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  1. Serie A - Brilliant Inter end Juventus run to close gap

    Serie A - Brilliant Inter end Juventus run to close gap

    Diego Milito scored twice as Internazionale came from behind to win 3-1 at Juventus, ending the Serie A leaders' 49-match unbeaten run in the league. More

  • Live Commentary

    • - What a game, eh? Inter were fantastic after a sticky start, and they are just one point shy of Juve now. As ever, any comments on that classic please Tweet me on @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 90+3 The Quag gets on to a long ball but his shot is deflected wide and that is the end - Inter have beaten Juve 3-1 and Andrea Stramaccioni has very much arrived.
    • 90+1 Pirlo has a dig from range but easy for the keeper.
    • 90' Inter had a nightmare opening 10 minutes but they have been fantastic since - and six minutes stoppage time are signalled, only for the number to suddenly switch back to three! Technical error.
    • 89' GOAL INTER! Pirlo clips the free-kick to Vidal, who flicks it on only for Guarin to clear. Now Bendtner chests it down nicely for Marchisio but he is tackled. Inter clear and Nagatomo could be in... His run is checked but the loose ball springs to Palacio, who fires it in off Buffon. Inter have beaten Juventus, their first defeat in 50.
    • 88' Juve free-kick some way out that is delayed after the ref catches Pirlo trying to move it.. 35 yards or so...
    • 87' Good claim by Handanovic as Asamoah fired a cross over. Chiellini almost slips up with Palacio lurking but Juve clear. Now the Quag gets hold of it and fires a dipping effort just wide with the keeper beaten!
    • 86' Bendtner is offside as he knocks down Pirlo's free-kick for Chiellini.
    • 85' Palacio back defending heads clear from a Juve free-kick out wide. All hands on deck now!
    • 84' Th Quag drifts a yard offside as he fires one high and wide.
    • 83' Bendtner almost scores a wonderful curling lob from the tighest of angles after latching on to a poor Gargano pass! Just wide though!
    • 82' Pirlo whips the corner in but Cambiasso hooks the ball clear. This should be a fantastic 10 minutes or so!
    • 81' JUST WIDE BY PIRLO! Fantastic save in the end, Handanovic with a touch as the Italy legend fired it in from range.
    • 80' INTER SUB: Mudingayi finally makes his entrance as Milito, who is knackered, comes off.
    • 79' The Quag's first touch is to release Asamoah, whose cross is blocked by Zanetti. Chiellini then overhits a cross.
    • 78' Free-kick to Inter on the right but we have some subs on both sides - Caceres comes off for Quagliarella as Juve go for it; Inter to bring Mudingayi in.
    • 77' Pirlo backheels it into Handanovic's arms. Juve have not lost in two seasons, not in Serie A at any rate. This could be a massive swing in the title race.
    • 76' That was such a good run from Guarin after Vidal gave the ball away in midfield. Milito goes from never having scored for Inter against Juve to getting a brace. Grandstand finish to come!
    • 75' GOAL INTER! GOAL GOAL GOOOOOOAAAAAL! Milito makes it two with a crisp low finish after Buffon kept out Guarin's fantastic low drive!
    • 74' That was a stunning interception, helped by a touch from Barzagli too. Chiellini's skin saved by his team-mates.
    • 73' BRILLIANT TACKLE BY CACERES! Cambiasso was flying in for the tap-in after Palacio drilled a low cross into the box! That came from a slip by Chiellini.
    • 72' Challenges flying in from both sides as Gargano and Marchisio shake hands after a pair of crunching tackles.
    • 70' Milito goes down in the middle of the park after a clear foul by Chiellini coming through him.
    • 69' INTER SUB: Cassano is replaced by Guarin.
    • 68' Poor free-kick all round from Inter as Juve clear, Vidal charges forward and he goes down... The home fans think it's a foul and the replay shows Vidal's foot clipped Juan as he came across him, Vidal having played a long ball.
    • 67' Barzagli chops down Nagatomo on the Inter left, free-kick in a dangerous spot...
    • 66' Giovinco goes down in the box but no penalty! Ranocchia involved I think but play-on says the ref.
    • 65' This has Pirlo all over it - and he puts it on target but Handanovic punches clear.
    • 64' Ranocchia gives away a free-kick. Giovinco and Pirlo over it just on the left edge of the box.
    • 62' Cassano to swing this free-kick in but headed away by Bonucci.
    • 61' Milito wins a free-kick off Bonucci after a good run outside and in, the Italy defender harshly booked.
    • 60' Bendtner is inches away from releasing Giovinco. Anyone's game now, I feel Inter deserve at least a point.
    • 59' GOAL INTER! Milito to level from the spot - and it's 1-1! Coolly clipped to the top left and Milito scores!
    • 58' PENALTY INTER! A low ball from Cassano tricks everyone, and Milito was about to shoot but went down! Delayed reaction as the ref didn't see it but the assistant signalled and it's a penalty! Good call - it was a pull by Marchisio!
    • 57' Vidal fouls Nagatomo as Inter now look the ascendant side. Cassano feels he can shoot from here, 30+ yards out...
    • 56' Cassano with a super pass to NAGATOMO WITH THE CURLER but Buffon bats it away!
    • 55' Play resumes with the official unhurt. Could be ramifications for that.
    • 54' A delay now as the additional assistant behind the goal has been hit by an object - it looks like some rolled-up woollen socks, perhaps with an object inside. He's fine, just a bit shocked.
    • 53' Bonucci gives it away, Chiellini is stranded upfield and it's three on two! Milito feeds Palacio wide right and he's in but he fires over! Bad miss!
    • 52' Palacio hits the side netting from a tight angle after Buffon raced out wide to close him down. Chiellini was caught by the long ball.
    • 51' Chiellini is now booked for a shove on Milito. Harsh but it was a totting-up thing.
    • 50' Bonucci strides forward from the back before firing in a low drive that Handanovic parries!
    • 49' Zanetti is fouled by Vidal, who chucks himself to the floor after Cambiasso treads on his foot. Ow.
    • 48' Caceres and Pirlo are booked, for a foul and arguing respectively, I think.
    • 47' A right old mess on the edge of the Inter box as a succession of slips almost let Juve in on two occasions. Eventually it's hooked clear by Zanetti.
    • 46' The second half is underway!
    • 46' JUVENTUS SUB: Vucinic does not return after that leg injury, and Bendtner is indeed on.
    • - STATS: Inter with 55% possession but Juve winning more headers (58%); level on attempts at 6-6.
    • - So much to say about that half - and you can do so by Tweeting me @Reda_Eurosport. Fire away. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 45+2 Half-time and a 1-0 scoreline does not to it justice! The goal was offside, Lichtsteiner should have been sent off and Inter have had one disallowed too! Phew!!
    • 45+1 Nagatomo with an error and Juan can't get on to the loose ball, Vidal is in but Handanovic saves! Vidal gets on to the loose ball but he blazes it high and wide from an angle!
    • 45' Terrible back-header by Gargano lands for Giovinco with the volley but it goes wide and the flag was up - even though he was onside when the initial ball was played!
    • 44' Asamoah on a driving run inisde from the left, he hits the byline as Zanetti slides in, Handanovic taking no chances by tipping it behind for a corner.
    • 43' Vital touch from Ranocchia to help Giovinco's low ball into the arms of Handanovic after a mazy run down the left from the little man!
    • 42' Understandably some of the fizz has gone out of this match. These lads have run themselves into the ground and need the break.
    • 41' Milito springs the offside trap but the linesman fails to see Asamoah playing him on. Not having a good game these two.
    • 40' Cassano is brought down by Chiellini and rather sarcastically applauds the ref. Now then, no Cassanata's today please...
    • 38' The Swiss right-back looked angered to be withdrawn, but he was going to get sent off. Meanwhile, his replacement Caceres immeidately launches into a blood-and-thunder tackle.
    • 37' Gargano catches Chiellini in a far milder version of Lichtsteiner's challenge, a foul but no card. And good decision by Juve's coaching staff, who take Lichtsteiner off. Caceres on.
    • 36' Zanetti's cross is deflected, taking the pace off it as Cambiasso can only head weakly at Buffon.
    • 35' Challenges flying in all over the pitch now. Tasty match for the neutral, but Inter have been hard-done by twice now.
    • 34' Ranocchia is having a shocker as he slips to let Vidal in but Juan coolly brings it clear. You can't take your eye off this for a second!
    • 33' Very heavy challenge by Lichtsteiner on Palacio! He's already been booked! But the ref won't do anything, he thinks Palacio made the most of it but that is a definite booking and he is a lucky man!
    • 32' A breather as Milito wins a free-kick off Chiellini. Down the other end Cassano overhits his cross with Palacio arriving.
    • 31' Poor free-kick from Cambiasso, so poor Vucinic can chest it down before running it clear. Now Giovinco is in on the counter but Samuel gets across.
    • 30' Lichtsteiner catches Cambiasso with what looked like a bodycheck and is booked. Cambiasso made the most of that, it was a hospital ball from Chiellini.
    • 29' Inter break with Gargano leading the charge but he fails to squeeze the pass through to Milito. End-to-end, breakneck speed.
    • 28' Bendtner is warming up as Vucinic continues to receive treatment. Bendtner!
    • 27' Juan Jesus of all people pops up on the edge of the box but his shot is blocked. That came about from a sweet Cassano pass for Nagatamo. Vucinic is hurt, a knock to the shin...
    • 26' Vucinic just fails to pick out Giovinco after the little Italian raced diagonally into the box. Giovinco had earlier made a great run that Marchisio failed to spot.
    • 25' Juve counter attack with Chiellini in support. Ranocchia initially snuffs it out but he gives the ball away and is lucky that Giovinco fails to exploit it.
    • 24' Cassano floats a nice ball in for Cambiasso but Chiellini reads it well and heads clear.
    • 23' Marchisio and Vucinic combine well on the edge of the box but Ranocchia has sorted his life out and is able to sweep clear effectively.
    • 22' Palacio flicks it wide to Zanetti, this is much better from Inter as now Juve are hemmed back in their own box,
    • 21' Great run by Nagatomo down the left but a poor ball straight to Barzagli. He had Milito arriving too, should have done better.
    • 20' Cambiasso gets a second bite at that corner after he fails to get it over the tiny Giovinco. But he goes short this time AND CASSANO CURLS IT PAST BUFFON but inches wide! Buffon stood there knowing he was beaten, but it shaved the outside of the post!
    • 19' Cambiasso to swing this corner into the box - but there's a bit of nonsense in the box that the ref must cool first.
    • 18' Inter on the move now as Nagatomo takes on Lichtsteiner, who blocks for a corner.
    • 17' Nagatomo is operating more as a full-back now, as is Zanetti, with that back three not knowing what it is doing. Good covering by the Japanese on Pirlo.
    • 16' Good defending by Zanetti after Giovinco left Samuel for dead. Inter's back three is having a nightmare.
    • 15' Giovinco releases Vidal with a superb pass but he's two yards offside and the lino sees it this time.
    • 14' Another bitty foul, this time Marchisio, but Gargano gives it away! Now Pirlo on the ball, Asamoah on the left, Juve slow it down...
    • 13' Cambiasso is inches away from sending Milito through but an interception from Chiellini. Then Cambiasso fouls Vidal and thinks he has gone down easily but it was a kick.
    • 12' GOAL INTER! But no! Palacio flicked in the free-kick from Cambiasso, and he's called offside but it was much much closer than Juve's! He was a shoulder offside, for sure, but Asamoah was a yard off.
    • 11' This is better from Inter now as they pass it around nicely as Cassano is chopped down by Pirlo.
    • 10' Cambiasso fires over after a driving run as Inter look to stage a comeback. And within seconds Juve give it away as Palacio flicks it to CAMBIASSO but again he shoots over, closer this time!
    • 9' Handanovic is on hand after terrible defending from Ranocchia again allows Pirlo to find Marchisio. Inter all over the place.
    • 8' Zanetti scrambles Pirlo's corner clear. Frantic opening.
    • 7' Pirlo with a wicked through-ball for Marchisio, he stayed just onside and volleys home but a great save by Handanovic!! Corner!
    • 6' Juve have hold of the ball once more but Giovinco loses control of the ball as Milito brings it clear.
    • - (Please refresh your browser - I needed more time to look at that goal closely to confirm the offside, full description now there)
    • 5' Inter with their first move forward and they could already be two down! Cambiasso slows it down, Cassano on the left but his cross-pass is easy for Buffon.
    • 4' Juve are all over Inter as Handanovic flies out with a desperate punch. Can they sort themselves out?
    • 3' Inter are understandably shell-shocked. I was not alone in querying the selection of Vidal ahead of Pogba and Inter almost go two down as Giovinco rams a wicked cross into the box that a flying Vucinic just misses!!
    • 2' Well how about that - Juve benefit from a dodgy call once more. What is it with linesmen these days? We've seen some dreadful decisions in big games this past week, at Arsenal-QPR, Chelsea-ManU and with Barca-Celta earlier today. Is the game too fast for human eye nowadays? HAVE YOUR SAY ON TWITTER!
    • 1' GOAL JUVENTUS! VIDAL JUSTIFIES HIS SELECTION IN 19 SECONDS!! Straight from kick-off it's poked through by Vucinic, Asamoah is offside but the assistant doesn't spot it and the Ghanaian drags a low ball across goal that the late arriving Vidal pings into the bottom right.
    • 1' The first half is underway in Turin. Electric atmosphere at Juventus Stadium.
    • 19:45 We've made a lot of Juve's 50-match unbeaten run in Serie A - but Inter have won eight matches in a row. Stramaccioni has really turned them into contenders again, but it is a surprise that Guarin has been dropped for the returning Cambiasso. Gargano would have been a better choice to sit this out, as Cambiasso can fill both those roles. On the Juve side, I can't see why Vidal has been recalled. Pogba is inexperienced but he's in far better form... FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 19:40 If you have any comments on those selections - particularly with Juve dropping both goalscorers from their last win - Tweet me @Reda_Eurosport. Both coaches have tinkered with winning teams, which I find surprising, particularly given the changes in Juve's case. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 19:35 Inter, meanwhile, also make a few changes from the 3-2 win over Sampdoria. Juan Jesus returns from suspension, with Alvaro Pereira making way as Inter got three at the back. Zanetti is pushed up into midfield, while Nagatomo plays on the left of a four-man middle. Mudingayi makes way, as does Guarin, with Cambiasso back in the middle. The same three up front though - Cassano-Palacio-Milito.
    • 19:35 So Giovinco and Vucinic lead the line for Juventus, as Fabio Quagliarella drops to the bench in spite of scoring in the 2-1 win over Bologna. Paul Pogba was brilliant in that match, hitting a late winner as he pulled the strings in midfield, but he too is dropped for Kwadwo Asamoah as Juve look for a quicker, more physical approach. Caceres also makes way for Chiellini.
    • 19:30 TEAMS - Juventus: Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, Asamoah, Vucinic, Giovinco; Subs: Storari, Caceres, Lucio, Isla, Marrone, De Ceglie, Padoin, Pogba, Giaccherini, Bendtner, Quagliarella, Matri /// Inter: Handanovic, Ranocchia, Samuel, Juan, Zanetti, Gargano, Cambiasso, Nagatomo, Palacio, Cassano, Milito; Subs: Castellazzi, Belec, Silvestre, Alvarez, Guarin, Mudingayi, Pereira, Mbaye, Duncan, Livaja
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the big Serie A match this weekend as Juventus, the champions and leaders, host Inter Milan, who lie second and four points behind the Bianconeri. Kick off at 7.45pm UK time!

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  1. Classic and fantastic game.Well done INTER. Brilliant­ performance. Juve's wins have been sluggish,­ controversial and unconvincing in most cases. Strama­ like Mourhino has exhibited good technical ability in­ reading the game and making changes.At last we can see­ the INTER we use to know;full of determination and­ mental stamina.The defence was perfect and above all­ the collective was amazing.well done INTER

    From agbor osang, on Sat 3 Nov 22:53
  2. I'm glad we all waited and also see that Inter is­ the best team in the world in term of strategy to­ respond to an 18 sec goal and a controversy 1st half ­ is something special..FORZA INTER and for juve congrats­ for 49 record of unbeaten I'm very happy we are the­ one to end it now we are part of your history HA HA HA­ HAAAA

    From Solomon, on Sat 3 Nov 22:11
  3. Forza Inter and Milito. This splendid triumph enlivened­ fans hopes for being back on the top and obtaining 19th­ Scodeto.

    From Amir, on Sat 3 Nov 22:10

    From Nerazzuri, on Sat 3 Nov 21:51
  5. A memorable hat-trick, joyful night, excellent display,­ sweet victory and the proud conquest of Torin.­ Stramaccioni's players are venturing a big work,­ severing Juventus unbeaten course.

    From Tooraj, on Sat 3 Nov 21:44
  6. Jimmy Watson ‏@CurvaNordSoul 49 games­ unbeaten, at home, offside goal, no second yellow and­ we STILL win. Don't you ever disrespect F.C.­ Internazionale Milano. nuff sayd.INTER INTER­ INTER!!!!!

    From Mr.EvoLuTioN, on Sat 3 Nov 21:44
  7. I must be a jinx, this is my first time watching Juve­ in Serie A since the old days that you could watch on­ channel 5 (i think) and they lose.

    From Icantsplel, on Sat 3 Nov 21:36
  8. tnx for the good work

    From amit, on Sat 3 Nov 21:32
  9. Apparently the old lady is going to secure a more­ Scodeto as no team can gather points as sustained as­ Juventus. Pity on the fallen calccio.

    From Tooraj, on Sat 3 Nov 21:12
  10. who is this #$%$ commentator anyway?

    From Morty, on Sat 3 Nov 21:08
  11. the cheats are at it again , this is just pathetic ...

    From Nerazzuri, on Sat 3 Nov 20:46
  12. Offside goal,disallowed goal from palacio and a clear­ red card for Lichtsteiner like if we didn't think­ of this I know INTER will end these cheaters just wait­ and see...

    From Solomon, on Sat 3 Nov 20:38
  13. What a suprise..

    From Mr.EvoLuTioN, on Sat 3 Nov 20:37
  14. What a 1st half!

    From Fabium, on Sat 3 Nov 20:35

    From ROBERT, on Sat 3 Nov 20:32
  16. another offside goal? and look at who the ref is.. lol

    From W, on Sat 3 Nov 20:32
  17. Offside!! Cheaters, go back to hell you scandals­ Juventus!!

    From Mboy, on Sat 3 Nov 20:25
  18. I see the commentator is an Inter supporter

    From Morty, on Sat 3 Nov 20:23
  19. Forza Juve Sempre

    From Mo, on Sat 3 Nov 19:47
  20. Hope Juve will keep winning track.. but it´s gonna be­ hard. Inter is in good shape right now. 3:2 to juve

    From Asko, on Sat 3 Nov 19:37
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