:03
  9. "There goes the whistle for the break. 1-1 at­ half-time. An excellent first period for Genoa, who­ hold a 1-0 lead at the break." lmao great job­ yahoo i'm so glad i tuned into this webcast.

    From Morty, on Sun 16 Sep 14:49
  10. juve deserve to lose the title this year having left­ themselves with nothing up front.

    From Morty, on Sun 16 Sep 14:24
  11. Go Juve! Hope win the scudetto!

    From Hun, on Sun 16 Sep 14:20
  12. commentator obviously a milan fan

    From Morty, on Sun 16 Sep 14:17
  13. Forza Juve!!!

    From Robert, on Sun 16 Sep 13:58
  14. Let's win it for Conte; along with next games over­ the net 10 months :-)

    From Half A Brain, on Sun 16 Sep 0:22
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