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  1. Serie A - Lazio grind out bore draw at Juventus

    Serie A - Lazio grind out bore draw at Juventus

    Serie A leaders Juventus should have beaten Lazio in Turin but were forced to settle for a goalless draw. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+6 That's the whistle - a bore draw at the Juventus Stadium in Turin. Juve stay top, five points clear of Inter, who play tomorrow. Lazio stay fifth.
    • 90+5 Last chance now as Pepe crosses in but Ciani flies with a header clear. And now a foul from Vidal on Hernanes, a booking and that will surely be that.
    • 90+4 Free-kick in the Juve half is lumped forward and now Pepe has it but a poor, poor cross. Lazio clear their lines.
    • 90+3 Long ball from Juve this time as now they get a bit desperate. Not the greatest game this stadium has ever seen.
    • 90+2 Lazio get forward but Buffon, who has done almost nothing today, controls a backpass nicely to clear.
    • 90+1 Lazio just kick it long every time it comes there way. Now Kozak is rolling around on the floor after claiming a foul. The ref tells him to get off for treatment if he needs it.
    • 90' FIVE minutes injury time. The ref has become obsessed with what he sees as time-wasting which, in my view, has not been anything out of the ordinary.
    • 89' Juve swarm forward again but Pepe's cross is above the head of the rising Asamoah.
    • 88' A delay in play as the ref decides to shot some cards here... Not sure what's going on as he puts them back in his pocket, perhaps a threat after some backchat.
    • 87' A Lazio player is down with cramp now. They'll milk these latter stages for all they can.
    • 86' Juve still piling it on but Lazio have everyone behind the ball as Vidal and Matri fail to combine.
    • 85' A very tenuous penalty appeal as Barzagli's cross hits a defender's chest. Give over.
    • 84' JUVE SUB: Bendtner on for Pogba as Juve go three up top.
    • 83' Giovinco and Ciani collided in that move and the French defender is down. I doubt little Giovinco could have made such a dent on the big man.
    • 82' Asamoah on the ball now but his clipped ball aimed for the onrushing Giovinco is gathered by Marchetti.
    • 81' LAZIO SUB: Kozak on for Klose.
    • 80' In the end it's run out for a throw to Lazio on the right. These moves forward are so rare for Lazio.
    • 79' Lazio are scrapping for every ball here and they counter as Edersen races away, now Klose on he right, back to Ederson but they've overcooked it and Juve have men back.
    • 78' Another good stop from Marchetti as Marchisio this time smacks a low drive to the bottom right! Nice lay-off from Matri.
    • 77' Giovinco with a free-kick from out wide but it rattles around the box to safety. Then Pogba shoves Biavi when rising for a header from Asamoah's cross.
    • 76' Matri almost played through but good defending by Ciani this time to clear.
    • 75' SAVED BY MARCHETTI AGAIN! Bonucci's power header hit the bar, apologies, seemed it was the Lazio keeper. Another chance.
    • 74' Asamoah again finds space wide left but a poor cross this time is easy for Marchetti. Lovely scooped pass from Pogba now but Marchisio has to be content with a corner.
    • 73' Good defensive header from Konko as a driven cross from Pogba on the right almost landed for Asamoah, who was readying the volley.
    • 72' Not like that they won't, as Giovinco's first touch is heavy after a through-ball from Chiellini of all people.
    • 72' Pepe's first touch is a cross that Biava nods clear. Still Juve's though... Surely they'll get a goal?
    • 71' JUVE SUB: Pepe comes on for Isla, like for like on the right.
    • 70' Pogba heads well over under pressure from Konko at the corner.
    • 69' ALMOST A JUVE GOAL! Marcisio was set to tap the low Isla cross in but hacked over his own bar by Konko!
    • 68' Free-kick to Lazio on the right but Klose is offside as he rises at the far post.
    • 67' JUVENTUS SUB: The Quag comes off for Matri.
    • 66' The replay shows that Biava had a tug of Giovinco in that move, should have been a penalty but it was well behind the play.
    • 65' The Quag sent away down the right, acres of space and a fizzing low ball that a flying Marchetti intercepts as Marchisio was set to pounce!
    • 63' Things have burst into life here - the ref is having a word with Marchetti for some reason, not sure why. He certainly wasn't time wasting there.
    • 62' Juve go close at the corner but over the bar. What a save from Marchetti, he'd have seen that late.
    • 61' GREAT SAVE MARCHETTI! A long-range drive from Vidal takes a massive deflection - deliberate from Quagliarella - but a save to match as the Laizo keeper flew back to tip it over!
    • 60' Corner for Juve after a driving run and low ball from Asamoah. Closest we've had to a goal got this half.
    • 59' Giovinco slips in possession and Lazio have it back. This is Lazio's best spell of the game but that doesn't say much. Candreva bangs a poor effort well over.
    • 58' Lazio free-kick 35 yards out, Ledesma over it but Juve clear the high ball in.
    • 57' LAZIO SUB: Ederson on for Brochhi.
    • 56' Quagliarella goes down in the box as he chased a long ball with Ciani but the ref doesn't even look at it and play continues. No complaints from the Quag to be fair.
    • 55' Diagonal ball in from Isla lands for the Quag, who diverts a clever header to Giovinco, but his first touch takes him wide and Lazio survive.
    • 54' A driven low ball from right to left lands for Asamoah but his cross is blocked. Still Juve's ball though as they pile the pressure back on.
    • 53' A booking for Marchetti for time-wasting over a free-kick.
    • 52' Lazio clear the corner but Juve come again, only for Giovinco to waste a cross from the right.
    • 51' Isla now sends one wide but it was deflected and Juve have a corner.
    • 50' Aimless long ball from Hernanes flies out for a goal kick. At least they're getting forward. Asamoah down the other end sends a long-range effort well wide.
    • 49' Cynical foul by Bonucci as Klose got the better of a mistake in the Juve defence, not quite a goalscoring chance but a booking.
    • 48' The Quag is called offside as he races on to a Marchisio pass. Close again.
    • 47' Juve start on the front foot once again as Lazio immediately find themselves under pressure until Pogba fires well over from range.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • 45+2 Half-time, Juve have had the better of it but it's goalless.
    • 45+2 Isla is offside as a long pass releases him down the right. That was close - indeed, he was two or three yards on, played on by the right-sided defenders.
    • 45+1 Bonucci flicks on a free-kick towards the Quag but Marchetti again gathers.
    • 45' Two minutes added time being played.
    • 44' Corner Juve as a long ball aimed for Asamoah comes off Candreva. Lazio clear though and it's all the way back with Buffon.
    • 43' Gonzalez tracks back to foul Giovinco, according to the ref, though it looked a good tackle to me.
    • 42' Vidal is down injured after a challenge by Hernanes on halfway...
    • 41' Should have been an offside on Juve there so justice done that Marchetti should have the ball now.
    • 40' Giovinco takes it short to send Isla running through but he can't get the cross in. Isla has another bite though, doing really well to dig out a low cut-back that the Quag almost backheels to the arriving Marchisio but it's blocked for a corner.
    • 39' Free-kick to Juve a good 30 yards out, centre-right, Giovinco to take...
    • 37' Isla fails to keep a stray Pogba pass in play. Juve should be two up by now really.
    • 36' Great defending by Chiellini as Gonzalez went on a mazy run down the right.
    • 34' Vidal hits the deck as he skips past Ledesma into the box and the ref says no penalty! Definite foul, just outside the box though.
    • 33' Lazio move forward but an aimless long ball bounces easily for Buffon, who gets a rare touch.
    • 32' BIG MISS GIOVINCO! He took down a long ball from the back brilliantly, quite superb as his first touch flicked it past two defenders, but with the keeper to beat he put the finish wide. Wonderful skill, poor finish.
    • 31' Giovinco drags a low shot wide after expertly trapping an Isla cross from the right. Great touch but it bounced weirdly, forcing him to readjust his body and resulting in a miss.
    • 30' Free-kick Juve then, on the left edge of the box.... Straight down the keeper's throat with no-one attacking the space at the near post.
    • 30' Biava leaves Giovinco in a heap on the Juve left and it's a free-kick. The little man looks set to take it himself in the absence of Pirlo...
    • 29' Almost a lovely one-touch move from Juve as Asamoah, Marchisio and Giovinco combine but the Quag's touch lets him down and Lazio clear for now.
    • 28' Isla tries a give-and-go with compatriot Vidal but the Chile midfielder badly overhits his return ball to leave the right-sided midfielder no chance of keeping that in.
    • 27' Pogba tries a spectacular, Ibrahimovic-style backheel flick from the corner but he sends it well wide in the end.
    • 26' A good spell of pressure from Juve results in Konko putting it out for a corner on the left.
    • 24' Down the other end Klose fouls Chiellini again, the pair exchanging a joke as play resumes. Good battle that.
    • 23' Gonzalez goes well to end a Juve attack led by the rushing Pogba.
    • 22' Lazio play it out from the back before Ledesma wastes possession with a poor long ball.
    • 21' Asamoah almost sends Giovinco through but Lazio clear their lines. Juve come again as Marchisio and Pogba combine, the Quag goes down on the edge of the D but the free-kick goes against him.
    • 20' Biava has hurt himself in that incident and Ciani will come on in his place.
    • 19' Somehow Juve fail to score, overplaying it as they had several opportinities to shoot, Giovinco finally digging out a low overhead kick that Marchetti keeps out before closing down Quag with the follow-up from a tight angle.
    • 18' Pogba outskills Candreva and here come Juve on the break - but the Quag slips as he tries to latch on to a pass from Asamoah, before Marchisio fouls a defender.
    • 17' Terrible corner from Marchisio that Marchetti claims untested.
    • 16' Juve counter from the free-kick as Asamoah runs at Konko, cutting inside from the left and firing a rising drive from an angle that Marchetti bats behind! Corner!
    • 15' Corner Lazio now but a delay as the ref breaks up some handbags including Pogba. It lands on the head of Radu but well over and the whistle had gone. Klose was manhandling Chiellini.
    • 14' From that throw the visitors work it to the right where full-back Konko arrives with a low, driven cross-shot that goes wide.
    • 13' Lazio finally get it forward, winning a throw on the left wing...
    • 12' Crab-football style challenge from Marchisio on his backside. Old school.
    • 11' The fizz of the opening minutes has gone a touch flat now. Juve with most of the ball, Lazio packing very deep.
    • 9' Juve laying camp in the Lazio final third. Probing away patiently, but can they find the killer balls without Pirlo?
    • 8' Lazio not really at the races so far. The midfield barely getting any touches as most of their ball comes long from Marchetti.
    • 7' Lovely run by Giovinco, who looks wide to Isla with options central. Probably a poor decision as the Chilean fails to deliver a cross.
    • 6' Good defending by Dias to stay on his feet and slide it clear as Giovinco raced away.
    • 5' Lazio get it forward for the first time - all Juve so far - but the hosts clear easily. They're all in black today so feels odd to call them Bianconeri.
    • 4' Incredible feet from Marchetti as a dreadful backpass was hammered at him at pace by Biava - the keeper, on his line, backheeled it inside Giovinco before clearing.
    • 3' Pogba with a cheeky drag-back to beat and win a free-kick off Candreva. Now Marchisio lofts a long ball in that wreaks havoc with the Lazio defence, but keeper Marchetti punches clear.
    • 2' Lovely feet from Vidal to wriggle through a couple of challenges but the Quag fails to control his through-ball and Lazio survive.
    • 1' The first half is underway in Turin!
    • 16:55 Lazio won their last match, a Rome derby, 3-2. Radu replaces Lulic at left-back, he's injured. Brocchi is in for the suspended Mauri, who scored in that much but was sent off.
    • 16:50 No real surprises for Juve, as the Quag - who was a monster last time out with his hat-trick against Pescara - is supported by Giovinco up front. Paul Pogba returns to the XI after being left out for his poor timekeeping. Andrea Pirlo is suspended so it's a straight swap. Mirko Vucinic is still out injured.
    • 16:45 Juve are top with one loss, one draw and 10 wins. Top scorers, joint-best defence, although they are relatively vulnerable at the back. Lazio, meanwhile, are fifth, nine points off Juve. They score, but they also concede, 19-17 in that department. Serie A standings
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Serie a clash between leaders Juventus and the exciting Lazio, kicking off at 5pm UK time.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Juventus

    Manager: Angelo Alessio

  • Lazio

    Manager: Vladimir Petkovic

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  1. A cold draw in a frigid night devoid of exciting­ episodes and Italian enthusiasm. A green light to­ Internazionale to take up the top.

    From Amir, on Sun 18 Nov 13:37
  2. To hold off Juventus in Turin is a good result since­ Lazio is by no means comparable with the Old Lady in­ terms of enjoying top players and kingly funding and­ facilities.

    From Amir, on Sat 17 Nov 19:36
  3. Typical Italian league where every other game is a 0-0­ BORE DRAW! It beggars belief the ities actually pay­ good money to watch this drivel, they should watch­ something actually entertaining e.g Premier League,­ Bundesliga or LaLiga

    From Juan, on Sat 17 Nov 18:47
  4. Only Klose !

    From Mohsen, on Sat 17 Nov 17:47
  5. The Quag? Ha!

    From Sane?Man, on Sat 17 Nov 17:20
  6. The Old Lady will be outclassed at home this night too­ if Lazio display the same dominant and coordinated play­ as they did against AC Milan and AS Roma. To beat­ Juventus is very arduous but not impossible.

    From Tooraj, on Sat 17 Nov 16:09
  7. The biggest challenge before Petcovic and his­ player's eyes. Though overwhelming and on top of­ the league table, our host is by no means invincible.­ Inter with his young, well-thinking Stramaccioni showed­ the way of outclassing Juventus.

    From Amir, on Fri 16 Nov 16:27
  8. JUVe 3-0 LAZIO no doubt

    From Elias, on Mon 12 Nov 11:48
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