Saturday February 23, 2013 Day 26 Stadio Olimpico

Lazio v Pescara

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  1. Early satiation, earlier withdrawal and earliest­ surrender to match-fixing scandal. Now Lazio is forced­ to struggle for 3rd place and sit beholding Scodeto at­ adversary's hand.

    From Amir, on Tue 26 Feb 6:47
  2. Lazio lost Scodeto because of match-fixing scandal.­ Shame on cheats and up with sound football.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 25 Feb 20:52
  3. Return to former position by a sweet home victory after­ several disappointing losses and draws. Hadn't­ Eagles' winning run been severed, now first­ position was ours not Juventus's.

    From Tooraj, on Mon 25 Feb 20:46
  4. Long Live Lazio !

    From Red, on Mon 25 Feb 20:43
  5. Lazio in crisis, Eagles in decline, Blue fans in­ despondency and Scodeto on the way of Turin. Will this­ night match be Lazio's exit from retrogression?

    From Tooraj, on Mon 25 Feb 17:49
  6. AC Milan in hunt, Pescara in struggle, Napoli in­ escape, Juventus in early revelry and Lazio in regret.­ What came to Peckovic's promising team in these­ last weeks? will Eagles manage to make their way into­ next-season Champions League?

    From Tooraj, on Mon 25 Feb 17:43
  7. This night home meeting against Pescara can be an­ appropriate occasion for getting back 3rd place. Lazio­ wasted chances for overtaking Napoli and Juventus due­ to match-fixing, nevertheless Eagles' attempts­ mustn't die.

    From Amir, on Mon 25 Feb 17:32
  8. Alas the scandal of match-fixing thwarted Eagles'­ move towards championship, otherwise Lazio deserved to­ conquer Scodeto.

    From Amir, on Mon 25 Feb 7:07
  9. 5 weeks pass since the last match Lazio won, now duped­ Eagles must fight for 3rd position. It seems absurd the­ cards are staked against Lazio in 5 weeks. Alas our­ hopes got burnt.

    From Amir, on Mon 25 Feb 7:04
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